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Sareash Cathetel-Casdan

Sareash Cathetel-Casdan is a player character played by Rawolfe.

Sareash Cathetel-Casdan
Species & Gender: Caelisolan Female/Bisexual
Date of Birth: YE 18
Organization: New Dusk Conclave
Occupation: Director of ISD
Rank: Director
Current Placement: New Dusk Conclave

Physical Description

Her white long hair in combination with her blue eyes and yet black wings makes Sareash a rarity in view. Her hair is just somewhat longer than her shoulders that she most of the time has loosely hung, but when on duty in a ponytail. Her skin is pale white that fits her beauty. Her height is that of an average Caelisolan but registered at 5'5โ€ as her weight is 91 lbs. Her body is rather slender but intoned as it shows muscled and well-shaped.

As mentioned earlier is that her wings are black-feathered, they are full and well cared for. The size of the wings in total fits her posture just and if expanded it will reach an extended reach of about 290 centimeters.


Some people called Sareash reserved, isolated and withdrawn. But that is how she has grown up, fending for herself and keeping a distance from other people. People that do know her by the line of duty, know her loyalty, respective tone, and formality. She would never show any disrespect to any of her leaders or co-workers. But in the field, she is a to the line woman that will do anything to achieve her goal.

Her skills and insight are known to be an example of the extended education she received. Sareash's military experience is mostly from the Osman Star Organization, Section 6 and New Dusk Conclave.

People that she does let in know her to be emotionally fragile, shy and yet also kind and warm in character. But only a few know this side of Sareash, such as her best friend Alice. When feeling comfortable, people who she trusts would see her laugh and show this side.


Sareash Cathetel was born in YE 18.

Born at Minyas 3 in the mountain areas of a production area under the care of Arakiba and Aliyah, both who were Plebeian in the Elysian Celestial Empire. Even though the Empire looked down on them as mere common or lower folk of the Empire, Sareash parents were happy with their little sunshine. Sareash got a loving raise up under harsh conditions of seeing her fellow Plebeian being used for labor. In YE 23 the Fourth Elysian War began to ravage throughout the systems as Minyas 3 was hit severely by Yamatai forces that found out that Minyas 3 had military operations so close to their borders. In that battle the young Sareash was surrounded by the death of many of her friends and family, she wanted revenge, but was wounded and transported by the Archangels to Veritas deemed to be a good worker there. Sareash got pushed around one of the outskirts stations to be a worker there and she taught herself by some support of local Plebeian some basic defense and offensive training.
However, in YE 31 the NMX entered the Veritas system giving an initial blow to Sareash station that injured her severely while defending the station commander. That gave the man, an Archangel himself, a reason to bring her along on his escape vessel that just escaped the exploding station. After it landed onto Veritas, Sareash was placed into a facility that was now (like the rest of the Veritas cities) being bombarded and a Soul Transfer was started. Giving Sareash a new body of a Caelisolan, yet the man that she saved previously died as parts of the ceiling collapsed.

Where Sareash originally came from, how she got raised, who her parents were or her whole youth is one blank page. She knows the skills, the languages and the way to talk, but her history is one thing she regrets not knowing and is to this day trying to find out who she is.

The only thing that she does know, is where she woke up: Veritas, a remote system that holds a large number of enormous gas giants. Sareash only got told that the city was under attack and saw the horrors of the NMX bringing down their destruction down at Veritas. She had to escape that system and manage to do so by hitchhiking one of the escaping vessels. Unknown where her journey would end, the ship had made a landing at planet Osman.

Then the Osman Star Organization was founded in YE 39 and she found purpose in her life of isolation. She became one of the respective military soldiers and was enlisted into the ranks of Section 6. It was after the attack on her boss Jack Pine that she met Alice Casdan. While at first, she thought that the woman was an outrageous bitch, Alice and Sareash eventually hit it off, becoming friends and later best friends.

After all the events that had happened to her, in YE 41 she was recruited to join the ranks of the ISD in New Dusk Conclave and she gladly accepted the position. For months she had served the NDC top-notch but eventually she got served a ticket to the hospital when trying to save a civilian convoy. She crashlanded and got herself into a long hospital voyage. But at the same time Lord Jack Pike got murdered and they needed a replacement for the ISD Director, on top of that they needed a Public Affairs councilor which she got candidate for. Things were getting hectic, but she felt more alive due to it.

Social Connections

Sareash Cathetel is connected to:

Skills Learned


Sareash speaks fluently Seraphim and Trade (Languages)


The basics of Power Armor and hand-to-hand combat, but experience in Martial Arts and rifles.

Survival and Military

Experience military with survival skills in knowing nature (finding water, food, and shelter) and a hunter.


While this is in training, she knows the basics of command and intelligence.

Inventory & Finance

Sareash Cathetel has the following items:

Standard issue clothing and equipment

  • 4 T-Shirts, assorted styles
  • 3 black jeans
  • 1 skirt
  • assorted lingerie
  • 1 short jacket, dark brown leather
  • 2 datapads
  • 1 USO dress uniform
  • 1 formal wear outfit
  • 1 Phantasm Armor Kit
  • 1 S6-CP pistol, black with 4 additional magazines.

OOC Notes

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In the case Rawolfe becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? NO
  • Can this character be adopted after I am gone for a year? NO
Character Data
Character NameSareash Cathetel-Casdan
Character OwnerRawolfe
Character StatusActive Player Character
Current LocationSirris VI
NDC Character Database
NDC Career StatusActive Duty
NDC Job CodeWX Executive Officer

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