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Ayla Knight

Ayla Knight is a player character played by Charaa.

Ayla Knight
Species & Gender: Faun [modified Human] Female
Date of Birth: 35日 9月 YE 20
Organization: NDC Internal Security Division
Occupation: Undercover Agent
Rank: tba
Current Placement: Osman University: Something is a Mist


Original name: Antibody 77-6454-333

Physical Description

The Undercover ISD agent stood at 5’3“(160 cm) which meant she weighed 45kg (99lbs). The hair at the top of her head was of a Darker Red color, but due to certain lighting conditions made her hair look entirely black. However, everyone would notice its true shade in full light. Of course, this would be different in Dark light. Her hair was carefully maintained, to be appropriate for ISD standards, but also Osman University standards as well. She tried to make it so that her Geist was hidden, and also her eyes so it’s not in the way of them. Her eyebrows were kept trimmed neatly so as to not cause a distraction.

Beneath her eyebrows and uncovered by her hair were a pair of Nepsilian style eyes, which were colored with the shade of greenish blue shade coloring. Thanks to the holograms the color was a lot more noticeable, and at night they had an illumination effect to them, which meant they seemed to glow somewhat.

On either side of her head were a pair of ears, which appeared to be a really long length elf ears. Due to the length, they wobble sometimes at the specific movement. For the top half of her body, the skin covering her was a peach color, but she had markings covering her body, reminiscent of Freespacer implants, while the bottom half was more of a dark shade The bottom half of her body was covered in fur, and it ended in hoofs, similar to those of the Elefirn. Despite not being a military girl, and her body was synthetic, her body was slender, with the impression of athletics, along with an hourglass figure. Even though due to genetics and metabolism, which never allowed her to gain weight or get out of shape, she strives to treat her body like that of a temple, with respect and care, which meant that she was never stinky due to hygiene issues.

Both of her arms, ended in cybernetic under synth skin, hands that had three fingers and a thumb. Starting under her belly was where the fur started and ended in the hoofs. Just above her rear end, was the beginning of a deer type tail. However, her legs weren't as skinny as Deer legs.

Due to her undercover operation, she tends to wear shirts that show off her belly a little, which tend to be simple, nondescript type of thing.


Due to a situation of her past, Ayla has a huge loyalty to the NDC and she strives to keep it and its people safe from harm, which is why she joined the nation’s Internal Security division. She hopes o use the job, to protect her new home in a different way than being a military. Military life wasn’t for her anymore, not now that she could choose her life. She hopes for the admiration and respect of those important to her and especially her superiors. She’s generally with a humble personality. This humility will not allow her to boast about her accomplishments or say anything about how great she was, and would likely blush if told this about herself from another person. Because she dislikes boasting, she tends to not speak unless she was absolutely sure it was something she wished to say.

Her undercover identity has the reputation to be more diligent and prepared for University life, she’ll always have a pencil ready for writing if she needed to, and it will be sharpened she’ll make sure she was presentable for a school setting.

How she treats others would have likely depended on who they were. If they were children, she’ll be kinder to them, and make sure they stay safe, anyone else, she’ll likely treat how they treated her.

She knows for her Undercover investigation, that she is supposed to keep the fact that she’s an agent working for the Internal Security division a secret, and thus because of this, she has trained herself to endure torture level interrogation in order not to divulge the secret, and she won’t tell others who might be a member of the royal family member since it wasn’t her thing to say.


The being that would one day be known as Ayla Knight was created in YE 20 in the Freespacer territory of Great Lighthouse, as one of the many many soldiers fighting for the Freespacer cause. The warrior lived this life to the fullest attacking when ordered to, and also doing the recreational activities that most did. She found though that she enjoyed reading and viewing Fantasy-based things, and specifically reading about Fawns.

It wasn’t until the Free spacer genocide where she was finally able to leave. She had survived the encounter during the war, but her ship was left drifting off into space, damage to both ship and occupant inside. Fortunately, someone was smiling on her, because she was found and recovered by the New dusk conclave’s predecessors, Section 6 and their engineers fixed her body as well as the ship. She, however, discovered she didn’t have the will to shoot at them, and she felt grateful to them for helping her.

Eventually, she began to desire a new form but concerned that she might be taking something another can use, she remained silent. Soon there was an exodus, leaving Planet Osman, and feeling debt to Section 6 she went with them. She was not really there when Section 6 became the New Dusk conclave, due to having powered down during it all, to save dwindling power. She was brought online when everything was settled, and she decided to take the chance.

First, she went to Pine-Oaklen BioSynthetic Foundation Laboratory and used a template, genetic sample, as well as additional genetic samples in order to create her new form, a more energy-efficient form. Once this was completed, she uploaded herself to its systems and took control over the form. She had to relearn how to walk, and using a Hoof footed form, before she took it to the government and made a new registration f herself.

The Freespacer died then, and Ayla Knight was born on YE 40 She trained with the form, getting it ready, learning how to eat, and what foods were good for her, she learned how to use her feet as weapons, and but for defense of herself and others rather than war. She found work in a specific occupation, and during that, she took down criminals when possible. Eventually, time passed and it became YE 41 and she had a new assignment Undercover at Osman University, to investigate the possibility of drug use, and also make sure that members of the Council and their families were safe.

Skills Learned

  • ISD common skills
  • capable of memorizing vast amount of data
  • extensive additional martial arts
  • Marksmanship

Social Connections

Ayla is connected to:

Osman University

Inventory & Finance


  • Bass Guitar (missing strings) (YE 42 Salvage Giveaway, TC: 95-21, IC: 1387-4719-105)
  • Child's Coloring Book, slightly singed (YE 42 Salvage Giveaway, TC: 92-57, IC: 3737-4503-138)
  • Ammunition Crate, 10x25mm/.40 Caliber KZ (YE 42 Salvage Giveaway, TC: 23-15, IC: 402-2247-36)
  • Gun Modification Tools (YE 42 Salvage Giveaway, TC: 59-53, IC: 3184-4774-105)
  • Major components of an AI system (YE 42 Salvage Giveaway, TC: 16-90, IC: 1497-5187-105)
  • Handheld communicator/camera with photos and diary stored on it (YE 42 Salvage Giveaway, TC: 38-86, IC: 3325-17945-120)
  • Large box full of blankets, sheets, and pillowcases (YE 42 Salvage Giveaway, TC: 55-41, IC: 2257-5018-90)
  • Fully intact shuttlecraft (YE 42 Salvage Giveaway, TC: 90-98, IC: 8877-6721-178)
  • Stack of College Textbooks (YE 44 Salvage Giveaway, TC: 66-74, IC: 4941-13895-133)
  • Lorath Memory Storage Unit (broken, fixable, may have side effects) (YE 44 Salvage Giveaway, TC: 28-87, IC: 2493-16413-112)
  • Sex Droid (YE 44 Salvage Giveaway, TC: 42-82, IC: 3501-15555-120)

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Character Data
Character NameAyla Knight
Character OwnerCharaa
Character StatusInactive Player Character
Current LocationSirris VI
PlotsOsman University: Something is a Mist
NDC Character Database
NDC Career StatusDischarged
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