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No-T1-1a - Mucoyi Civilian Shuttle

NovaCorp Logo A TC Company

To get a niche in the market, the counsel that controls NovaCorp decided to produce small civilian ships, hoping to gain a foothold in that end of the market. As a result the first NovaCorp Mucoyi Personal Civilian Shuttle was produced. It is run from the pilot’s department, where as the passengers sit in the back.

History and Background

The Mucoyi was designed early in YE 28 by a research and production of NovaCorp department, along with its two larger cousins the No-PCS-02 and 03.

Dimensions and Crew Complement

Organizations Using This Vessel:

  • NovaCorp
  • Designed for personal use, it is still available for use by organizations

Type: Personal Civilian Shuttle Class: Mucoyi Designer: NovaCorp Manufacturer: NovaCorp shipyards Nomenclature: No-T1-1a Production: Significant by the Hephaestus Fleet Yard Price: 16,000 KS

Crew: 1 Maximum Capacity: 5 (4 passengers) Appearance: Square like with rounded edges, exit through arch in the back.

Length: 15m Width: 4m Height: 3m Decks: 1

Performance Statistics

Speed (STL): 0.1c (gravitic drive) Speed (FTL): 400c (CDD) Speed (Aerial): Mach 3 Speed (Water): Doesn’t go underwater

Range (Distance): However far it can travel in 2 months Range (Support): The Food supply can last 2 months, as can the air and Water supplies. Lifespan: 15 years Refit Cycle: The Mucoyi does not need refits, but should be seen to every 6 months

Inside the Mucoyi

Pilot’s compartment: The Pilot’s compartment is a simple cockpit with simplistic controls, a view screen, and a single comfortable swivel-chair. The controls are in the form of a panel surrounding the chair. The autopilot can be engaged from here.

Passenger compartment: The passenger compartment is a room with two long seats down the side, which fold out to become two double beds. Intimacy is ensured (if required), by a foam barrier between the two parts of the bed. The passenger compartment also has a foldout table, and compartments for a variety of games to pass the time. Included in this is a fold out screen with access to the computers database of movies. Personal luggage can be stored in the racks above the seats.

Storage compartment: For the more long term storage, these two compartments are on either side of the passenger compartment and at the back. On the right coming in through the hatch.

Food dispenser: This is the area where the food dispenser is (detailed under systems). If not needed it can be replaced with extra luggage space, with food as ration packs kept on the racks.

Ship Systems

Hull: The hull is made of a foamed titanium-tungsten alloy.

Hatch: The hatch entrance to the Mucoyi is air-tight, meaning that air will not escape, even in a vacuum. It is opened by a hit pad on the side of the hatch.

Shields: The energy shields on the Mucoyi are not there to protect the ship from attack, but to protect it from interstellar dust, which could severely damage the vessel. It can work against low powered weapons though. It uses a directional deflector kinetic shield. It can also use a gravitic shield utilizing its gravitic drive.

Environmental Systems: The Mucoyi has effective recycling systems for water and oxygen. They utilize specialized catalysts, enzymes and some highly basic nano-machines.

Air Recycling System: The air recycling system is efficient, and air only needs to be replaced every two months. It uses a specially designed catalyst to split carbon dioxide into oxygen and carbon.

Food dispenser: The food dispenser carries enough food to feed five people for two months. The food is not interesting, but nutritious and filling.

Sensor and Computer Systems: The Mucoyi is equipped with basic sensor systems, and a computer capable of navigating, and auto-piloting.

Communications: The Mucoyi has subspace, radio and laser communication.

Weapons: The Mucoyi is not armed, as it is a civilian ship.

OOC Notes

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