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S6-TLAC "Cavalry"

The Section 6 twin linked autocannon (TLAC) is an effective anti-armor weapon of war. It fires at a whopping four shells per second on a fully automatic trigger and with twin barrels overheating is an issue of the past.

About the Section 6 Twin Linked Autocannon

The Section Six Twin Linked Autocannon features a twin barrel alternating system which severely limits the amount of heat the weapon generates. This assists it in maintaining an operational heat level while coolant systems beneath the surface assist the weapon keeping an even lower heat to nearly remove it from heat seeking apertures entirely. The weapon is extremely large and must be mounted on a vehicle; typically seen mounted on IFVs, tanks or other such land vehicles.

Nomenclature Information

Here is the manufacturing data on the cavalry below.


The Cavalry is very boxy if albeit slightly rounded, only somewhat wider then the width of it's two recoiling barrels. Normally mounted in a turret housing, it is otherwise attached to a fixed position on a vehicle chassis if not internally. Its two long barrels are rather large in bore, and simple in design.

Discharge Information

Here are the behavioral traits on the Cavalry's operation and use.

  • Muzzle Flash: None.
  • Retort: A loud resounding boom that comes in rapid succession.
  • Effective Range: 3 kilometers
  • Rate of Fire: 240rpm, 2 rounds per second per barrel.
  • Recoil: Negligible on heavy weapons such as tanks, but is enough to rock lighter vehicles such as LAVs and jeeps.


Here is the operational data on the Cavalry's ammunition.

  • Ammunition: 60mm shells
  • Purpose: T7 Anti-armor
  • Round Capacity: 200 round internally installed magazine box
60mm Shell Damage Quickchart
Shell Type Purpose
Standard 7
HE 7
S6-SCPAAS 60mm 7
AP 7

Weapon Mechanisms

Below is the details on the inner workings of the Cavalry.

  • Firing Mechanism: Semiautomatic via a bolt carrier group installed within the vehicle that links to the ammunition box.
  • Loading: Internal box magazine fitted with an autoloader.
  • Firing Modes: Automatic
  • Safety Mechanism: Keeping your fingers off the trigger and the weapon unloaded.
  • Attachment Points: none



  • Section 6 Twin Linked Autocannon: 20,000DS

Replaceable Parts and Components

  • Barrel: 1,000DS
  • Ammo Feed System: 5,000DS
  • Firing Mechanism: 5,000DS


60mm Shells Price Quickchart
Type Price (100 Round Crate)
AP 3,500DS
HE 5,000DS
Standard 2,500DS
S6-SCPAAS 60mm 5,000DS

OOC Notes

Approved by Syaoran on 7/27/2020

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