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Lillian Esherara

Lillian Esherara is a player character played by Valona Longweave.

Lillian Esherara
Species & Gender: Separa'shan Pythus Female (Hermaphrodite)
Date of Birth: 1ζ—₯ 1月 YE 20
Organization: New Dusk Conclave
Occupation: Part-Time Musician/Full-Time Student
Rank: N/A
Current Placement: Osman University: Something is a Mist

Physical Description

Lillian is a female Pythus Separa'shan. Unlike her sister, Ezriel, she was born with a number of rarer traits, perhaps from recessive genes, or even gene mutations, causing her to look vastly different to her sister in many aspects. She stands at a much taller stature than her sister, at 6'7β€œ (~2m) tall when standing. Born an albino, she has a 13'2β€œ (~4m) long tail of white colour and speckled pattern, and much strength, as one would expect of a Pythus Separa, and pale white skin on her human half. Matching her tail, she has long, pure snow white hair, which she keeps in a long braided style down to one side, and ice blue slitted eyes, with a voluptuous body, even despite her lack of legs.

However, the most distinct trait between her and her sister, and of hers in general, is the the fact was born with complete sets of both the male and female sex organs. To the naked eye, she appears to be female, having been born physically female, the only way one could tell she was a hermaphrodite would be to see her in the nude, where they would notice she has an extra slit for the male organs. Both sets of her sexual organs are in full working condition, and despite the abnormality, she does not suffer any major health defects from her condition, being perfectly healthy by physical standards.


Lillian loves rock and metal music, and music in general. She also loves the idea of bikes and all, and can be considered a biker, even if physically incapable of riding one. She also has a secret love of plushies.

However, she is really anything but happy, using her love and skill of music to express herself, zone out, from all the loneliness and shunning she has felt, never having felt like she fit in on Essia, due to her being born an albino and herm, as she is, having even turned this music into something of a career, to support her studies at Osman.


Lillian is the twin sister of Ezriel Esherara, and was born in YE 20 on the planet of Essia along with her. She is a female Pythus of the Separa'Shan, however, unlike her sister, she was born with complete sets of both the male and female sex organs of her race.

As a child, and, for the first few years after her ascension, Lillian never felt she fit in, due to her unique features of her body. Tall, albino, and a hermaphrodite, she stood out, was unique. After her ascension, she started to learn music, to play the guitar and keyboard, writing songs that expressed her feelings, said how she felt.

Eventually, once she reached the age that she would be considered an adult, and with the threat of the Essian occupation of YE 40-41, Lillian fled Essia, years after her sister had ran away, fleeing to the newly-formed, nearby NDC. She later signed up for Osman University, hoping to study in music, along with language, to pursue a career in her passion for it.

Skills Learned


  • Lillian has a strong interest in music, and is skilled in playing guitars, keyboard, and singing. She particularly likes metal and rock.
  • She also has a skill in belly dancing, although it is not a thing she commonly shows off. Only those closest to her might be lucky enough to see it.
  • Due to her rather rare and quite unique body trait, Lillian has the capability perform some bedroom techniques most females cannot, having both male and female sexual organs, however is quite shy and inexperienced in such things.


  • As a bonus of Lillian's love of music, she has learnt how to speak many common languages at least semi-fluently due to listening to many different languages in songs.

Social Connections

Lillian Esherara is connected to:

Ezriel Esherara - Twin Sister

Inventory & Finance

Lillian Esherara has the following:

From YE 41 Year End Free Salvage Giveaway

  • Airlock for starship hull (S Xyainbor, TC: 84-81, IC: 6861-23871-155)​
  • Spiral Hatch with Airlock (S Xyainbor, TC: 43-40, IC: 1734-3297-78)​
  • Subspace transceiver, ship (S Xyainbor, TC: 15-49, IC: 792-6035-63)​
  • Blanket (S Xyainbor, TC: 84-24, IC: 2073-14409-98)​
  • Psionic control device (S Xyainbor, TC: 76-50, IC: 3857-17907-117)​

Lillian Esherara currently has 3000 KS.

OOC Information

Reference was made using this creator, made by Sangled: The page is partially Japanese, but using something such as Google Chrome you can auto translate the page. In the little info section, it says this: β€œAny nonprofit use (icons, etc) is allowed. If you post/use it in any way, please make sure to credit me and @ me if you can! I'd love to see it. ^^ ” The link to their tumblr is

This page was created by valona_longweave on 09, 30 2019 at 02:27 using the Character Template Form.

In the case valona_longweave becomes inactive:

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Character Data
Character NameLillian Esherara
Character OwnerValona Longweave
Character StatusActive Player Character
all custom made due to being a Separa'Shan
fabric triangle on a wire frame with an adhesive lined edge, made for Separa'Shan bodies
she needs it because she's a snek, she don't like the cold.

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