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NS-HFS-1CIV Warhorse Class

1. About the Ship

The Warhorse is a larger counterpart to the NS-LFS-1CIV Red Hill Class REVISED, with a higher capacity and endurance. While the NS-LFS-1CIV Red Hill Class REVISED is directed to enterprising privateers, the Warhorse is made for large corporations, the SAoN and NAM itself. Again, similar to its smaller brother, the Warhorses use of cargo modules makes this ship flexible in its duties.

2. History and Background

The Warhorse was designed by Razeal Kresh with the intention of improving the trade abilities of his home nation. The basic design was then purchased by NAM and tailored to their specifications.

3. Statistics and Performance

  • Organizations Using This Vessel: Nepleslian Merchants
  • Type: Heavy Freighter
  • Class: NS-HFS-1CIV
  • Designer: Razeal Kresh
  • Manufacturer: NAM
  • Production: Mass Production
  • Crew: 12 Minimum
  • Pilots: 1
  • Maximum Capacity: 240
  • Appearance: A long ship, thin in the middle with only a spine intended to hold large cargo modules.


  • Length: 600 m
  • Width: 100 m
  • Height: 120 m
  • Decks: 10
  • Weight: 200,000 tons (without modules)


Under New Starship Speed Standards:

  • Speed (STL): 0.2c
  • Speed (CDD): 10,000c
  • Speed (Hyperspace Fold): None
  • Range: Known space
  • Lifespan: 4 months oxygen, maximum
  • Refit Cycle: 5 years, or as needed

Old Values:

  • Speed (STL): 0.70c
  • Speed (CDD): 10,000c
  • Speed (Hyperspace Fold): None
  • Range: Known space
  • Lifespan: 4 months oxygen, maximum
  • Refit Cycle: 5 years, or as needed

4. Roleplay Stats and Cost

Sections and Armor Rating

5 Sections, Each section Nerimium, DR 5

Ship Resource Point Cost

NAM Warhorse Heavy Transport
FTL Engine 100
Hyperspace Drive 0
Sublight Engine 70
Main Starship Super-weapon 0
Main Gun Battery 0
Secondary Guns (subject to change depending on modular loadouts)
Point Defense Guns 96 (Standard 16 TGA-01a package)
Main Generator 400 (NFG-03a)
Secondary Generators 0
Environmental Systems 200 (Maximum limit)
Computer 100 (Savtech-enhanced OS)
Armor 1750 (5 sections, Nerimium, 350 per section)
Stealth Armor 0
Sensor System 100
Shield Systems 400 (CPS-03a)
Nanotech systems 0
Total 3256 per Warhorse, Customizations may vary

5. Inside the Ship

Deck Layout

This ship has ten decks.


The Bridge of the Warhorse is located inside the ship, so that potential pirates cant fry the bridge for easy loot. Consists of two tiers, the captain sits on the higher tier together with the vice captain who is expected to be standing (But has a chair of his own in the corner). On the semi circular lower tier there are four terminals manned by four officers. Due to the size of the Warhorse, it is recommended that at least one person is on duty here. The bridge is suitably spaced and comfortable. Holographic projectors in the room project screens on the walls for a higher heads up. Fore section.


Composed of a long cuboid Central Spine similar to the Red Hill and a smaller but equally long Higher Spine. They provide a link between the fore and aft sections of the ship and as an attaching point for the cargo modules. The Higher Spine serves mainly as crew quarters for 4th Classers, while the Central Spine has an empty space for miscellaneous uses. There is a pair of large elevators that run inside the spine to ferry cargo and personnel.

Engine Block:

The Engine Block takes up nearly the whole Aft section. Different generators and systems are segregated from each other and safety precautions enforced, leading to a safe and occasionally grimy workplace. There is a small restroom for engineers here.

Crew Quarters:

Rooms are divided into class. 1st Class rooms are spacious, king sized bed equipped with attached bathrooms. 2nd Class rooms are the same, but smaller and with twin single beds. 3rd Class rooms are double bunked, and they share communal showers. 4th Class rooms are dormitories with double bunks.

1st and 2nd Class rooms are located at the fore of the ship. 1st Class rooms are occupied by the Captain and Vice Captain, 2nd Class by officers and doctors. 3rd Class room are located in the upper and lower part of the central spine and are occupied by engineers, technical sentries, cooks, furnace minders and some higher 4th Classers. 4th Class Dormitories make up almost the entire higher spine, and are divided into a smaller section for Pilots and PA Operators, and a larger section for miners.


Unlike the communal meals (And gravity table) on the Red Hill, the food of the Warhorse is divided by class. 1st, 2nd and some 3rd Classers have steak in a carpeted café in the fore section. 4th Classers have sludge in their cafeteria at one end of the higher spine. There is good elbow room but no gravity table. Off duty miners and pilots are encouraged to part time in the cafeteria.

Recreation Room:

There is an arcade, hydroponics garden and gym at the fore section of the ship. All facilities are shared amongst the classes, but there is an exclusive time slot for the higher classes to have the place for themselves.

Medical Bay:

The ship has a 6 bed Medibay with a small ER room. Considering the living and working conditions of the 4th Classers, the medical cabinet is always well stocked. One doctor is always on duty here, usually also with 1 Technical Sentry/Nurse. Fore section.

6. Ship Systems


Composed of thick panels of Nerimium-coated steel around a carbon nanotube frame and anti-radiation shielding, the Warhorses’s hull provides decent protection. More emphasis was put on the spine however, as such a narrow connection between the front and back of the Warhorse is an obvious weaknesses.

Power: Fusion Generator NFG-03a

The generator provides great amounts of low tech affordable energy. Unfortunately, it is quite large sized (40% of aft section). Power is provided by cable through the spine to the fore section. Capacitors are in place should the generators fail, and would last for a few days. Located at the back of the ship.

Shields: Combined Shielding CPS-03a

For standardization sake NAM had lumped the two systems of energy shield and repulsion together. To offset the weak armor ( and potential repair costs ) the CPS here has a higher power to weight ratio than on the Firefly. The Warhorse is capable of taking a serious pounding before the shields fail with a one hour full recharge time ( So run run run! ). This lacks the overcharge function on previous NAM designs. Located at the Engine Block.

Antigravity/ Gravity

These are basic necessities. Thankfully can be left on during battle conditions.

Airlock System:

The main airlocks are located port/starboard near the ships main bridge with one dorsal airlock above the engineering section. Every room in the Warhorse can be sectioned off, the spine counts as three rooms.

Module Cargo system:

The Warhorse can carry 12 Modular cargo units. The module system is the measurement of standard cargo capacity. Each “Cargo Module” is 30m wide and 150m long. The modules attach on the left and right of the ship, and can spin on an axis for artificial gravity if needed. The Modules can be accessed through its front and back end through the fore and aft of the ship, or when not spinning, through the UNI-V clamps on the spine.


1. Cargo Hold (CHM) 30 x 30 x 150m of empty goodness. It is really that simple. This is for Merchants and Haulers.

2. People Hold (PHM) Capacity depends on the luxury of the module. The hold has its own life support and power systems. This is for Liners and Immigration.

3. Mining Hold (MHM) The mining hold is just like the cargo hold, except that 3 Fireflies piggyback on it and it is equipped with a more efficient nano digester. The modus operandi is for the War Horse to deposit the MHM in mineral fields so that the fireflies can use the MHM as a drop off. Then return some time later to pick them back up. This is for Miners (Duh).

Central Spine Hold:

There is a 35m x 35m x 250m empty space in the spine. A large airlock under the ship gives access to this void.


1. Cargo Hold (CHM) 35 x 35 x 350m of empty goodness. This is for Merchants and Haulers.

2. People Hold (PHM) Capacity depends on the luxury of the module. It has its own life support and power systems. This is for Liners and Immigration.

3. Smelter Hold (SHM) This together with the Mining Hold turns the Warhorse into a complete ore miner and processor. The Smelter Hold carries its own power generator and oxygen from metal oxides can extend the duration of the ship before it needs to dock. Some exotic ore will still have to be sent to proper refineries though. This is for miners.

Note: Replace Miners with cooks, waiters, housekeeping and stewards if the Warhorse is in the passenger business. Merchants would want more Technical Sentries.

Docking system:

The Warhorse uses the new Nepleslian UNIV-A Docking clamp systems, located midway on the spine of the vessel, which enables any smaller vessel so equipped to be docked to and also carried along by the larger ship. The UNIV-A is capable of quickly docking and releasing any compatible ship attached to it.

Escape Pods:

Escape pods are located near the bridge, higher spine and the engineering section to the rear. An MEC-D is located at the Medibay for the injured or otherwise incapable of surviving in the pods. The pods have food and oxygen for 5 days and are on a 5 sharing basis. MEC – B also provided inside should the 5 days run out.

Environmental Systems:

Atmospheric recyclers and regulators are located under the bridge and engineering section. Air is circulated through sectioned vents around the ship. The ship is not entirely self sufficient and it is preferred for it to dock once a month for fresh oxygen and supplies.

Rapid Launch Bays:

The ship's exterior is equipped with one large rapid-launch bay located fore/ventral which are force field-contained openings in the hull. The bay makes it possible for shuttles to fly out into space at their convenience. These bays can also be sealed via large sliding segmented doors.

Graviton Beam Projector (12):

This device creates a stream of gravitons which can be used to tow other spacecraft or shuttles. The projector is ineffective against ships using gravitonic shielding. These are also used to attach Cargo Modules without the help of manipulator arms.


Subspace Mass Sensors: Subspace mass sensors instantly detect mass readings and movement of objects up to 1 AU (93 million miles) distant from the ship. The readings are used both for early warning and navigation when traveling at sublight speeds. The readings are not very detailed and cannot detect objects of less than 60,000 kg. Found at the four corners of the ship.

Hyperspace Communications:

The hyperspace communications relay allows near real-time communication between starships and other vessels or planetary bases. Found as an array on the head of the ship. Traditional Laser and Radio also present.


Continuum Distortion Drive: (CDD) propels the ship at speeds many times the speed of light by generating continuum distortions and nesting them to create asymmetric peristaltic fields. Aft section.

Ion Impulse Engines:

Ion impulse engines ionize a gas such as xenon and accelerate the ions using a magnetic accelerator to near the speed of light, which produces thrust. While Ion Engines provide a decent amount of acceleration, they soon became relegated to civilian engines as newer technology became available to the military. Six large thrusters at the back. Again, no overcharge.

Computer Systems:

Savtech programmed a JANE into providing the ship AI and computer system management. Through Holographic projectors located all over the ship, computer interfaces and screens can be materialized anywhere, although solid consoles are still there for backup.


Modular Weapons Ports(16): The warhorse features modular gun ports which can accept weapons designed for them. It is however not normally so equipped with the actual weapons as it is intended for civilian use. Locations are: 4 on the fore of the ship, 4 on the dorsal spine between the cargo modules, 4 on the belly between modules, and 4 for the rear/engineering section of the ship.

Main Weapons

(16) NAM Twin Gattling Turret TGA-01a: Noting that the only people posing a threat to merchant ships are pirates, and they would have to get close should they attempt to capture the ship, NAM has put in low technology short range weapons for affordable point defences. Spits out high caliber bullets at a fast rate but are weakly armored. The turrets are semi-automated.

  • Primary Purpose: anti-fighter/pirate/raider
  • Secondary Purpose: anti-mecha
  • Damage: Moderate under 6KM, Heavy at 1KM
  • Range: 15KM
  • Rate of Fire: 60 Bullets a second
  • Payload: 6000 in turret by default, but can draw from an external source.

7. Vehicle Complement

Ge-T1-1A - Transatmospheric Shuttles (8 ): Your basic high-capacity, FTL-capable Tran atmospheric shuttle. Includes adjustable-seal hatch on the floor and ceiling of the cargo compartment for docking with ships from outside.

  • Primary Purpose: Interstellar Transport
  • Secondary Purpose: Planetary Landings
  • Range: 10 days of travel (about 137 light-years at maximum speed)
  • Speed: 2000c, Mach 1 in atmosphere.
  • Load Capacity: 52 personnel with gear or 2 personnel with cargo.
  • Weapons: None
  • Systems: Anti-Gravity, Armor, CDD, Communications, Chaff/Flare Dispensers, Emergency Homing Beacon, Shields, Sensors.

10 Water Power Armors plus assembler is optional.

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