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    • Ironskin Settlement
    • Mount Venture Settlement
    • Astral Settlement
    • Tundra plains Settlement
    • Freezy Land Settlement

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Mining Guild Synthetic Assistance Force

The Mining Guild Synthetic Assistance Force is a large group of specialized Synthetics1) that have worked for the Mining Guild since its beginning in YE 41 with some new updates, and new Drones in YE 45.2)

About The SAF

The SAF are a collective group of Synthetic Assistance personnel, employed to provide crucial support and assistance to the Mining Guild in their mining operations and their corporate work, to enhance productivity and efficiency. These robotic assistants can be deployed to perform a wide range of tasks.3)

The Number of Synthetic4) Assistance groups have numbers that depend on various factors, including the size and scale of their mining operations, the complexity of tasks involved, and the level of automation desired. Because of the years, it takes for babies to grow and potentially join the Mining Guild, as well as the time needed for clones to develop, the number of Synthetics working for the Mining Guild is higher than the Organic numbers. Ultimately, the decision regarding the number of robotic assistants will involve careful consideration of factors such as budget, cost-effectiveness, and the desired balance between automation and human labor.

Impact and Benefits

The Mining Guild's Synthetic Assistance Personnel bring several advantages to mining operations:

Improved Efficiency

By automating various tasks, these Synthetics improve mining efficiency, reducing operational costs and increasing productivity.

Enhanced Safety

With their ability to perform hazardous tasks and handle heavy loads, the Synthetic minimize the exposure of Organic miners to dangerous conditions, reducing the risk of accidents and injuries.

24/7 Operations

The Synthetic Assistance Personnel can work tirelessly, allowing mining operations to continue uninterrupted, even during overnight shifts or adverse weather conditions.

Data Collection and Analysis

The Synthetics can collect valuable data during mining operations, providing insights for optimizing resource extraction, reducing waste, and enhancing mining strategies.

Exact Numbers



Formation and Early Years

The Mining Guild was formed in YE 41 a year after the New Dusk Conclave formed, and the next day after its formation, the Kurosaki sisters had to figure out personnel, so being refugees themselves originally, they first sought out other refugees to join their company, then it was the clones, and uplifted, or in some cases newly uplifted/cloned individuals. But there was one thing they realized, they needed time, it took time for the uplifting process to work, time for the clones to be fully matured. Even then, the chances that they might want to work for the mining Guild may not be high.

It was Nyx Pine, who suggested they might consider Synthetics. as part of the Mining Guild. Indeed the Robot community was a large one, and they are considered citizens with their own rights. In addition, it didn’t take too long for Synthetics to be created. Thus the Kurosaki sisters Recognizing the potential for increased efficiency and safety, invested heavily in research and development to create a specialized robotic force tailored to the unique demands of mining operations. Though rather than calling them robots which had certain.. words and ideas attached, they decided to go with the word Nyx Pine preferred, Synthetics.

Development of Advanced Robotic Technology

Over the next year, the Mining Guild collaborated with The Department of Engineering 5) as well as leading robotic experts(including Nyx Pine) to develop cutting-edge robotic technology. Eventually, the first of the Synthetic Assistance Force was created, but improvements were needed. Advanced sensors, AI systems, and specialized mining tools were integrated into the robotic units, allowing them to perform a wide range of mining tasks with precision and efficiency. The SAF underwent extensive testing and refinement, ensuring their adaptability to various mining environments, such as, underground mines, and planetary surfaces. Then when the Mining Guild made it to Draco Eridanus, they added Asteroid field testing as well.

Integration and Expansion

Finally, Near the end of YE 41 and the beginning of YE 42 the Mining Guild officially deployed the SAF to its mining operations across Sanctum, and later most of Draco Eridanus’s A and B sectors. Initially of course, the SAF was assigned alongside Anthro, and Separashan Miners to assist with tasks such as mineral extraction, tunneling, and resource analysis. The Synthetics quickly proved their worth by increasing mining yields and reducing workers' exposure to hazardous conditions. The successful integration of the SAF prompted the Mining Guild to expand its Synthetic force, investing in the production and deployment of additional units to meet the growing demand for Synthetic Assistance where possible.

Optimizing Resource Extraction

Since then6),, the SAF, has played a key role in optimizing resource extraction for the Mining Guild. The advanced sensors and AI algorithms enabled the Synthetic Analysts identify high-value mineral deposits, analyze resource composition, and recommend efficient extraction methods. In addition, the fact that the SAF had the ability to operate around the clock without rest7) further increased mining productivity, ensuring a continuous supply of valuable resources for the Mining Guild's operations.

Advancements and Upgrades

As YE 42 ended, and became YE 43, Technology evolved, and as it continued to do so, the Mining Guild regularly upgraded the SAF, to incorporate the latest advances in robotics and mining technology. Some upgrades included enhancements to their sensor arrays, communication systems, durability, and mobility, allowing the SAF to adapt to evolving mining challenges and environments. And since the SAF’s advanced AI systems were continually fine-tuned to improve their decision-making capabilities, making them increasingly autonomous and efficient in their mining operations. They became sentient, as usually happens, thus, the Kurosaki sisters personally speak to them, and give them choices, continue to work for the Mining Guild, and receive a paycheck they are so rightfully owed, or the Sisters will help them seek out what they want to do next.

Current Time

In YE 45 with the consideration for safety, more and more Mining Guild miners have taken to using remotely controlled machine bodies. This is more so, in the Mining Guild Contingent as a result of Kali’s concerns over her miner’s safety.


The Mining Guild Synthetic Assistance Personnel come in various sizes and designs, depending on their assigned tasks. They feature a sturdy and rugged construction, built to withstand the harsh conditions of mining environments. Each Synth is equipped with a durable exoskeleton, multiple limbs, and protective plating to ensure optimal performance in rugged terrain and withstand impact from falling debris.


The Mining Guild Robotic Assistance Personnel incorporate cutting-edge technology to carry out their tasks effectively:

Artificial Intelligence (AI): With advanced AI systems, these robots are capable of autonomous decision-making and independent operation. They can analyze data, adapt to changing conditions, and make adjustments to their actions accordingly.

Sensors and Imaging Technology: Equipped with a variety of sensors, such as thermal imaging, proximity sensors, and depth perception, the robots can navigate through challenging terrains, detect obstacles, and identify optimal mining areas.

Communication and Coordination: These robots have advanced communication systems that allow them to communicate with each other and with human miners. This ensures seamless coordination and enhances overall efficiency in mining operations.

Remote Monitoring and Control: Mining Guild operators can remotely monitor and control the robotic assistance personnel, enabling real-time data analysis, troubleshooting, and efficient deployment of resources.

The Mining Guild's Synthetic Assistance Force Personnel perform a wide range of tasks to support mining operations. Some of their key functions include:

Safety and Efficiency

Mining Guild Synthetics take safety of themselves and their fellow Guild Employees seriously

Safety and Maintenance

These Synths are responsible for ensuring the safety and maintenance of mining equipment and infrastructure. They can perform routine inspections, identify faulty equipment, and assist with maintenance tasks, reducing the risk of accidents and improving overall operational efficiency.

Hazard Detection

The Synthetics are equipped with sensors to detect potential hazards such as toxic gases, unstable terrain, or equipment malfunctions. It can alert their fellow Employees or take autonomous action to mitigate risks.

Emergency Response

In case of emergencies or accidents, the Synthetic is programmed to follow predefined protocols. It can provide first aid assistance, activate emergency alarms, or guide operators to safety.

Surveillance and Security

Other robots are equipped with advanced surveillance systems to monitor mining sites and detect any potential safety or security risks. They can capture real-time footage, alert mining personnel in case of emergencies, and provide enhanced security measures.

Integration with Mining Guild Operations

The Mining Guild’s Synthetic Assistants seamlessly integrates with the Mining Guild's operations and infrastructure:

Centralized Control System

They can be connected to a centralized control system, where other operators can monitor and coordinate multiple assistants across different mining sites.

Collaboration with Organic Operators

The assistant is designed to work alongside organic operators, complementing their skills and expertise. It can assist in executing complex mining tasks, offering valuable insights, and providing real-time support.

Modularity and Scalability

Their design allows for easy customization and integration with additional tools or modules based on specific mining requirements. It can be upgraded or scaled to meet the growing needs of the Mining Guild.


Support Staff

The Synthetic Assistant Support Staff is designed to perform various tasks to support mining operations:

With advanced navigation algorithms, the assistants can navigate complex mining environments. they creates detailed maps of mining sites, identifying obstacles, and optimizing routes for maximum efficiency.

Maintenance and Repair

The assistants have basic maintenance and repair capabilities, allowing it to perform routine checks, troubleshoot issues, and carry out minor repairs on mining equipment. It can also alert human operators to more complex issues that require specialized attention.

Transportation and Logistics

Some Synthetics are designed for material transport and logistics within the mining site. They can carry heavy loads, navigate through narrow tunnels, and efficiently transport materials from one location to another.

Communication and Interaction

The Mining Guild Robotic Assistant is equipped with advanced communication systems for seamless integration with human operators and other robotic companions. It can transmit real-time data and updates, receive commands and instructions, and collaborate with other teammates in the mining operation.

Data Analysts

The SAF Advanced AI integrated into certain Synthetic groups, allow them to perform real-time data analysis on the gathered mining data. Using equiped state-of-the-art sensors and imaging technology to collect data on mineral composition, density, and accessibility. They can identify patterns, predict resource distribution, and recommend optimal mining strategies to maximize efficiency and profitability.

Phoenix Data Analysts

Those Synths on the Phoenix can also use this ability, to assist in issues on the ship, such as weaknesses

Cyberwarfare Operators

Led by EX28-C666, the Cyberwarfare Operators are a series of thousands of Infomorph AI units without bodies. This Digital army is capable of digitally transferring themselves to a targeted ship and causing problems for the crew.

Exploration and Mapping

Synthetic Assistance can be deployed to explore and map the mining site, identifying potential resource-rich areas and creating detailed maps of the asteroid field or planetary surface.

Efficiency Optimization

The assistant continuously collects and analyzes data to identify areas for operational improvement. It can suggest optimized mining strategies, resource allocation, and equipment utilization to maximize productivity and minimize waste.


Mining Synthetics, are able to provide a extra Personnel for resource extraction, and Unlike living beings, and those in Power Armor, Mining jobs also allows Sentience AI to have jobs that pay equal wages.

Resource Extraction

Synths that have joined the Mining Guild, and made by the Mining Guild, are equipped with specialized mining tools such as Mole Claws, and Plasma Cutter/ Torch, and suction systems, to extract valuable resources from the mining sites. They can efficiently break down rocks and collect ores or minerals for further processing. As Machines, they are immune to hazardous environments, such as areas with high levels of radiation or extreme temperatures. They can be sent into dangerous areas to perform tasks that would otherwise pose risks to living operators, ensuring the safety of the crew.

Living Mind Transfer

The Mining Guild has access to pods, which can transfer Minds to robotic bodies, which can be operated by the crew, providing an extra set of eyes and hands during intricate or delicate mining procedures. They can execute precise movements and actions under the control of living operators, augmenting their capabilities and improving overall work efficiency.


The Mining Guild uses multiple kinds of drones, like the sucker and laser as well as Moltek.

They also use RECORM Bots


There are a high number of Synthetics working for the Mining Guild and the names below are but a few of them.

The Unique Members List

Bolt Steel Blaster Pyro Helix Eon
TerraGi PixelGrit Coal Astra
Granite Rock Maxin Nova EmberJet

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