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Osman University: Something is a Mist

Osman University is a roleplaying plot created October 31, 2017 by GM Jack Pine. It was revived by Jack Pine and yoerik on December 19, 2018 after a successful interest check.

Osman University RP Threads

Status: This plot is currently open for any approved character to join.

Plot Overview

Welcome to Osman University, a private school for the residents and personnel of Section 6 to grow there education as well as receive new training for there work, or future positions. Play as a member of the NDC Ground Forces "Duskerian Legion", a normal student, or a teacher, and have fun with this casual plot as we flesh out the life of the people of Sirris VI away from the usual action and military threads. But be aware that any major events in the main plot, like say an invasion, will effect this accordingly.

Location Overview

-Map of the Osman University on Sirris VI

The Osman University is a complex of eight buildings, each designed for a specific education field. The following is a description of each buildings' function an important locations within the Osman Uni complex:


The atrium is the main and only entrance to the University. On the Ground Floor, directly left from the doors, is the reception and main counter for students. Further on, there are two corridors, leading right to Building B, and left to Building D. A large staircase at the back connects the floor to the help-desks on the first floors; the conference rooms on the second, as well as the university medical staff; and the administrative rooms on the third floor. On the first floor is a sky-bridge that connects the atrium to building H. The principal is seated on the third floor in his own office.

Social Studies Building

Building B is the Sociology building. In it is where most of the studies pertaining to sociology and psychology are housed. The building is divided by a long corridor that stretches east to Building E, and meets a secondary corridor leading to Building C. The large college rooms are located on the ground floor. The smaller examination rooms are located on the first floor. On the first floor is also a smaller atrium also known as the OTSWE (Open Transparent Study and Work Environment). The teachers are housed on the second floor, where there are also exam rooms, large conference rooms, and a secondary OTSWE. This is also where the main News room is.

Physics, IT, and Engineering Building

Connected to building B via a corridor, building C is the place of nearly all theoretical and exact sciences. On the ground floor, most of the college rooms are located, with the exam rooms on the first floor. Most of the experimentation rooms are located on the second floor, where also the experiment's devices are stored. On the third floor is an OTSWE, and the teachers are housed there. This is also where the radiology department is housed.

Linguistics Building

To the left of the Atrium is Building B, which is dedicated to languages and teaching studies. Central in Building B is the large Library, which fills up the two floors at the right end of the building. On the other side, multiple college- and exam rooms are located, and a corridor leads to Building F. The teachers are housed on the third floor, where the main OTSWE is. A corridor on the north side connects the building to Building H

Military education Building

connected to Building B and the Atrium by a long corridor, Building E is dedicated to the military studies at Osman. On the ground floor, the college rooms are located. On the first floor is an OTSWE and a small library filled with military books not fitting to the University main library. On the second floor, the exam rooms are located. On the third floor, several conference rooms are located, and the teachers are housed there.

Sports facilities

Connected to Building E by a corridor, Building F is a lower building, having only two stories. On the ground floor, there are several large sports halls, with most sports setups available. On the first floor, there are two large gym halls, with equipment available for several exercises. The teachers are housed on the ground floor next to the sports hall.


Located in the centre of the University, Building G is not really an educational facility. It houses three large optical telescopes, which are used by the astro-sciences students. It is also home to the University's research groups, and it has multiple physics and biology labs.

Chemistry, Biology & Medical Building

Located north of the atrium, Building H is connected to the atrium by skybridge, to Building B and C by large corridors. On the ground floor, most college rooms are located. On the first floor is the OTSWE, and the biology teachers are housed there. On the second floor is where the chemistry and biological labs are located. The third floor is where most of the storage of chemicals and samples is based, and the chemistry and geo-sciences teachers are housed there. There is also where the emergency medical facilities are located.

Rules and Pacing

Put the following here in this section:

  • Format: SP threads with occasional JP's posted in.
  • Pacing and posting expectations: This is a casual plot and does not have a set pace, and it will be turned based with order set by who is participating in each part of our story. For decency, please consider posting at least once a month.

Characters and Players

Character Player Role
Talos Jack Pine as our Principal & Military Instructor
Rose Ironhart-Pine Madi Harper As our Astro-sciences instructor
David Maverock SirSkully As our Computer Sciences instructor
Harmony Llamnel Sageshooter As our Biology instructor
Kolorsha Tasvanni steeljaw36 As our Music instructor
Armora Jack Pine As a student
Nora Jack Pine As a student
Ceilia Dee-Cerulius Jack Pine As a student
Adi Pine Noodlewerfer As a student
Adria Pine Noodlewerfer As a student
Chlorate Noodlewerfer As a student
Sonia Argentum Jack Pine As a student
Jack Pine Jack Pine as a student's parent
Roland Winchester Wolf626 as a student
Ayla Knight Charaa as a student/undercover agent
Lillian Esherara Valona Longweave as a student
Andar Noval Whisper as a student

Open Positions

Accepting all approved characters.

Currently seeking teachers in the following fields:

  • Medical Sciences
  • Physics
  • History
  • Economics
  • Law


YE 39: Section 6 decides to open a private school on Planet Osman in hopes of furthering the education system for the population and as a means to recruit potential new personnel for Section 6, The Sky Guard, and possibly Saber. This institution was named Osman University and is located near the outskirts of Osman city itself on a cultured plot of land, with a large grand school built that features the Independent's finest tech in its classrooms and training facilities.

In YE 40, the university was relocated to Sirris VI, and a new campus mimicking the original location was built. Many of the teachers and students were transferred, and also some new crew was hired. The name remained out of respect of the original site.

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