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Pine-Oaklen BioSynthetic Foundation Laboratory

The Pine-Oaklen BioSynthetic Foundation Laboratory was constructed in YE 40 within the mountain range of the grounded S6S Anvil on Sirris VI. The facility was hastily constructed soon after Section 6 arrived on the planet in order to quickly remedy ongoing issues with manpower. It produces Section 6 personnel primarily of the Jack/Jane template but is also capable of producing individually unique baseline humans. Because of their extreme size and strength, there are conceptual plans to produce unique baseline Gunja specimens as well, but Section 6 has yet to initiate them in any substantial manner.

In comparison to the Yamataian Mass Cloning Facilities and the Nepleslian biological processing centers, the laboratory is extremely small and modestly productive. The facility utilizes much of the same cloning practices that were used to power the Fenrir project, which resulted in the first group of Jack/Jane clones. However, the Section 6 Medical Department only possesses a limited understanding of the techniques used therein and does not presently possess the necessary infrastructure to support more aggressive production targets.

On average, the Pine-Oaklen BioSynthetic Foundation Laboratory produces 20 Jack/Jane clones, 5 Alex/Jay clones 1), and 5 individually unique, genetically optimized, roughly baseline human biosynthetics in a single productive day. On average, however, three days out of seven are devoted exclusively to maintenance, during which no clones are produced. Each unit is birthed in an egg-shaped flash-maturation chamber. While inside the chamber, the unit is implanted with memories, which includes language skills, basic social skills, basic military training, and the basic blueprint of a personality. Upon exit from the chamber, the unit is physically and mentally mature (roughly 21 YE), and is given its first orders, along with a lab designated serial number. The serial number for each unit begins with โ€œS6-SSโ€, followed by a dash and a random six digit number.

Diversity in clones

The clones produced by the Pine-Oaklen BioSynthetic Foundation Laboratory can sometimes be unique from their basic genetic stock. This is sometimes necessitated by gaps in the source DNA due to damage or mutation, and is dealt with by introducing DNA from other sources, which results in variance in physical features and sometimes gender.

One outstanding example of this is the process by which Alex/Jay clones2) are created. Because of the fact that Jay is a mutated/imperfect clone of Alex, it was necessary to only use the non-mutated DNA and replace the mutated sections with outside DNA.

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Typically trained as fighter/mecha pilots, female variants are cloned as well
This genetic stock was chosen because of a desire for clones predisposed towards fighter/mecha piloting

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