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Star Army Bodysuit, Type 42

The Star Army Bodysuit, Type 42 is a Duty (Class B) Star Army Uniform used by soldiers of the Star Army of Yamatai beginning in YE 42. It was designed by Kage Yaichiro with input from Koyama. It is largely a modernization of the Star Army Female Bodysuit, Type 22. There are variants for the Elysians (Type 42B and 42C) as well as for the NH-33M (Miniature) and successor types of Mini-Neko (Type 42D).

Price: 250 KS. The bodysuit cannot be purchased at this time and is only available from Star Army Logistics.


Initial design goals for the bodysuit were geared toward creating a modern standard uniform for NH-33M (Miniature) “Mini-Neko”, but the benefits of streamlining production made this endeavor expand to other roles as well. The main considerations were the ability to avoid alterations to the uniform to reflect reassignment or promotion, the ability to use the uniform in SPINE-capable equipment as well as armored infantry, and the integration of communicator and telemetry functionality to the Mini-Neko. The advent of Varihue, Omnihue, and Dataweave were for this design, though they found their way into other products such as the Star Army Duty Uniform, Type 42.

In YE 43.6, Ketsurui Yui authorized use and production of a male version of the bodysuit uniform1).


The main body is in the typical Star Army Uniform shades of blue and light gray, with black gloves and boots. It is streamlined for Power Armor use, albeit with a bit of shoulder piping for consistency with other uniforms of the time. There are also a removable holster belt and two removable thigh belts reminiscent of those on the Type 22 Bodysuit, but with the added capability of tapping into the bodysuit for trickle charging of equipment from the Neko's body and relaying information on connected equipment to the wearer via SPINE. The base color on the front of the uniform and on the upper shoulders is the same light gray as the sleeves and leggings, but the front and shoulders change color as needed to represent the soldier or officer's role. It has a durable zipper hidden in the front under a Molecure Tape seal which goes all the way down past the groin and, depending on the model, various options for the back of the uniform.

The main body of the uniform is made of a layer of Dataweave sandwiched between two layers of Kinugoshi-ko. The innermost layer has an Self-Regenerating Fabric Coating (SRFC) coating for both fabric repair and wound patching, while still capable of wicking sweat. The middle Dataweave layer handles both the SPINE interface as well as electronic functionality. The outermost layer has a hydrophobic treatment applied over the top of Omnihue dye. This is used so every part of the outfit can change color as needed. It is not only used to color-code the chest panel and upper sleeves as needed to show occupation instead of relying on multiple production lines, but also to replace patches and rank. While it is still possible and common to award physical patches, it is no longer strictly necessary and further simplifies production. It is also possible to easily alter the suit's colors and rank/patch locations to comply with future regulations, choose a different future color scheme (possibly for Star Army Rikugun forces), or simply to employ an appropriate RIKUPAT for camouflage in an emergency situation.

While not considered airtight, the bodysuit is designed to constrict in a manner suitable for maintaining pressure when exposed to space and can even act as a tourniquet to save the wearer's life in cases of injury. This, combined with a Molecure Tape seal on the neck for use with a helmet, allows for a spacewalk in an emergency.

Defensive Properties

Due to the use of two layers of Kinugoshi-ko, the bodysuit is a decent defense against kinetic small arms penetration and a light defense against small energy weapons. As such, it is a Tier 2 armor under DRv3.

Integrated Electronics

The inclusion of Dataweave has allowed for assorted electronic components to be included in the bodysuit. As such, the outfit has various capabilities that are noteworthy for everyday and emergency use. It should be noted that the Dataweave is made with heavy redundancy so that its functions can be preserved even if significant amounts of the uniform are damaged or destroyed. The Type 42D Mini-Neko variant, however, has less room to work with and thus far lower redundancy.

Shared with Star Army Duty Uniform, Type 42:

  • Micro-batteries – charged by being within 1 km of a friendly vessel, a power cable, or by SPINE
  • 1 x Clavicle-mounted dual holo-projector - Serves as holo-projector and able to trace glove position to emulate tactile feedback even at low power, but not removable from the uniform due to streamlining and integration.
  • 2 x Wrist-mounted mini-communicator - Able to replicate the functions of a Star Army Communicator, Type 36, but not removable from back of glove due to streamlining and integration.

Newly designed components:

  • SPINE Buffer - Protects against power surges or energy discharges along the SPINE interface. Also allows the uniform to act as a firewall against potentially compromised systems, and communicate with belt or thigh-mounted equipment.
  • Bio Monitor - Allows for the detailed monitoring of a wearer's medical condition using sensors. Useful for determining the extent of physical damage for triage and faster treatment. Can also be accessed by allied vessels to verify location and status.
  • Integrated Tourniquet - Certain zones of the uniform can contract to help regulate blood flow in an attempt to keep a soldier from bleeding out or to keep blood from being sucked out explosively in vacuum. Also useful during sudden exposure to G-forces, during which it can act to keep blood from pooling in the limbs away from the brain in a manner similar to a flight suit. It can also help stop bleeding and seal wounds by applying pressure to the wound and allowing the Self-Regenerating Fabric Coating (SRFC) in the innermost layer of the uniform to do its work.
  • Hardpoint Connection - Allows a trickle-charge and bi-directional data flow from the uniform to equipment attached to the hips or thighs, such as an NSP or a Star Army Communicator, Type 36. In cases where a SPINE connection isn't possible, trickle charging is still possible by way of the uniform's micro-batteries and wireless communication can be employed if the user is compatible.


In 1G, the weight of the bodysuit is 1 kilogram.


Four variants of the Type 42 Bodysuit exist. 42A, 42B, and 42C are mainly the same uniform with different backs. The M identifiers, released in YE 43, is means that variant is patterned for male physiques.

  • The 42A variant is for Nekovalkyrja, Type 33 as well as most humanoid females. It has a reflective strip which serves as a pass-through and buffer for the SPINE, but this isn't used with incompatible life forms.
  • The 42B variant is for members of the assorted members of the Elysian species. It has two stretchy holes explicitly for their wings to fit through.
  • The 42C variant is a bare-back version of the uniform intended solely for those Elysians whose wings are too large or sensitive for the 42B variant, such as for Patricians. It is also sometimes requested as a 'sexy' option for other humanoids, but the lack of back protection or SPINE support makes this ill-advised as it eliminates much of the suit's enhanced functionality. Trickle Charging still works but is done from the micro-batteries alone.
  • The 42D variant is for the NH-33M (Miniature) and successor types of Mini-Neko. It is identical to the 42A variant but scaled down and with a Mini-SPINE buffer instead of the full-size one.
  • The 42A/M variant is shaped for male physiques, and comes in sub-variants for Elysians of different wing-sizes
    • 42B/M has allowances for the wings of most Elysian service members like the 42B.
    • 42C/M is backless, like the 42C, for larger-winged individuals.

Uniform Accessories

This duty uniform has several authorized accessories, albeit fewer than some other uniforms due to its nature. Note that these mostly do not apply to the Type 42D variant unless explicitly noted due to its size. Most need to be removed before entering a Power Armor.


The bodysuit can be worn by characters of any gender.

Rank Symbols

Star Army rank pins (metal or simulated images on the uniform) are used on the uniform, positioned over the heart and on the line between the Star Army Regal Blue fabric and the occupational color panel.

Enlisted also use rank insignia (green bars or red chevrons) on the left sleeve in the style of the Star Army Duty Uniform, Type 42.

OOC Notes

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Star Army Logistics
First UsedYE 42
Last ReviewYE 42
Products & Items Database
Product Categoriesclothing, uniforms
Product NameStar Army Female Bodysuit, Type 42
ManufacturerKetsurui Zaibatsu
Year ReleasedYE 42
Price (KS)250.00 KS
Mass (kg)1 kg

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