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Âmuar (Dream)

Âmuar is the first world in the sector that the Poku Saeruo Degonjo colonized in 754 CY YE 35. It is located in the Âmuarpoku (Clan Dream) system.

Âmuarpoku (Clan Dream) Dream

About Âmuar

Âmuar was the first planet that the Poku'vonai colonized after the YE 35 HSC - YSE Treaty. The surface is sixty-six percent land, and the majority of it is one continent.


Prior Name: Aetherus Haven

After the Star Army of Yamatai had crushed the occupying NMX forces, the Poku Saeruo Degonjo made preparations to colonize it. Several months later after the clouds of dust had settled the first settlers arrived.

In the fifth month of 754 CY (YE 35) the Wunyaka Vonai (Ark) Âmuar (Dream) left the Sotâka Ruomâqi (World Station). It landed in front of the construction site and will serve as the control center for colonization.

By mid 755 CY the planet's population had reached the initial goal, and there were now three settlements. The WAP Yome Ismâopate (Searching Hawk) Plot visited the planet and encounter an isolated group of Siama'bu Soujo.

Mid 756 CY the WAP Yome Ismâopate (Searching Hawk) Plot came to the Sky Harbor for repairs. The crew was granted shore leave for the duration.

Planetary Details

The following are the details about the planet itself. Other links will provide details about life on it.

  • Physics
    • Type: Small ocean
    • Radius: 7,819.90 km (1.23 x earth)
    • Surface Area: 7.68 x 108 km2
    • Land Area: 9.22 x 107 km2 (0.62 x earth)
    • Mass: 9.68 x 1024 kg (1.62 x earth)
    • Density: 4.83 g/cm3 (0.88 x earth)
    • Composition: 38.2% iron, 37.7% oxygen, 24.2% silicon, trace other elements
  • Gravimetry
    • Gravity: 10.51 m/s2 (1.07 x earth)
    • Escape Velocity: 12.82 km/s
    • Rotation Period: 28.81 hours
    • Axis Tilt: 23.65 °
  • Hydrosphere
    • Water: 34 %
    • Ice: 34 %
  • Atmosphere
    • Type: Standard breathable
    • Pressure: 101.80 kPa (1.00 x earth)
    • Composition: 73.6% nitrogen, 26.4% oxygen, trace other gases
  • Climate
    • Type: Cold
    • Min Temp: 210 K (-62 °C)
    • Avg Temp: 283 K (10 °C)
    • Max Temp: 371 K (98 °C)
  • Biosphere
    • Chemistry: Carbon
    • Lifeforms: Microbes, algae, animals


Mâhoa'ka Âdor (Large Sky Harbor)

The Mâhoa'ka Âdor (Large Sky Harbor) serves as the primary spaceport for the world. It consists of the main section and then has four hubs to help manage traffic and passenger flow. The Harbor Controller is a Qaktoro named Poioki Taab. It has the following features:

Entrance and Control

(4) Hubs

Each have:

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