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Nepleslian Military Rations (YE 31 Type)

Nepleslians are usually provided with freshly cooked meals in base or onboard their starships. During operations soldiers are generally limited to nutrition systems built into their power armors, although recently there are some new rations available (see below).

War Rations

In YE 31, the Nepleslian military ordered special wartime rations for troops in the field for when they were stuck away from their ships during the Second Mishhuvurthyar War. These self-contained ready-to-eat rations are produced by Omnom Corp of Nepleslia.

In YE 37, the rations went through a revision and update. With that in mind, the old YE 31 version stopped being produced, but they can still be found everywhere around the DIoN.


Main Entree

Each ration contains one main entree, randomly one of the following:

  • Massive cheeseburger
  • Beef and potato stew
  • Spiced mystery sausage
  • Spaghetti and meatballs
  • Pork BBQ sandwich
  • MANLY Meat Roll (Contains a pork sausage wrapped inside four layers of bacon wrapped inside a portion of steak, garnished with melted cheese and beef Jerky. VERY RARE.)
  • Boneless, breaded spicy chicken breast
  • Chunky “S*@# on a shingle” (whole chunks of dried beef in white gravy on a slice of toast)
  • Haddock fillets
  • Buffalo Wings
  • Chili with meat and beans

Side Item

Each ration contains one side item, randomly one of the following:

  • Seasoned wavy style french fries
  • Half corn on the cob
  • A .45 handgun
  • Baked Apples (how do you like THEM apples?)
  • Rotini in parmesan with shredded vegetables
  • Freeze dried cole slaw
  • A whole carrot
  • Mega-peas (like normal peas, but each is the size of a large marble)
  • Fist-sized walnut (may require a hammer to open) (See: Meganut)
  • ???? (unidentifiable gelatinous mass, tastes like pistachio and mint flavored beer poured on cabbage with chunks of licorice)
  • PROFIT (a type of biscuit)


All rations also contain the following accessories:

  • 1 Can of THRUST or SPEED energy drink (random)
  • Small washcloth
  • Wad of toilet paper
  • Small bottle of hot sauce
  • Small bottle of whiskey
  • Coffee mix (packet form, just add water)
  • A Kennewessian cigar or pack of cigarettes
  • Small jerry can of lighter fluid, kerosene, and/or gasoline (for helping start campfires)
  • Tiny box of strike-anywhere matches (contains 10)


  • Nepleslian troops often refer to Nepleslian Military Rations (NMRs) as food that will “Normally Make [you] Regurgitate”.
  • The MANLY meat roll was almost removed from the menu list when a marine nearly had his arm broken in a fight over the “favorite NMR main dish”.
  • With the washcloth, whiskey bottle, and gasoline, it is possible to make a miniature molotov cocktail using ration ingredients.
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