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YE 35 HSC - YSE Treaty

Hidden Sun Clan Yamatai Star Empire

The provisions herein are to:

Establish peaceful relations between the Yamatai Star Empire hereafter referred to as the (YSE) and the Poku Saeruo Degonjo hereafter referred to as the (HSC) in a mutually beneficial and binding agreement to be utilized in future relationships between the same.

Effective YE 35 (754 CY) the HSC and the YSE enter into the follow agreement.

The Document

The two aforementioned parties enter into this agreement with the intention of establishing a peaceful relationship. The two parties agree to work together to develop a meaningful rapport, and mutual assistance.

Section I

  1. Sovereign Territory
    1. Definition of the aforementioned parties territory follows.
      1. The HSC defines its territory as starting along the 80 LY mark south of the Yamatai Star System, and extending 30 LY further south. The Western border shall be defined as 30 LY West, and and continue to 10 LY East. All stellar objects within this region shall be considered their control, even if said object is not currently settled.
      2. The YSE is defined as those systems currently held by the same.
      3. Changes to either party’s territory shall be communicated to the other to avoid incidents.
    2. Diplomatically designated craft may enter the other party’s territory without challenge, and are exempt from Customs Inspections.
      1. Warships may not enter without permission unless part of a diplomatic escort
        1. Exception, a warship may enter if it is responding to a distress call, and must signal its intent.
      2. All other ships without prior permission must stop and be cleared at a border Way Station prior to entering HSC territory.
      3. Members of the HSC or YSE party shall be held accountable to the laws of the sovereign territory they are in.
      4. Medical facilities of HSC and YSE installations shall provide emergency treatment for any legal citizen of the other. The treating facility shall also have the right to request recompense should the patient be unable to do so.
      5. Law Enforcement personnel in an ongoing investigation or pursuit of a criminal must contact the local authority prior to conducting business.
      6. Extradition of criminals must be made via diplomatic channels. Extradition will be determined based upon several criteria, eg, severity of crime, statute of limitation, severity of punishment. With the intended goal being to ensure that justice is best served.
  2. Embassies
    1. The HSC grants the YSE permission to establish and operate an Embassy on World Station.
    2. Emissary behavior within HSC space is governed by clan laws.
    3. The YSE grants the HSC permission to establish and operate an Embassy on Yamatai (Planet).
    4. Embassy and its designated grounds shall be considered Sovereign Territory of the owning faction.
    5. The dedicated facility for Embassy ships of one party to land and be berthed if provided; shall be considered an extension of the Embassy.
    6. Embassy formation of the YSE Embassy shall be done according to Clan law.
    7. Embassy formation of the HSC Embassy shall be done according to Yamataian Law.
  3. Interference
    1. The concerned parties agree that neither shall undertake any covert operation against the other.
    2. Both parties agree to not interfere in internal affairs of the other, unless specifically requested.

Section II

  1. Trade
    1. Institutions and individuals wishing to trade within HSC territory must apply for and receive a permit to do so.
  2. The HSC and YSE have ruled that the following technologies shall be restricted and not traded. (See Restricted Technology).
    1. No Tariff shall be levied on trade goods between the HSC and YSE.
  3. Cultural Exchange
    1. In the interest of fostering good relations, each party shall establish one or more Cultural exchange centers in the other party's territory. These centers shall be under the oversight of the local embassy.
  4. Salvage
    1. A battle site outside of each other party's territory shall be open for salvage by either party.
    2. Salvage operations within a sovereign territory shall only be conducted by members of that territory. Unless specific permission is granted.
    3. Any technologies retrieved that are restricted shall be turned over to the other party.
  5. Anti-Piracy
    1. Both parties may conduct actions intended to curb piracy within their territory, and in neutrally declared space.

Section III

  1. Immigration
    1. Members of the YSE may live in HSC territory under a work visa, but do not receive the privileges of a citizen. They fall under the Codex of Law regarding non-clan members in the HSC.
    2. Members of the YSE may become a member of the HSC in accordance with statutes in the Uoska Jyaonka (Codex of Law) and Yamataian law.
    3. Members of the HSC may become a member of the YSE in accordance with Yamataian law.
  2. Service
    1. Rank and Position within the respective parties military shall be recognized by both parties.
    2. Members of either party's military can serve aboard the other’s military ships as an attache.
  3. Joint Operations
    1. Forces from the SAOY and the CDF may operate together in situations where mutual concerns are present. Leadership of such a operation shall be clearly defined before commencing.

Technology Restrictions

Certain Technologies may not be sold or traded within the other's territory, as per this agreement. The full list can be found in that article.

OOC Notes

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