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David Maverock

Full Name: David Arric1) Maverock
Species & Gender: Human Male
Year of Birth: Pre-History - Before YE 012)
Organisation: Section 6
Occupation: Recon Specialist
Rank: E7R Corporal
Current Placement: S6 Relocation

Physical Description

David stands at a rather average 5’11” with a tan over his extremely lean and toned frame, he has enough muscle to throw one hell of a punch yet not so much that it slows him down or bulk his figure out too much – his impressive physique is usually tucked away behind clothing that gives him a rather average-looking silhouette so long as it is loose or thick enough to keep the various shapes of his body hidden for the most part.

David’s face, while it could be considered handsome with a hint of gruffness, is one that wouldn’t stick out too much in a crowd, his strong, square jaw is usually covered in a slightly scruffy beard that ends in a triangle shape which extends forwards from his chin slightly – David’s eyes are almond-shaped and brown in colour, almost matching the deeper hues of his hair. At a glance he could pass as a Nepleslian, a Minkan or a few of the other more human-like races.


David is just your average guy for the most part, showing respect where it is needed and humor when he sees the opportunity for a joke – not overly angry or morally superior though maybe a tad flirtatious, just some guy. When the going gets tough then David gets going, his style of fighting is a bit “all or nothing” but he knows that some things just can’t be killed that easily.

Despite all this normality there is a certain inner strength and resilience to David, it takes something special for him to waver or show doubt in his own abilities - he intently studies everything he comes across from behind an outward appearance of normality. As both a gift and a curse David is painfully aware of the true horrors in reality, not that you'd be able to see it behind his facade of slightly suave normality but when it comes down to the wire and something really needs to be done then you can count on David to get it done no matter the consequences - moral or otherwise, in the end he knows where his loyalties truly lie.


David isn’t anything special, he was born Pre-YE01 in new_detroit to Nepleslian and Human parents who had somehow managed to avoid the plague – he served amongst the Greens for some time before fading off the grid for a stint. David re-emerged as a Human in the Yamatai Star Empire during their formative years and later signed himself up with the Star Army of Yamatai where he served and even joined Star Army Intelligence as they formed – the brown-haired man left during the brief year of YE 28 where his kind were barred from serving and despite the fact they were approved to join up once again he continued to stay off the grid.

David became somewhat of a nomad, deciding to try and see all he could with the elongated life-span this new body had – drifting from port to port and from system to system with no real goal in mind besides maybe seeing if he could make a name for himself, despite the disposition for fading into obscurity just in case his name was known for the wrong reasons.


JP 1 JP 2 JP 3 JP 4 JP 5 Crash JP JP 6

Social Connections

Kiri Maverock (Mother) Desmon Maverock (Father)

Neera (Lover)

Skills Learned

Fighting: For ‘just some guy’, David can fight with a surprising degree of efficiency – bursts of speedy and exceedingly violent attacks followed by him diving out of sight, only to re-appear behind the assailants. David favors his trusty machete over all other weapons but is scarily good with any kind of weapon available to him, even things not intended to be weapons

Rogue:David has a knack for moving around almost like a wraith, unnaturally silent when he needs to be and seemingly able to fade out of existence at a moment’s notice – in addition he can pick most locks thrown at him and has an understanding of how things flow through less than desirable places.

Physical: Despite the seemingly average physique David has underneath most items of clothing, he is a very fit and capable individual - lean and taut muscles make him both powerful and agile, even a rather skilled free runner that can find his way through any environment if there is a path to be found. Where others see walls David sees just another surface to navigate - years of working in zero gravity environments mean he is also a master at maneuvering when not bound by gravitational forces

Technology Operation: Electronic warfare is something the aging Geshrin is rather well versed in, mostly from his SAINT days of espionage and covert operations involving him manipulating hostile systems to bend to his will - give him a connection of some kind, a datapad and he'll wreak havoc.

Survival and Military: David was an intelligence operative then a merc and as such, is trained to put up with less than comfortable situations for as long as he needs to – highly skilled in improvising objects in his environment to ensure survival and even thrive if given enough time. In addition, he is a great tracker from his days doing merc work and likewise a great hunter.

Demolitions: In any given situation there can often be a use found for explosives, be it a pinch of thermite to open some doors, an improvised smoke grenade made with oxidized sugar or a nail bomb - David can use and make them all.

Communication: Due to his time among the stars David knows how to read, write and speak Abwehran, Freefolk, Trade (language), Seraphim and Yamataigo (邪馬台語) fluently.

Inventory and Finances


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Character Data
Character NameDavid Maverock
Character OwnerSirSkully
Grandfather's name
52 as of YE 40

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