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LSDF Trishka

LSDF Trishka
“Strike with wisdom”
GM: DocTomoe Raptor-Class Expeditionary Ship Lorath Matriarchy & Lorath Self Defense Force
Current Crew
Commander Korr'ih "Chambers" Yann Fyunnen Ship Captain DocTomoe
Ensign Se'len 'Ruby' Tre'n Fyunnen Combat Operations Leader DocTomoe
Trooper Akiyama Yuria Engineering and Medical Assistant Revolver
Corporal Abeni Van Laar Security & Ground Combat Eyanaare
Corporal Corr'ulta 'Demi' Maezuri Fyunnen Security & Ground Combat, Steward Cy83r K0rp53
Master Seargent Demolitions Expert Ah'Kin Gotz "Blast" Lmanel Demolitions Expert Luca
Trooper Shrie "Pinpoint" Zar'koe Fyunnen Sharpshooter ShotJon
Soldier Rosewood McCoy Science and Engineering Technician Altairkri Pearl
Servant Vela (Helashio) Servant Personnel NPC - Favored by Doshii Jun
Servant Nettle Servant Personnel NPC - Favored by Revolver
Servant «Vacant Character Name» «Vacant Character Role» «Vacant Player»
Former Crew
Soldier Third Class Ranger Shrie'keng Mist Lmanel Field Scientist & Medic Demonblooded
Rankless Mylehsa ARIA Computer System Gardner in the Dark
Warrant Officer Pilot I'Llus "Camo" Trell Llmanel Starship Pilot Tiffany
Lieutenant Moira 'Adia' Fyuunen Executive Officer Lin
Rear Admiral Lumuham Lrnec'Cdyn "Obelisk" Fyunnen Captain Tiffany
Soldier Syn’aziel 'Zeal' New Tur'Lista Infantry Leader 5tar
Junior Warrant Officer Doctor Sii'pylet 'Evening' Faeren New Tur'lista Doctor Annie

Trishka in Role-Play

The Trishka is primarily a SP Plot, open to individuals 18+ years of age due to adult content.

Audit List

Posting Requirements

If someone takes too long to post, then the GM has a responsibility to move things along so the plot doesn't die out, regardless of what her individual circumstances were and whether or not a player explained his/her absence beforehand, unless agreed to pause the RP. Players are expected to follow these requirements for posting frequency:

  • GMs should visit and post at least once every 72 hours.
  • Key Players should visit and post at least once every 96 hours.
  • Minor Players: 7 days or less.

Individuals over the time limit will be PM'd or contacted through other means to investigate what the problem is. Severe absences will result in character removal from plot.


Initially, the Trishka was commanded by Rear Admiral "Obelisk" Fyunnen. During this initial run, the Trishka was assigned to conduct scouting operations brought on by the detection of unknown Sourcian signal sources, and Occhestian signal sources as well. This investigation resulted in the discovery of an Occhestian laboratory facility. Once the discovery was made, the Trishka carried out combat operations against the Occhestian forces present at the complex, and succeeded in neutralizing the complex, and capturing it for the Matriarchy, along with freeing the Sourcian which had been captured. Once the operation was completed, the Trishka continued service in the Occhestian theater of operations until a decisive victory was scored against the Occhestian Separatist forces.

With the completion of the Occhestian campaign, the Trishka has returned to port, where command has been transferred from the Rear Admiral, to the freshly promoted Commander Korr'ih "Chambers" Yann Fyunnen. Upon promotion, Commander Korr'ih and the Trishka were deployed to the United Outer Colonies to investigate a communications black-out. During the course of this mission, investigation had pointed to a coup which had resulted in the disruption of activities within the United Outer Colonies, which the Trishka had been assigned to correcting, if possible.

Upon arrival to the Jiyuu system for investigation into the blackout which had overtaken the colonies, the Trishka's investigation immediately discovered a coup in progress upon Jiyuu, involving loyalists to the colonies squaring off against individuals representing the Tange clan. Choosing to intervene, the Trishka's investigation and intervention uncovered a clue to the situation, a star-orbiting station which was the source of the local blackout. After determining the location of the jamming station, a demolitions team was dispatched to the station for the purpose of destroying it. While aboard the station, Yamataian forces became involved in the conflict, resulting in a mutual contribution to the destruction of the station; restoring communications to Jiyuu, and through that central station's destruction; communications to the rest of the colonies.

With the encounter in Jiyuu complete, the Trishka returned to Nylii III, where it was repaired, resupplied, and fitted with new equipment. After a several week stay on planet, the Trishka was given new orders, to explore the northern reaches of mapped space.

During the transit to the northern area of space in which the Trishka was expected to scout, a break-down of shipboard equipment forced the Trishka to exit hyperfold, during the time in which the Trishka's crew worked to repair the malfunction, the Trishka was engaged by a NMX ship. Combat ensued between the two ships, resulting in a victory for the Trishka, as the power systems of the Trishka were brought back online, allowing for the Trishka to deliver a series of final volleys, before leaving the combat area to resume their exploration mission, with the intent of uncovering the mysteries of the northern reaches of charted space.

Available Positions

The LSDF Trishka is seeking the following:

  • 1 Executive Officer
  • 1 Starship Operator
  • 1 Technician/Engineers
  • 1 Science/Medical specialist
  • Servant Personnel

Crew Quarters Assignments

Captain's Suite


Crew Cabins
Cabin 1 Se'len 'Ruby' Tre'n Fyunnen
Cabin 2 Demolitions Expert Ah'Kin Gotz "Blast" Lmanel
Cabin 3 Abeni Van Laar
Cabin 4 Corr'ulta 'Demi' Maezuri Fyunnen
Cabin 5 Ranger Shrie'keng Mist Lmanel
Cabin 6 Akiyama Yuria
Cabin 7 Rosewood McCoy
Cabin 8 Vacant
Cabin 9 Vacant
Cabin 10 Vacant

Ship Inventory

The LSDF Trishka carries the following supplies:



None At This Time.

Cargo Bay

Non-Standard Vehicles


Medical Center

Accessories Available

GM's Personal Note

A tip from DocTomoe; Please be sure to read the materials related to the plot. Ship class wiki page, weapon wiki pages, equipment wiki pages. If you have any questions, feel free to ask, but please try to read first.

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