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Star Army Communicator, Type 36

The Star Army communicator is a handheld communications and utility tool designed for soldiers of the Star Army of Yamatai. It contains a small quantum computer, various sensors, and provides, easy, secure, and reliable wireless networking with Nekovalkyrja, starships, shuttles, power armors, headsets, pistols, and scanners and is compatible with PANTHEON.



The Type 36 communicator was introduced in YE 36 and replaced the Star Army Communicator, Type 29.

In YE 41, the Star Army conducted its 5-year evaluation of the usage of the communicator and decided to start looking into making a newer model of this item, which would replace it. Currently a new model is not yet available.

The type 36 communicator was removed from the Star Army Standard Issue Items in YE 45.2 as uniforms started including communication features.


The default form factor is that about the size of a real-life smart phone with an integral belt clip on the back; it is held on by Molecure and is detachable. The front side is etched with the Star Army of Yamatai logo. Its case is available in glossy black, white, starship hull color, gunmetal gray (matching the Type 33 NSP), and even in 18k gold (for ceremonial uniforms). Overall, it is smooth and basically featureless in appearance. There is an indicator light. The communicator is very rugged and durable, designed to function in mud, ice, scorching heat, underwater, and in space. It is not easily damaged, even when dropped from up to 4 meters in 1G.

These communicators feature several innovations:

  1. They use quantum entanglement to provide FTL communication over limitless distances.
    • By their nature, quantum communications cannot be eavesdropped.
    • The communicator is paired a small chip that is connected to a PANTHEON computer.
    • Encryption is unique to the communicator, meaning that if captured, other devices remain secret.
    • Subspace communication is also available as a backup mode.
  2. Rather than use an external screen, their interface is available via:
    • Volumetric projection
    • Augmented Reality
  3. The back the communicator is treated with Molecure so it can be attached in place.
  4. Automatically charges whenever it is on-board or within 1 kilometer of a Star Army starship or within 1 meter of a Nekovalkyrja.
  5. If a communicator is lost or stolen, it spies on its surroundings and opportunistically phones home to Star Army logistics and Star Army Intelligence with its whereabouts and what's going on around it.

Default Apps

The communicator comes with the following software when issued:

  1. Augmented Reality Overlay
  2. Automatic jamming firewall (blocks psionic attacks)
  3. Automatic recorder (records everything around it). Can record from its owner's eyes (Nekovalkyrja only).
    1. Video
    2. Voice
  4. Calculator
  5. Calendar
  6. Clock
  7. Contacts Manager
  8. KS Card Reader
  9. KS Wallet
  10. Medical guide (creates a volumetric miniature Nekovalkyrja who provides instructions)
  11. Maps & Navigation
  12. Music player
  13. Private VCE server
  14. Star Army Manuals Library
  15. Text messaging (secure)
  16. To-Do List
  17. Translate Languages
  18. Weather predictions

OOC Notes

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Star Army Logistics
First UsedYE 36
Last ReviewYE 41
Year RetiredYE 46
Products & Items Database
Product Categoriescomputers, electronics
Product NameCommunicator, Type 36
Price (KS)500.00 KS

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