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Type 35 Nekovalkyrja Mini Laser

Type 35 Nekovalkyrja Mini Laser is a pistol produced and manufactured by Ketsurui Zaibatsu and Star Army of Yamatai in YE 35 for military use and civilian use.

About the Type 35 NML

The year is YE 33, Kotori saved the ex-draconian fleet from the anomaly known as Blue Rift, there was a sudden influx of Nekovalkyrja using a miniature version of bodies. The Star Army decided it is best to arm them with a firearm enabling them defend themselves against dangers presented by smaller creatures, like aggressive rodents, NMX parasites and to an extent even against humanoids. The final weapon was designed, manufactured and produced by Ketsurui Zaibatsu and Star Army of Yamatai in YE35. It is a small service pistol giving miniature neko ability to defend herself.

Nomenclature Information


To save time on design, it was decided to make weapon visually and ergonomically same as NSP 28.

Discharge Information

  • Muzzle Flash: Upon pulling a trigger a crimson red beam leaves the barrel. It is visible only for a fraction of a seconds before disrupting.
  • Retort: As the weapon only fires laser beam, there is no sound to be heard upon firing.
  • Projectile/Beam Appearance: The beam is red in color and 1mm in diameter. It is tiny, but quite bright, easy to see in darkness.
  • Effective Range 30 meters
  • Rate of Fire: Semi-automatic. Weapon fires as fast as often can user pull the trigger.
  • Recoil: There is no recoil created by discharge.

Energy Source

  • Normal mode: Creates severe burns dangerous to rodents, cats, smaller dogs, parasites and other mini-nekoes. Causes pain in larger targets, which is comparable to being stabbed by a pencil. Tier 1 Damage Rating (Version 3).
  • Heavy mode: The laser is tuned to higher power to give its user viable defense against larger targets. In this mode, the weapon uses 10 rounds a shot. Tier 2.
  • Round Capacity: 50 rounds
  • Capacitor: Weapon does not use external magazines or batteries. Those would be too small to properly manufacture. Its capacitor is internal and weapon has to be recharged after use.

Weapon Mechanisms

  • Firing Mechanism: Upon pulling a trigger, the energy from capacitor is released. It is focused through several lenses and turned into a laser beam. The weapon cannot create prolonged beam, because of danger of damaging and heating itself. That is why every pull of trigger only release enough energy for one 0.2 second beam.
  • Loading: The Nekovalkyrja Mini Laser sports an internal capacitor. When the capacitor is emptied it needs to be recharged. Due to weapons very small size, it cannot properly be interlinked with any kind of power source. That is why with every weapon comes a small solar/light collecting panel, which is connected to the back of the weapon and collect light/solar power and UV rays in it to charge the weapon. It takes about half an hour to fully recharge the weapon. Material of the panel works like a foil, when unfolded it is circular and 6cm in diameter.
  • Mode Selector: Mode selector is on the left side of the weapon, situated above the handle. It is a button within reach of user's thumb which activates or deactivates heavy mode.
  • Firing Modes:Single-fire, weapon fires as fast as you can pull the trigger.
  • Safety Mechanism: The safety, which is located in front of the trigger on both sides of weapon. Pushing the button turns the safety on or off.
  • Weapon Sight: Iron-sight.
  • Attachment: Weapon has in-built laser sight under the barrel, which activates automatically upon turning the safety off. Shown as a bright-green dot on target.


NH29M and NH33M type Nekovalkyrja can request this weapon as part of their equipment provided by SAoY.


  • 1 x Type 35 Nekovalkyrja Mini Laser: 1000KS, comes with one recharge-panel.
  • Available for civilian market.
Replaceable Parts and Components
  • Recharge panel: 100KS
  • Spare parts: 350 KS, lenses, capacitor.

OOC Notes

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