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Roger Wilco City

Location: Approximately eighty six kilometers away from Funky City, south by south west by map north.

Large city encompassing roughly 786 sq km (303 sq mi) and a population of 21 million people.

Population Statistics:

Nepleslian: 68% Geshrin/Yamataian: 27% Nekovalkyrja: 3% Other: 2%

Male to Female ratio is roughly 5 to 1

The city is made up of four large districts.

The Upper Haven - population: 600,000 The Doctorate - population: 7.3 million The Hallowed Grounds - population 4.4 million The Urban Rezone - population - 8.7 million

(all population estimates are not exact)

Upper Haven

The Upper Haven is actually two sections: the wealthy elite and the middle class. The elite are made up of high ranking government officials, upper military, crime syndicate bosses, corporate CEOs, etc. The level of security here is tight and thus crime rate very low. This is due to the people living here being able to provide for their own security on top of local government law enforcement. As a result families also reside here and are able to make use of high class facilities such as well rated schools, shopping centers, medical establishments, parks, etc. Everything you would expect from a very well to do neighborhood is here. An efficient transit system is also in place with security checkpoints established to ensure only those who have a place in Upper Haven disembark at the station. Due to the high tax rate (otherwise known as kickbacks for some people) the government is able to keep public works at a high rate of service. The middle class is subject to lesser taxes due to being just outside of the demarcation. High class office buildings and skyscrapers make up the skyline and is where most of the work is done by various corporations and certain criminal elements which use legitimate business as a front.


The Doctorate is where pharmaceutical and various medical companies are located. From cybernetics to life enhancing drugs, every facet of medicinal science is explored here. There are also various universities and other such higher education facilities here. A large campus population exists, along with various services provided (food, libraries, recreation,etc). The environment ranges from urban to suburban in certain regions. The scientific laboratories are more towards the edges of the district. Many students are recruited by the various companies here. Security is mainly held by government law enforcement. Crime is low to moderate.

Hallowed Grounds

The Hallowed Grounds are considered neutral territory. The area is barely touched by the urban sprawl. It consists of various luxury resorts, spas, and other vacation retreats. It is also home to various hospitals that cater to different crowds. This is a place where rivals can meet in peace, elites can relax and recuperate, the high ranking injured can be healed, and where no violence is allowed. While measures are taken to prevent, no actions are taken here. If any crimes are committed its not by any of the big boys. No small timers would dare because to do so would visit quick retribution by all parties. As a result of this fragile but peaceful state, the opportunity to make many advances in technology are done here. While the pharmaceutical companies sell their products to the ones established here, the actual procedures are done in the HG. The most advanced hospitals exist here. Profiting from their wealthy clientelle these facilities push the cutting edge of medical technology and draw their resources from the nearby Doctorate district. During the vulnerable downtime that a high ranked mob boss endures during medical procedures like surgery, they can rest in the comfort of knowing that no one will attempt to kill them here. The same goes for military members from both sides of the fence. While the wars may wage and grow tense in other areas, the Hallowed Grounds allow for anyone and everyone to recover in peace provided that it is not broken. A place where people can have peace of mind is of more psychological value then some may realize but those who carved out the agreements amongst all parties knew that at some point in time a man's mind can only take so much stress. Many ceasefires and peace negotiations have taken shape due to this region. Due to the recent shift in borders and the Reds having been pushed offworld they no longer have freedom of access as before unless invited by the government for talks. Police, military, criminal, and corporate forces work together to keep this region safe. The joint effort is also shown in the funding as it is a benefit for all and would be a loss for all if it were broken. Generous contributions are made and result in some of the hardest working (and best paid) doctors. Crime is virtually none to low.

Urban Rezone

The Urban Rezone is essentially the slums of the city. The district is a massive urban sprawl of various buildings, warehouses, factories, burned out ghettos, and wastelands. It borders along the Doctorate and Hallowed Grounds districts, far away from the Upper Haven. It is home to the lower middle class and all income brackets beneath it. All military facilities are stationed here. Police forces patrol and mete out violence to all who break the law with vicious impunity but they result in mostly just adding to the gunfire during an outbreak. Various establishments are here from porn industries, dance clubs, sleazy bars, prostitution houses, illegal drug dens, eateries, etc. Some of the more places advertise high quality entertainments which does attract the wealthier to their establishment. Its not all crime and poverty but the borders crash into each other often. Many legitimate businesses do work here along with maintaining facilities that they can lease at much lower cost. At their own risk of course. Due to the adjacent location to the Hallowed Grounds, all of the best cybernetic parts and resources are manufactured here. The pollution the factories create are buffered just enough so that they can still manufacture high quality even while technically still being inside of the Rezone. Crime in this district is moderate to high.

Population notes: While very rare there are still some nekovalkyrja present. Any nekovalkyrja here are mostly older models, have varying backgrounds and had arrived before the two empires split. Some examples, but not limited to are former soldiers that fulfilled obligations, renegades that were either kicked out or are on the run from Yamatai, illegally procured and put into service, mercenaries, etc. Since it is illegal to be on Nepleslia they mostly try to pass off as Geshrin or Yamataian. The exception being those smuggled illegally in the slave trade.

Corporation notes: While the businesses here are large, they are still either affiliates, branches, or smaller than the ones headquartered in Funky City. The situation here is what allows the businesses to set up with relatively lower risk. While that does draw a lot of start ups and smaller businesses, the draw to larger cities is still enticing. The satellite companies started by the bigger corporations in other cities however does make it relatively hard for the smaller ones to go beyond a certain point so there is still a lot of failures and buy outs seen here.

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