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Nall'Tis "Harmony" Hulut Llamnel.

Nall'Tis β€œHarmony” Hulut Llamnel.
Species: Lorath
Caste: Llamnel
Gender: Female
Age: Yamataian Years 56 / Lorath Years 28
Family (or Creators): Nil'Tu Llamnel (Mother) Seh'Nael Llamnel (Father) twelve younger siblings (to many to name)
Height: 6'0
Weight: 140
Bra Size: 20b
Organization: Section 6
Rank: Councilor
Occupation: Researcher
Current Placement: D.O.A.R.A.D / D.O.M.S.
Theme Music: Rise Against: "The Dirt Whispered"

Harmony in Roleplay

Harmony is a Player Character played by Sageshooter and is currently involved in the Section 6 plot.

Physical Characteristics

Height: 6'0 Mass: 130 Measurements: 20, 17, 19 Bra Size: 20B

Build and Skin Colour: A somewhat normal looking Llamnel, tanned due to her constant exposure to the outside and having lived on the surface for the length of her life, she is the average Llamnel, lean and toned with a fluid grace that seems to almost come naturally to her. Her muscles are well defined, yet not overly pronounced.

Facial Features and Eye Colour: A cute face with a perpetual smile plastered on it, whether of joy, or excitement, or of mischeif making. Her eyes are the standard Lorath Yellow, matching her beloved Lraadyr.

Hair Colour and Style: A long mane of shaggy green hair that reaches to just below her shoulder blades, rarely ever touched with a brush. There seems to be patches of brown dye in her hair as well.

Distinguishing Features: Harmony seems to almost always be carrying a trait of her Lraadyr, the fur, the teeth, the muscular build, the claws, something. Not really something she can control all the time unfortunately, Harmony's house gift chose to manifest strongly in her, and as a result she almost always looks feral in one aspect or another. She is also missing her right wing, torn off during her time shipwrecked.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: A rather optimistic and cheerful girl, Harmony seems to try and always bring people around to the good side of thoughts, seeing the glass as perpetually full. Sadly she seems to be a touch of a airhead at times as well though most of the time only when people are depressed or downtrodden. She seems rather helpful as well, constantly volunteering. She seems to care deeply for anyone younger then her, a side effect of the eight younger siblings. At times though she has a rather insightful thing or two to say and seems to hide a knowledge of the natural world around her.

Likes: Her Lraadyr, her family, Biology, Hunting, Nature. Dislikes: Sport hunting, arguments, depressed people, Goals: To gain her degree and hopefully become a field scientist in order to aid in the repopulation and interbreeding of species native to Lor and Nyll.



Born to a rather unassuming family, she is the eldest of eight, soon to be nine more then likely. Raised almost as a princess, she was taught the nessecities of her house and of her family, taught to treat others right, respect the royal siblings, loyalty to the house Tur'Lista and House Llamnel. All the Ra ra ra stuff that parents are supposed to teach.

As she grew, her aptitude for nature and the beings within nature became rather apparent. As soon as she met with her Lraadyr, she seemed to bond almost immediately, the Lraadyr and herself picking up and playing like they had been together for life. As she grew, so did her knowledge and natural curiosity, always picking things up and bringing them home, asking questions and getting in trouble more often then not. Catching her parents in odd positions more often then not as well.

Since becoming of age, Harmony has been attending college, first on Lor, then on Nyll when they were forced to move, excelling in the biology and natural sciences fields. With her most recent semester finished, her parents decided to send her on a cruise as a form of praise and a gift for her hard work.

RP History

While aboard the fated Cruise ship, Harmony met Asher who invited her to a party on the ship. While on the party Harmony had drank to much and passed out in a escape pod where the Asher and those he managed to save took refuge and launched, only to crash land on the planet.

After a rather rough introduction to the planet's inhabitants, Harmony took part in a fight where she and her bonded, Peace managed to kill a small group of attackers, much to her dismay as they were the first lives she had to take. After healing and recovering for a short while, they were placed in a convoy under the watchful gaze of Hanadi It wasn't long before they had their first attack, a pair of native Wyrms that grabbed the group and lifted them in the air. Harmony was able to kill one of the Wyrms with her bare hands, not without taking a fair bit of damage herself.

A second attack launched on the convoy saw Harmony sit it out, still recovering from her other injuries. As time went on, the convoy soon made their way closer and closer to a space port where they would be saved, but not without sacrifice. In a fight with bandits on the planet, Harmony lost her bonded companion, Peace, to brutal Bandits. It was then that she went through a rather violent transformation.

Harmony, being of Llamnel blood, had the ability to transform parts of her body, but with the sudden and violent shock of her bonded being ripped from her, something inside of her snapped and removed genetic limiters that had been put in place for her protection. Harmony took her house's ability much further then what was safe, almost transforming her entire body into a Lorath/Lraadyr Hybrid that was able to kill the remaining members of the bandit group that had attack, but not at a great toll on Harmony herself. Broken bones, torn muscles and ligaments, and even some internal bleeding sidelined Harmony for a while as she even lost one of her wings in the fight.

It was a while longer before Harmony was finally rescued, going through other trials with the group she had been stranded with. It was a joy for her to see the space port, even more so to see the LSDF Trishka in the port, which was able to finally take her home.

Seeing the potential in her research and thinking it a possibility for good publicity, the Matriarchy tasked Harmony with the exploration and acquisition of new potential resources in numerous fields. She was given a grant, a ship, and a ARIA unit and sent into space with the understanding that she was free to roam and do as needed so long as she produced results. It was during her time amongst the stars that the Lorath proceeded with their plan to exit the galaxy, at which time in heartbreaking fashion Harmony was left behind.

She roamed the galaxy at large still, though with much less vigor then she had before and eventually found herself adrift in space with little concern or desire to do much more. It was then the ISS Brimstone found her, along with captain Kessler, and brought her aboard. She served for a short while before she was offered a position within the S6 as a researcher which she happily jumped at.



Throughout Harmony's life, she was almost always outside and as such she has developed a lean strong body. Constantly running everywhere, always active and almost always pushing herself, Harmony's body is toned and strong enough to contend with most. Couple this with her ability to augment her Lraadyr's strength in as her own, it makes for a scary combination.


Being a Llamnel, this is a basic skill and lesson taught to all young members of the house. Taught to live off the land and learn to read the signs left by nature to guide them, Harmony is nearly as good as any tracker out there, able to read the lay of the land and forage for food if need be. She can also construct a sturdy shelter to live under temporarily, and even find natural caves in the even of a extended stay.


A skill pressed on her by her parents, she has learned to mend her own clothing, cook, clean, and do other normal household chores. On top of this, she is able to do a few other activities, such as create new clothing if need be.


Like all Llamnel, she has learned to defend herself in the wild. Her mind becoming a little more feral in a real fight, Harmony tends to use her natural weapons to fight with, her claws, her teeth and her augmented body strength. Past that, Harmony is a rather skilled wrestler combining her strength, grace and a bit of skill to make a rather nasty close quarters combatant. A bit of skill in boxing rounds out the grappling skills to give her a bit of range as well.


She is able to read, write and speak Lorath, Yamataian and Nepleslian, something her parents instilled in her due to their line of work as well as being classes taken while at college.


Being a Llamnel, not to mention wanting to study Biology, Harmony has started to understand the world around her just that much better. Able to bring out a deeper connection between herself and her bonded, she has been studying and learning more and more about the world around her. Able to discern different plants and animals in nature (Atleast, those she has studied so far) She is able to aid in a daily excursion out into the wilderness due to her understand of the ecosystems. When in a new system as well, she has the tendency to study it for a while, learning how each being fits in.



  • Three stonethread fiber triple layered robe.
  • eight sets of leather garments, various styles.

Workout Clothing and Undergarments

  • One skin tight stonethread fiber leotard
  • Six pairs of stonethread fiber boxer-briefs
  • Three support-bras.
  • Two sets of weighted exercise clothing

Harmony's Ship The "Nirvana"


  • Electronic Money Card


Currently working part time as a waitress, Harmony makes at the moment the equivalent of five dollars a hour, plus tips.

Character Data
Character NameNall'Tis
Character OwnerSageshooter
Character StatusActive Player Character
Current LocationObsidian City
PlotsBastion of Winter
NDC Character Database
NDC Career StatusActive Duty

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