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Na-L2-1b Warhorse 2-Class Transport

This is an updated version of the older Warhorse Heavy Transport designed for Nepleslian Merchants and Interstellar Shipping.

Note: It is usually call 'Warhorse 2' but also is sometimes called the 'Warhorse Refit'.

About the Ship

The Updated Warhorse was in development a year after the NMX War broke out and as convoys of the older Warhorse Transports began suffering casualties from raiding NMX forces and pirates. NAM began a redevelopment of the design with the same uses in mind but with a more up to date cargo containing equipment, systems and defense to keep pirates and raiding forces at bay.

Key Features

The Warhorse 2 features more up to date internal systems as well as defenses to better stave off attack by enemy forces. While it is not a heavily armed warship, the Warhorse 2 is designed with defense and survivability in mind to ensure its precious cargo reaches its destination.

Mission Specialization

  • Cargo Transport
  • Personnel Transport
  • Multi-Purpose Heavy Transport

History and Background

Designed in mid YE 32 as a updated refit of the older Warhorse design. As the aging Warhorse came under attack by pirate and NMX raiding forces it was clear that the Warhorse was either to be scrapped or updated in a bid to extend the lifespan of the design and out in the field. It wasn't until early YE 33 that the Warhorse 2 would start to see usage with a few production models being made. Older Warhorse Transports however soon began to be refitted to the Warhorse 2 design in a bid to shorten production queues.

Statistics and Performance


Class: Na-L2-1b Type: Civilian Transporter Designers: Nepleslian Arms and Munitions, Bryant Holden Manufacturer: Nepleslian Arms and Munitions Production: Mass Production and Refit of older Design Fielded by: Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia


  • Command: 1
  • Starship Operations: 2
  • Transport Operations: 4
  • Medical: 3
  • Maintenance: 3
  • Security: 5
  • Civilian Passengers: 2,400 (Maximum Allowable with minimum cargo space alloted for containers.)


Length: 485 meters Width: 276 meters Height: 165 meters Decks: 22 (2.3m each)

Propulsion and Range

Continuum Distortion Drive: 11,362c (1.29 ly/m) Hyperspace Fold Drive: 0.70 ly/m Sublight Engines: .25c Lifespan: 25 Years Refit Cycle: Once Every 5 Years

Damage Capacity

  • Hull: 30 SP (Ship)
  • Shields: 25 (Threshold 4/5)

Inside the Ship


The Armory of the Warhorse 2 contains enough weapons to arm the crew in the event of boarding action and includes several sets of body armor. The Armory itself is a Durandium Alloy lined 'safe room' with the weapons and armor kept in coded lockers.


The Bridge of the Warhorse 2 is a little more utilitarian than some of the other ships out there. It features two console banks for the starship operators up front with a volumetric view screen just a head of them. The Captain's Chair is raised to sit above the bridge crew and includes its own compact console within the arm rest. The bridge doors are constructed of Durandium Alloy as an added measure of security.

Captain's Quarters

The Captain's Quarters while a little more spacious than that of the crew's bunk rooms is spartan. It includes a twin-sized bed, writing desk with a computer interface, bathroom with shower and closet space. The captain however reserves the right to change the appearance of his quarters if he/she so chooses.

Cargo Storage Areas

The Cargo Storage takes up several decks and the majority of the ship is geared towards optimizing its space to ensure the maximum number of cargo containers can be fitted within its holds. It mainly holds the Huge SSC containers for mass cargo transport. However depending on the load of civilians or military personnel being transported the size and number of containers is cut down in accordance due to habitation modules taking up this space.

Crew Bunks

Four rooms are dedicated to the crew's sleeping cabins. Each room contains two bunks for four crew members. There are two closets for all four to use and two desks and computer consoles. While they lack their own dedicated bathroom there are several on the deck for crew use.

Crew Recreation

Recreation for the crew comes from a communal room with some basic arcade games included. There is also a pool table and large view screen for 'T.V' along with several vending machines.

Mess Hall

While there are no dedicated cooks on board, usually one or two of the crew are pulled off duty in order to cook for the remainder. The small Mess Hall includes a set of stoves, refridgerators and walk ins for frozen foods. In the event of a large number of passengers, the crew mess is usually converted into a larger kitchen to help feed everyone with more dedicated personnel to cook.


Engineering houses the main reactors for the ship including a small station for the lead engineer. Here they can deligate work as needed or find work orders for themselves. Several lockers line the wall for environmental suits. Containers also are within engineering containing basic supplies and tools for maintenance and repair. In the event of an emergency, the maintenance staff can eject the reactors into space incase of either a breech or overload.

Medical Center

The Medical Center on the Warhorse 2 is a small, but stocked area containing everything the medical staff need in the event of your standard emergency including a number of Medical Kits. There are four beds for patients and more held within the walls of the room to save on space. In the event of surgery, there is a small, cramped space dedicated for it.


Passageways on the Warhorse aren't particularly flashy, more for function over form. They do however include gravity.

Power Armor Bays

Usually reserved for when transporting Marines. The Warhorse has a set of power armor bays built in to store Nepleslian Powered Armors in the event of military transport. Depending on the situation however they can either be used as additional cargo space or include their own set of armors for usage of the attached security force.

Shuttle Bays

The shuttle bay built into the Warhorse 2 houses a number of transport shuttles used to ferry cargo to and from the ship. While capable of landing on the planet, the Warhorse 2 usually remains in space while shuttles ferry its goods on planet.

Armored Hull and Hull Integrated Systems


The frame of the Warhorse 2 is made of lightweight Durandium Alloy framework with Nerimium secondary supports in the event of structural failure in areas of the ship.


The hull of the Warhorse 2 is made of Nerimium to give the Warhorse 2 a better chance at survival. In the off chance these ships are not operating within convoys a optional Zanarium coating can be applied for stealth purposes.

Power Generation

Main Power
Secondary Power

Computers and Electronics

Computer Core

Emergency Systems

NAM-'Scapegoat' Escape Pods (18)
Fire Suppression System

Fire fighting systems are designed to be automatic. The security cameras that are present in each and every room and hallway are equipped with a hose that would spray heat retardant foam at the source of the inferno. However, compressed tanks are also available near frequented corridors.

Life Support Systems

These are located in the engineering section and an emergency backup is held within the medical ward. Air and water is circulated through sectioned vents around the ship. Certain rooms have designer atmosphere filters.


On top of the usual Laser and Radio, many other systems onboard can be utilized for a variety of communications. Subspace, and Hyperspace are also available.


Na-PID-33 Plasma Impulse Drive
Na-CDD-33 Continuum Distortion Drive

Shield Systems


Weapons Systems

(12) NAM Twin Plasma Cannon Turrets

NAM Twin Plasma Turret

Primary Role: Point Defense Damage Rating Value: Tier 8 or Tier 9, Medium Anti-Mecha or Heavy Anti-Mecha (FIXME: Staff needs to determine which)/Tier 9, Heavy Anti-Mecha Range: 100 km Rate of Fire: 30 per second Payload Relative to ship

Vehicle Complement


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