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Abeni Van Laar

Abeni is a player character played by Eyanaare and is currently involved in the LSDF Trishka plot.

Abeni Van Laar
Species: Helashio
Gender: Female
Age: 20
Height: 5'10
Weight: 140
Bra Size: 32 C
Organization: Lorath Self Defense Force
Occupation: Infantry Specialist
Rank: Corporal
Current Placement: LSDF Trishka

Physical Characteristics

Height: 5'10 Mass: 140 Bra Size: 32 C

Build and Skin Color: As a consequence of a youth spent in Slavery, the wilderness and then the armed forces, Abeni has a fairly muscular build for a female Helashio. She's noticeably athletic, and it reflects in her movement and attitude. Her skin is white, and tanned from sun-exposure, but not any more or less than average. If one cares to take notice, her skin has the tale-tell signs of typical malnourishment.

Facial Features and Eye Color: Abeni's face is gaunt and very expressive, but she's acceptably attractive. Her right eye is synthetic, and a scar runs diagonally down her face. Her remaining organic eye is leaf-green, the synthetic eye is a very close match to her real eye, but just slightly different. Abeni's ears are nondescript, typical Helashio ears, though they're just as ragged as the rest of her body is.

Hair Color and Style: Abeni keeps her hair, which is blond, very neat and professionally cut. When let down her hair goes to the middle of her back, but she almost always keeps it in a bun behind her head. Abeni keeps her bangs clean, just barely above eyebrows.

Distinguishing Features: Abeni's right eye is a robotic substitute. The synthetic eye is fully functional; until now she had used a very cheap model, but after Abeni received her first paycheck she replaced the cheaper model with a rather nice one. The upgraded eye is a fully functional โ€œpeeperโ€ scanner, with a screen that simulates the natural look and behavior of a real eye. The same torture that took from her her eye left her with thick, pink scar leading from the outside corner of her right eye to the left corner of her mouth. Her scar travels through and has gnarled her right nostril and a portion of her upper lip. Less than a dozen smaller scars of different varieties are found along her abdomen and legs.

Abeni has an unconscious habit of rubbing her right temple, and due to malnutrition her tail is only three feet in length, which is notably shorter than it should be for a Helashio of her height.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Abeni Van Laar is the ultimate utilitarian. She has a deep-seeded hatred for the Helashio but has an almost religious observation of any rules she believes deserve following, so while serving under the Lorath Self Defense Force she would never be able to act on her hatred. Abeni has been known to have a very hard time concealing her hatred for servants or serving classes, and is prone to poorly controlled outbursts when confronted with such.

She has no education but is incredibly observant and exhibits advanced skills in logic. Emotion plays almost no role in her decision-making process and as such she is known to have a very hard time socializing with and understanding those around her. Abeni has a very keen sense of duty and a strict but logical obedience to her commanding officer.

It's difficult to define but even when acting with full logic and maturity Abeni has a fairly childish air to her, and indeed she generally gets along well with young children without effort. She acts very seriously, speaks and thinks with full logic and never jokes or acts 'silly', but she has an undeniable childishness to her.

Likes: Order, being useful, planning, and any sort of skillful display. Dislikes: Pomp, frivolity, Lorath, Helashio, any sort of serving class. Goals: Abeni has no real 'goal' in mind for any particular action, but her motivation seems merely to stay living and free.


Abeni was born into Slavery, and purchased by a cruel and neglectful owner. When Abeni was fourteen her owner took Abeni's right eye from her, with the help of a knife; leaving her with an empty socket and a terrifying scar. She survived by luck. A year later her owner was heavily intoxicated and forgot to secure her bonds after a severe beating, so she used the opportunity to hurt him. After striking and killing her former owner with an eight and a half inch skillet Abeni fled into a nearby forest, where she lived for over a year. After being discovered Abeni was forced through a rigorous social rehabilitation program and given a low-budget synthetic eye by the program director. At the age of 20 Abeni was released and told to get a job. After two months of unsuccessful attempts to acclimatize with civilian life, she met up with and signed on to the Lorath Self Defense Force, and after basic training she was assigned to the LSDF Trishka as an infantry specialist.



In basic training she achieved proficient marks in hand to hand fighting, martial arts and weapons training. While not โ€œamazingโ€ at fighting, Abeni is very technically proficient at fighting and had no problems learning proper movements. Of course her physical stature helps her quite a bit in this regard.

Survival and Military

While surviving in the forest Abeni had to rely on instincts and learn survival skills. The military training furthered this skill in her. Abeni is particularly well skilled at assembling traps for catching small animals, identifying by scent whether a plant is safe to eat, and using environmental cues to locate sources of water.


After years of torture, a year of surviving completely on her own, and finally the succession of basic training, Abeni is in top physical condition and maintains an athletic build. As is the case with many Helashio the genetic augmentations Abeni received during her enslavement have produced a number of survivability enhancing traits such as redundant organs and the ability to sustain herself on minimal sustenance.


Abeni is pitifully bad at reading and writing, but has been instructed in how to use a radio, cryptology and general mass communication. Aside from the technological competence required to operate devices of mass communication, Abeni is able to express herself clearly and concisely, even though she has no great vocabulary.


In order to make her more proficient as a soldier she was instructed in the identification, handling and disposal of explosives, however she never excelled in the manufacture of such items. Abeni enjoys the theory of demolitions more than the actual practice. Unlike many Abeni is able to deal with explosives without any feelings of stress due to her strange mix of logic and utilitarianism; provided she's been properly instructed in how to handle the charge in question.


Abeni has been instructed on how to operate cars and trucks and is eligible to receive training for advanced vehicles such as tanks, but has not yet done so. Abeni is not particularly well acquainted with automobiles and as such expresses a certain distaste for the notion, but of course she recognizes the massive benefits to be gained through the use and operation of said machines, and as such she is willing to operate and improve her skills of motor vehicle operation.


Abeni is currently a Solder in the Lorath Self Defense Force. She receives a weekly salary of 250 HS per week.

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
3000 HS Starting Funds

OOC Discussion

As far as her hair goes I was kind of thinking of Lisa Hawkeye's hair. I'm not 100% on her personality. I know how I want to play it, but I don't know how to describe it. Humorless? Basically, what I was going for is that she learned a specific way to behave in the social rehabilitation program and abides by what they taught her, so she's super formal/official, even if the situation doesn't call for itโ€ฆ like how people who learn a second language only speak the super formal or technically correct version of that language? being a part of society is not really in her nature, so all she has to go by is what she was taught.

Character Data
Character NameAbeni Van Laar
Character OwnerEyanaare
Character StatusAdoptable Player Character
PlotsLSDF Trishka
Approval Threadโ€ฆ

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