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Mining Guild

Business Information


The Mining Guild is Divided into many Divisions as a corporation.

Board of Directors

Corporate Security

Exploration Team

Resource extraction Team

Creative and Development



Expedition Team



Mining Guild Property





    • Ironskin Settlement
    • Mount Venture Settlement
    • Astral Settlement
    • Tundra plains Settlement
    • Freezy Land Settlement

Space Station

Mobile Settlements


The Mining Guild has its own Shipyard




AI and Technology


Systems Owned

Mining Guild Contingent

Shared Control


Dracrei Shipyards

The Dracrei Shipyards are a subsidiary of Mining Guild for building its larger space worthy Technology.

Not for sale.

About The Shipyards

The acquisition of the Dracrei Shipyards by the Mining Guild marks a strategic investment aimed at enhancing their capacity for starship production and technological innovation. Recognizing the immense value of the talented engineers already in place, the Guild intentionally sought out individuals with backgrounds in prestigious organizations such as the New Dusk Conclave's Department of Engineering,and even those who had honed their skills within Yamataian shipyards under the auspices of the Yamatai Star Empire.

This deliberate recruitment strategy underscores the Guild's commitment to leveraging top-tier expertise to propel their endeavors to new heights. By bringing aboard engineers with a wealth of experience in cutting-edge technologies and shipbuilding methodologies, the Mining Guild gains a distinct competitive advantage in the fiercely competitive arena of interstellar commerce and exploration.

The engineers' prior affiliations with renowned institutions ensure that the Mining Guild gains access to advanced technologies previously beyond their reach. From propulsion systems to defensive mechanisms, the expertise of these seasoned professionals unlocks a treasure trove of possibilities, enabling the Guild to craft starships that are not only technologically sophisticated but also tailored to their unique operational needs.

Moreover, the engineers' familiarity with alternate energy sources represents a paradigm shift in the Guild's approach to propulsion and power generation. Armed with insights gleaned from their diverse experiences, they spearhead initiatives to harness renewable energy and explore unconventional fuel sources, reducing reliance on traditional methods and positioning the Guild as a trailblazer in sustainable spacefaring practices.

In harnessing the combined talents of the Dracrei Shipyards' engineering team, the Mining Guild embarks on a journey of innovation and transformation. Their collaborative efforts herald a new era of starship construction, characterized by unparalleled efficiency, reliability, and adaptability. As the fruits of their labor take flight across the cosmos, the Mining Guild solidifies its position as a pioneering force in the galactic community, guided by the ingenuity and vision of its exceptional engineers.


To construct the Dracrei Shipyards, the Mining Guild used their newly acquired assets as well as old Nepleslian technology that they had gained in early YE 42 which they later combined and also rebuilt to provide the Mining Guild a continued means to producing their ship requirements. Once experienced Engineers began joining them in mass and formed the Engineering Core, the shipyard benefited by this experience, and the Shipyard gained advanced technology to use in the shipbuilding.

With the completed construction of their Space station home, they attached the Shipyard to it, for ease of travel from the Station to the shipyards and back. Nepleslian Dracule Alexander and Nekovalkyrja Rei Mikamoto were later given positions in charge of this Shipyard, and they used part pf their names to give it a name.

In YE 46 the Shipyards were given a overhaul to improve the facilities. as well as change its AI systems to something new.

The Engineering Core

The Engineers of the Dracrei Shipyards represent a fascinating confluence of talent and ambition. Originating from diverse backgrounds within the New Dusk Conclave's Department of Engineering and other specialized factions, they share a common desire for innovation and autonomy. For many, the allure of forging their own path away from the constraints of their former organizations was irresistible.

Within the Dracrei Shipyards, these engineers find a sanctuary where creativity flourishes and individual contributions are valued. While some may have initially sought refuge from the rigidity of military-focused endeavors, they discovered a new purpose within the Mining Guild. As part of the Engineering Corps, they lend their expertise to the construction of vessels that fuel the galaxy's industrial backbone.

What sets this core group apart is their unwavering commitment to equality and inclusivity. Regardless of species or gender, each member is afforded equal rights and compensation. This ethos not only fosters a sense of unity but also unleashes the full potential of their collective talents. In this meritocratic environment, ideas flow freely, and barriers to progress dissolve.

The multi-species nature of the Engineering Corps enriches their collective knowledge base, allowing for a synthesis of perspectives that drives innovation. Diverse approaches to problem-solving become their greatest asset, leading to breakthroughs that redefine the boundaries of possibility in ship design and construction.

As they continue to push the boundaries of technological advancement, the Engineers of the Dracrei Shipyards serve as a beacon of progress and cooperation in the ever-expanding cosmos. Their journey stands as a testament to the transformative power of collaboration and the enduring spirit of exploration.

Shipyard info

Shipyard (Top view)
Shipyard (Horizontal)


Compartment Layouts


The Passageways run along and inside the Shipyard with an equally large and wide tunnel-based system that on the outside were made with a Transparent Durandium material, allowing those walking the passages to see outside from the Station. Specific positions of these transparent tunnels allow for the viewing of where they and their Miner colleagues worked and any Starship traffic that might occur. The Shipyard passageway attached to Omacron was transparent.


On entering the shipyard from the passageway, the tunnel opens up into a wide and bustling area, alive with the activity of engineers and support staff. To the left, a spacious cafeteria beckons, providing a communal space where engineers can take a break and enjoy their meals. The cafeteria is well-equipped, offering a variety of food options to suit different tastes and dietary requirements. Engineers can grab a quick bite before heading back to their tasks or enjoy a leisurely meal if time permits. Given the efficiency of the transit system, many prefer to venture into the Station’s city for a wider array of dining experiences during their longer breaks.

At the far end of the cafeteria, an office area stands as the nerve center for job assignments. Here, an employee diligently manages the workflow, ensuring that each engineer receives their assignments promptly. This office is a hive of activity, with screens displaying ongoing projects, schedules, and priorities. Engineers frequently stop by to receive instructions, whether they are tasked with working on starships or other high-tech projects. This centralized management helps maintain order and efficiency in the shipyard, ensuring that every task is completed on time and to the highest standards.

Directly across from the cafeteria are the lifts, a series of high-capacity elevators designed to transport personnel quickly and safely to various levels of the shipyard. These lifts are crucial for navigating the expansive vertical structure of the facility, allowing engineers and support staff to move between different sections without delay. The lifts are equipped with advanced safety features and operate with precision, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity.

Further away from the cafeteria, the recreational area offers a welcome respite from the demanding work environment. This space is outfitted with holo games, including popular card games and other interactive entertainment. Engineers can unwind and socialize, engaging in friendly competition and building camaraderie. The holographic technology provides a highly immersive experience, making these games a favorite pastime for those looking to relax and recharge.

Overall, this section of the shipyard is designed to balance work and leisure, creating an environment that supports both productivity and well-being. The seamless integration of dining, administrative functions, transportation, and recreation ensures that engineers can perform their duties efficiently while also having the opportunity to relax and enjoy themselves during their downtime.

Starship construction area

The Ship construction area is a massive complex that easily overshadows the Dragon-class Mobile Refinery. This imposing structure is an engineering marvel, designed to accommodate the construction of a wide variety of ships, regardless of their size or complexity. Its standout feature is its adaptive nature, allowing the entire facility to adjust itself dynamically to suit the specific dimensions and requirements of each vessel under construction. This flexibility ensures that the construction process is as efficient and precise as possible, catering to the unique specifications of each ship.

In this vast, zero-gravity environment, traditional methods of keeping ships in place are impractical. Instead, advanced magclamps are employed to securely anchor the ships during their assembly. These powerful magnetic clamps ensure that even the largest and heaviest components remain stationary, providing a stable platform for the intricate and delicate work required in shipbuilding.

For the engineers working in this section, safety is paramount. The Mining Guild has equipped them with specialized Engineering Robotic Bodies, which are akin to the RECORM Bots. These robotic exoskeletons enhance the engineers' capabilities, allowing them to perform tasks that would be impossible with a standard organic body. These suits are designed to withstand the harsh conditions of space and provide the engineers with the strength, precision, and protection needed to handle the demanding workload.

To navigate the sprawling construction area, engineers use small hovering platforms. These platforms allow them to move effortlessly from one part of the construction site to another, providing quick access to any section of the ship. The mobility offered by these platforms is crucial in a zero-gravity environment, where traditional means of movement are not feasible.

Despite the technical and industrial nature of the construction area, a sense of camaraderie pervades the workspace. Engineers can often be heard singing over the comm channels as they work, their voices adding a touch of warmth and companionship to the otherwise mechanical and sterile environment. This singing serves as a reminder of the human spirit and the teamwork that drives the success of these monumental construction projects.

Armored Hull and Hull Integrated Systems

The top section of the Shipyard was a tier 15 hull structure, composed of a combination of Durandium and Aggregated Diamond Nanorods along with layers of graphene sandwiched Osmanium spread throughout. This is within a shell of Aegium, which also makes up the support structure deeper within.

Computers and Electronics

The Station is controlled by the Dominus type AI, the shipyard section is controlled by Dominus Subordinate AI which aided the construction of the ship via the management part of the development, with the capacity to remind others of planned construction.

The inhabitants use various communications, including the Dominus Type communication system for alternate messages. The adaptive AI can communicate with Omacron and vice versa.

Emergency Systems

A bank of 40 NDC Power cells, acts as emergency power source in the event that the Power Core's power die. This will ensure that comms, life support, and sensors continue to receive power for three weeks.

Life Support Systems

The Wardroom section has air producing technology using standard External Respiration Kit.

Waste Disposal

Waste is transferred to a large tank where a huge magnet slides over the ceiling; metal items are picked up by this and are transported to a new tank. It is then where an advanced sorting system sorts the pieces into proper holes. The metal is smelted, and merges into what would normally be a giant ingot, had it all not been separated again before it entered the molds. The metal is sent to the various factories of the New Dusk Conclave to be made into new items. Manure followed a similar direction, as it too is dropped into containers that are transferred to farms or factories that can turn it into fertilizer. Broken electronics are taken apart, the metal joins the other metal, and the other materials follow suit in their respective compartments.

Other Life Support Systems

n addition to the comprehensive life support systems, the shipyard incorporates an intricate network of pipes that manage the vital transfer of water throughout the facility. These pipes are responsible for ensuring the availability of water for flushing toilets and operating sinks, maintaining hygiene standards, and supporting daily operations.

The water supplied through these pipes undergoes a rigorous quadruple filtration process. This advanced filtration ensures that every drop of water is meticulously purified, eliminating any possibility of contamination. Not even the tiniest microbes can survive this thorough purification, guaranteeing that the water is of the highest quality and safety for all users. This level of filtration is crucial in a closed environment like the shipyard, where maintaining a clean water supply is essential for the health and well-being of all personnel.

As part of this sophisticated water management system, the salts extracted during the filtration process are not wasted. Instead, they are diverted to a different area where they are repurposed for new applications. This not only exemplifies efficient resource management but also supports the sustainability initiatives within the shipyard. By finding innovative uses for by-products like salt, the facility reduces waste and maximizes the utility of all resources.

This purified water is made available for various uses, including drinking. Engineers and other staff members have access to clean, safe drinking water whenever they need it. Hydration is vital for maintaining peak performance and focus, especially in the demanding environment of a shipyard where precision and attention to detail are paramount. The availability of high-quality drinking water ensures that engineers can stay refreshed and energized throughout their work shifts.

Shield Systems

Due to being connected to Station Omacron, and Station Decacron, it is protected by the Paladin Barrier System.

Production and Build time

2) 3)

Class Commercial Description Base Tier Build Time
Very Light Stork Class 8 4 days
Light Magpie Class 11 8 days
Heavy Polaris-Class Ultra Carrier "Pioneer" 14 20 days
Very Heavy Dragon class 14 20 days
Space Station Station Omacron 15 60 days
Capital Ship Durandium Phoenix 15 60 Days
Platform Mobile Settlement 15 24 days
Shipyards Mining Guild's Dracrei Shipyards 14/15 30 days

Production and Build time

Name Type Build Time
Mineral Scanner Scanner 1 day
Mining Probe GPS type probe 1 day
Mole Claws Dig tool 1 day
Plasma Cutter/Torch Hard Rock Cutting Tool 1 day
ANT Power Armor Mining Power Armor 1
Miner Undersuit Mining Power Armor Undersuit 1
RECORM Bots Mining Drone 1

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Product NameDracrei Shipyards
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Newly-approved factions and corporations may start out with one shipyard.
The construction process of huge space stations, shipyards, starships, and system defense platforms cannot be “sped up” for any reason.

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