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Star Army Helmet, Type 30

The Type 30 Helmet is a protective full helmet for infantry troops in the Star Army of Yamatai, designed to protect their heads from both environmental hazards and combat damage. It is made of carbon nanotubes and weighs just 1.5kg (3.3lbs) in 1G.

There is a microphone in the form of a small tube that goes next to the mouth, which the wearer can use to communicate using radio or laser. The helmet has hookups for drink water and for oxygen replenishment.

Its appearance is similar to a motorcycle helmet. Standard issue helmets come in black, dark gray and camouflage; there were also red and gray versions available as part of the Type 31 Engineering Protective Jumpsuit.

Damage Capacity: 5 SP (Personnel)

Environmental Protection

The Type 30 Helmet can filter external atmosphere to make it breathable (indefinitely) or simply recycle the wearer's breath for up to 48 hours. This time can be extended with oxygen packs. Type 30 Helmets provide excellent protection against blunt impacts such as those that could result from falling or being hit by a falling object. The helmet is also resistant to acids.

Armor Properties

Against Energy Weapons

The Type 30 can deflect shots from light energy weapons such at the Zen Armaments 'Little Killer' and take a hit from a medium energy weapon such as a Nekovalkyrja Service Pistol, Type 30 (although this would damage the helmet significantly).

Against Solid Ammunition

The Type 30 can deflect shots from light pistol rounds such as 9mm, 10mm, or .45 and can take a hit or two from a high-powered rifle round (so long as it hits the helmet elsewhere than the faceplate). The helmet cannot defend against heavy rounds such as 30mm fired by a Machine Gun, 35mm, Type 30.

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