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S6-PG Plasma Grenade

In YE 40, Section 6 decided to research newer and more effective tactical equipment. After the development of simple fragmentation grenades, they wanted something with a bit more kick, so the boys in the weapons labs thought long and hard - but it was AR&D that gave them what they wanted by taking the pre-existing 1A Plasma Cores, downsizing them, and altering their cooling systems to do the opposite when a digital arming system was triggered. The byproduct was a powerful plasma explosive (detonator included) in a compact casing - and initial testing resulted in high-yield detonation.


The following is a list of statistics for the S6-PG.

  • Purpose: Tier 3, Heavy Anti-Personnel
  • Damage Description: Plasma-based area-of-effect explosive damage.
  • Muzzle Blast: None.
  • Recoil: Minimal
  • Energy Source: Plasma core.
S6-PG Calibers & Sizes
Caliber Measurements
40mm Cased 1.57 inches x 1.81 inches1)
Hand Grenade 5 inches x 2.5 inches2)
S6-PG Blast Radius
Type Blast Radius Lethal Radius
40mm Cased 10 meters3) 0-3 meters4)
Handheld Grenade 15 meters5) 0-5 meters6)
S6-PG Effective Ranges & Muzzle Velocities
Type Effective Range Muzzle Velocity
40mm Cased 500 yards7) 30 feet/second8)
Hand Grenade Variable9) N/A


Below is the pricing information for the S6-PG.

Image Quantity Price (KS) Price (DA)
1 10 20
3 30 60
9 90 180
36 360 720

OOC Notes

Jack Pine created this article on 2018/10/01 03:46; Frostjaeger approved it (using the checklist) on 2018/10/04 08:13.

Products & Items Database
Product Categoriesweapons: grenades
Product NameS6-PG
ManufacturerBlack Wing Enterprises
Year ReleasedYE 40
Price (KS)10.00 KS
DR v3 maxTier 3
Equivalent to 40 millimeters x 46 millimeters.
Equivalent to 635 millimeters x 127 millimeters.
Roughly equivalent to 32.8 feet.
Roughly equivalent to 0.0-9.8 feet.
Roughly equivalent to 42.9 feet.
Roughly equivalent to 0.0-16.4 feet.
Roughly equivalent to 457 meters.
Roughly equivalent to 9.1 meters/second.
Dependent on user's strength.

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