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Hati is a player character played by SirSkully.

Species and Gender: Male Human, Genetically Modified
Batch Code: M-50
Date of Birth: 35日 9月 YE 24
Organization: Section 6
Occupation: SABER Infiltrator/CQC Specialist
Rank: N1-Phalanx
Current Placement: Section 6
Character Theme

Physical Description

Standing the same height as most of the other clones from Project Fenrir at a solid 6’2” it is clear that his creators used the Male template as a base to build him, Hati’s body is toned and athletic but lean and a little lanky rather than bulked out – with porcelain skin wrapped around his lithe and agile figure, complete with powerful legs, equally athletic arms, a thin midsection broken up by his reasonably well defined abdomen, strong shoulders and a wonderfully toned rump.

Hati’s eyes are a violent crimson hue like all others from the original batch of clones though where their hair is white his shaggy mop is instead a dark raven tone and this is where his uniqueness begins to show itself – usually hidden away underneath a hood and some baggy clothes are the two wolf-like ears that protrude from Haiti’s hair, these are usually tucked out of sight alongside the one-and-a-half-foot, rather fuzzy tail where most humans have a stumpy tailbone and to finish off the visual changes his canine teeth are also slightly protruded though this is easier to hide an usually draws no attention.

As stated above Hati usually dresses in hoodies and loose-fitting garments with the hood pulled up to hide his inhuman ears while the tail is tucked into whatever is being worn on his lower half – generally speaking the clone dresses himself in athletic, comfy-looking clothes in shades of black, navy and dark greys with occasional splashes of white to offset the dark hues.


Hati was one of the first clones to break their genetic shackles and forge their own quirks but some might argue he wasn’t ready for it all after witnessing the three rather juxtaposing moods he switches between, generally speaking he is somewhat of a loner and usually prefers his own company over sharing it with other people, which plays into his personal quirk – he is the only one of his kind, the only attempt to try and push the limits of what the clone army might become before they were all shelved.

In short Hati despises whenever his more animalistic qualities are likened to a cat, preferring a wolf or even a fox over any kind of feline – furthermore he has a certain hatred that takes the clone close to his breaking point for such a simple thing, no matter how hard he tries to keep his rage in check. Hati finds himself most at home when doing long-distance running on his lonesome or in the heat of battle where he can really let go, a contrast between him enjoying his own company and then enjoying the perks of being designed as a weapon – though he does have a somewhat antisocial vibe from the outside those who manage to push their way into earning Hati’s trust and respect find themselves a friend for life so long as they never liken him to a feline, they can even sometimes peek at the softer side of him that is just a misunderstood creature wanting to simply get by.

His more animalistic side does rear itself sometimes in his speech patterns and body langauge though Hati tries to supress them for the most part to avoid seeming weird, growling with bared teeth when angry or his tail wagging when happy – to follow this trend he hates being cooped up for extended periods and can be noticeably tactile with the few people that he calls his closest allies.


In YE24, cloning began for the Fenrir project, a initiative that sought to create mass produce-able soldiers. In this they were successful with the creation of their prototype who later became known as Jack Pine. A batch of 100 were created from him, 50 male, and 50 female. The males became known as Jacks, while the females were known as Janes. Then there was the fiftieth clone, one made to be different from the main batch as his genes were twisted and spliced to see just how far they could go.

But event were put in motion that saw the expendable soldiers shelved in cryogenic sleep, the data being used else where. for 16 years, M-50 and his siblings slept, fated to be forgotten, but the prototype rose against the wishes of his masters. In YE39, Jack Pine founded Section 6, which he would later use to free the batch of siblings, having been unaware of their existence. He took them in, gave them a military to fight with that actually cared about them, and through it, hoped to help them break their changes. It was proven it could be done, as two before him had grown into unique individuals, later known as Sparks, and Talos. M-50 was among the first of the saved clones to break his genetic shackles and come into his own, donning the name Hati from an old tale he’d heard in passing.

Skills Learned


Nepleslian comms techniques. Familiar with most other species languages. Standard knowledge of basic military communications.

Starship operations

Basic understanding in the operation of small space craft and light vessels. Helm operation, and Astrometrics Navigation.


Basic understanding in the operation, modification, and maintenance of most vehicles: Mecha Tanks Cars Trucks


Proficient in the application of first aid and basic medical procedures.


Expert at hand-to-hand combat. Brown belt in martial arts. Standard power armor operation and maintenance. Proficiency in weapon handling, maintenance, modification, and marksmanship – his preferred weapons of choice are his push-knives.


Above-average understanding in: Camouflage, Hunting, Shelter construction, Signaling, and Finding water. Advanced skill in land navigation – excellent tracker due to his enhanced senses.


Having a lot of wolf in his blood and being trained as a SABER infiltrator moving quickly with minimal sound is something Hati excels at - light yet rapid footfalls being an unheard warning that death is imminent.


Hati's unique genetic makeup affords him more than just the obvious visual changes, being a melting-pot of genetic donors has its own perks that might not be super obvious just by looking at M-50. His muscles and bones are denser than the average human, affording the rather lanky-looking clone the physical statistics of someone operating at the edges of what is humanly possible and as such make the clone both deceptively strong and agile his senses have also been upgraded to include infrared up to about 50ft, ultra-violet vision, the ability to see slightly further than a human could, enhanced olfactory receptors more akin to that of a dog and likewise more sensitive ears that are also close to a canine’s and can hear up to 20khz in addition to being able to gauge windspeed and humidity – on top of all this he is a rather fit and capable individual even when the Inhuman strength is factored in, with one hell of a metabolism.

Inventory & Finances

Hati has the following:

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Character Data
Character NameHati
Character OwnerSirSkully
Current LocationSirris VI
1) , 2)
1,000 of each caliber

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