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NDC Exercise Uniform

The exercise uniform is a unisex recreational/training uniform issued and used by the Section 6 beginning in YE 39. They recieved an update in YE 41 to the AFPT, or Armed Forces Physical Training uniform

The full uniform costs 40DS and is available from the requisition officer, or any local retailers for commercial purchase.


In YE 39, with the exponential growth of Section 6, there was a need for a recreational uniform for personnel. Something light, and allowing of full movement was drawn up. And thus, the S6 Exercise Uniform was created and issued free to all personnel by late YE39.

When Section 6 moved away from the OSO and became its own government, the NDC, a more regimented military force was put into place, and a Physical Fitness (PT) uniform was necessary for the development of unit based physical training, squad bonding, and general exersize. Thus came the redesign and redevelopment of the Section 6 Exercise Uniform, later called the AFPT (Armed Forces Physical Training) Uniform, PTs for short.



The original Section Six Exercise uniform consists of a short sleeve T-Shirt style top, and a pair of short shorts. Both are of rather simple design, but manufactured to be durable and long lasting, as well as meant to withstand long term wear. There is no distinguishing features in their manufacturing to distinguish from normal articles of clothing of the same style. Both are plain, and simple, with a lack of unnecessary feature.

The AFPTs, however, are non-species dependant and have several features to make an unmodified top fit an equally sized human/Gesherin/Nepleslian, Tsumi, Elysian, or Lorath of nearly any aspect. This was accomplished by using a sleeveless top closed with an anterior full-length zipper. The back was designed in the β€œracerback” style to accommodate a single hole through which to slip wings and arms, doubled shoulders, or other extremities. The zippered front allowed the base material to be a compressing spandex mesh that enables this uniform to be unisex, and an acceptable bra substitute or undershirt for an operational uniform. Over this compression layer is a loose synthetic fiber blend outer layer that disguises body shape and prevents wardrobe malfunctions. Holding these layers together on the posterior lower portion is seamwork and a double layer, forming three pockets that can be used to hold keys, wallets, snacks, and water bottles for use during exercise. The AFPT is also an authorized sleep uniform for Recruit Training troops. There is also a reprogrammable radio frequency tag in the collar used to identify troops if they are not wearing name and rank tags on the velcro attatched to the upper left breast.


The uniform bottoms are species dependent and consist of a set of compression shorts under a loose basketball style short. This should be worn so that the leg comes between the knee and mid-thigh.

Alternate versions are a compression sleeve covered in a loose skirt for Separashan, and a version with an elastic lowered section where tailed soldiers can place their tail if applicable. This will draw closed around the tail using a self-adhering velcro clasp consisting of a section twice as wide as the other, and a section with self-adhering velcro-like material on both sides. Place the narrow tab along the base of the wider, then fold down the top to secure before tightening the shorts' drawstrings.

Shirts will always be worn tucked into the shorts. Compression leggings are authorized to wear underneath if black.

Alternately, shorter compression shorts or running shorts are also authorized for use by female or adventurous male personnel, assuming that no problems arise, dependant on Command and Supply.

The full uniform is only available in all black, with the NDC seal on the upper right breast, and a small patch of velcro on the upper left breast for last name and rank insignia (Optional). Such name and rank insignia will be stitched in red on a black background. Underwear is not necessary, and the shorts in any variant are authorized as underwear for any other uniform.

Usage and Care

This outfit is a standard uniform issued to all S6 personnel, with the first four sets being free, and any others having to be purchased. Both the top and bottom comprise the entire uniform, but enlisted personnel are expected to wear issued undergarments underneath this uniform. The top is simply slipped on, as well as the bottoms, and not in any specific order.

The top and shorts should be machine washed together, and then properly folded and stored for later use. Wrinkles should be removed, via dryer option, or use of dryer sheets when dried. If any tears, or wear results from physical activity, the outfit should be brought in to the requisitions office for a replacement. If the user has the appropriate sewing skills, they may attempt to self patch the damage, but must be approved by the requisition officer, or CO if the user is enlisted.

Shirts will always be worn tucked into the waistband of the shorts and are also authorized as undershirts for duty uniforms, and the shorts are authorized underwear for any other uniform.

OOC Notes

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