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Mining Guild

Business Information


The Mining Guild is Divided into many Divisions as a corporation.

Board of Directors

Corporate Security

Exploration Team

Resource extraction Team

Creative and Development



Expedition Team



Mining Guild Property





    • Ironskin Settlement
    • Mount Venture Settlement
    • Astral Settlement
    • Tundra plains Settlement
    • Freezy Land Settlement

Space Station

Mobile Settlements


The Mining Guild has its own Shipyard




AI and Technology


Systems Owned

Mining Guild Contingent

Shared Control


Mining Guild Corporate Fleet

The Mining Guild Corporate Fleets, controlled by the Mining Guild.


In the year YE 41, amidst the vast expanse of space, twin sisters Astrid and Aeta Kurosaki embarked on an ambitious journey to reshape the galactic landscape. With a vision fueled by determination and innovation, they established the Mining Guild, a consortium dedicated to extracting the valuable resources scattered across the cosmos.

Recognizing the need for a formidable fleet to support their endeavors, the Kurosaki sisters turned to the expertise of the New Dusk Conclaves' department of Engineering. Through collaboration and ingenuity, they laid the foundation for their corporate fleet, leveraging cutting-edge technology and a strategic approach to ship design.

In a groundbreaking move, the Mining Guild birthed the Engineering Corps, a specialized division tasked with the construction and maintenance of their burgeoning fleet. Among their initial creations were the Stork-class Personnel Transport, Magpie-class Industrial Shuttle, and Dragon-class Mobile Refinery—vessels engineered to withstand the rigors of deep space mining operations.

As their influence expanded, the Mining Guild forged a working relationship with the renowned Yugumo Corporation, a titan in the realm of interstellar commerce and technology. This partnership proved instrumental in advancing their fleet capabilities, as both entities pooled their resources and expertise to push the boundaries of spacefaring technology.

From this collaboration emerged the Pegasus-Class, a marvel of engineering designed to meet the evolving demands of prospecting and exploration. Alongside it, the Yume no Kaseki—a sleek and agile prospector ship—was introduced, further solidifying the Mining Guild's position as a dominant force in the galactic mining industry.

With each passing month, the Mining Guild and Yugumo Corporation continued to innovate, developing new ship classes and refining existing designs to optimize performance and efficiency. Together, they explored uncharted territories, unlocking untold riches hidden within the depths of space.

As their fleet grew in both size and sophistication, the Mining Guild diversified its assets, acquiring additional vessels from other corporations to bolster their operational capacity. By the end of YE 46.3, the Mining Guild stood as a beacon of prosperity and progress, its fleet a testament to the visionary leadership of Astrid and Aeta Kurosaki, and their relentless pursuit of excellence in the pursuit of the stars.

About the Corporate Fleet

The Mining Guild's Corporate Fleet stands as a formidable testament to the organization's commitment to resource extraction, exploration, and security within the vast expanse of the cosmos. Founded on principles of efficiency, innovation, and reliability, this fleet serves as the backbone of the Guild's operations, enabling it to extend its reach across distant star systems and extract valuable resources essential for the galactic economy.


At its core, the purpose of the Mining Guild's corporate fleet is multifaceted, encompassing a range of crucial objectives essential to the Guild's success:

Resource Extraction and Transport

One of the primary functions of the fleet is to facilitate the extraction and transportation of valuable minerals, ores, and other raw materials from mining operations located on various planets, asteroids, and celestial bodies. Equipped with specialized vessels optimized for cargo transport and mining operations, the fleet ensures the efficient gathering and delivery of resources to designated processing facilities and markets.

Exploration and Expansion

Beyond merely exploiting known resource deposits, the fleet plays a pivotal role in the Guild's ongoing efforts to explore new frontiers and identify untapped sources of wealth throughout the galaxy. Equipped with advanced sensor arrays, exploration vessels within the fleet venture into uncharted regions, conducting surveys and prospecting for valuable minerals and rare elements that could bolster the Guild's economic interests.

Security and Protection

In an environment fraught with dangers ranging from natural phenomena to piracy and rival factions, the fleet serves as a bulwark of security, safeguarding mining operations, transport convoys, and corporate assets against external threats. Security vessels equipped with defensive systems and skilled personnel patrol Guild-controlled territories, deter hostile incursions, and respond swiftly to any breaches of safety or law within the Guild's jurisdiction.

Role within the Mining Guild

Within the organizational hierarchy of the Mining Guild, the corporate starship fleet occupies a central position, serving as both a strategic asset and a symbol of corporate power and influence. Its role within the Guild can be summarized as follows:

Key Operational Component

The fleet forms an integral part of the Guild's operational infrastructure, working in tandem with mining facilities, processing plants, and administrative headquarters to ensure the smooth flow of resources and the execution of strategic initiatives.

Enabler of Corporate Growth

By facilitating resource extraction, exploration, and security operations across multiple star systems, the fleet enables the Guild to expand its reach, increase its resource reserves, and capitalize on new economic opportunities, thus fueling corporate growth and prosperity.

Guardian of Corporate Interests

Beyond its operational functions, the fleet also serves as a guardian of the Mining Guild's corporate interests, projecting its influence and asserting its authority across the galactic stage, thereby protecting its investments, securing its trade routes, and preserving its standing within the interstellar community.

In essence, the Mining Guild's corporate starship fleet embodies the organization's ethos of efficiency, ambition, and resilience, standing ready to navigate the challenges of the cosmos and secure a prosperous future for the Guild and its stakeholders.


Fleet Composition Overview

The Mining Guild Corporate Fleets are each composed of a diverse array of starships tailored to specific roles and functions. Each doing a specific job, on a Mining site, and by employing these divers ships, the fleet is able efficiently conduct resource extraction, exploration, and security operations across multiple star systems, ensuring the continued success and prosperity of the organization. Below1) is a list of the kinds of ships currently in the fleet.

100x Magpie Industrial Shuttles

500x Stork Personnel Transport.

50x Dragon-class Mobile Refinery

1x Yacht


  • In any given fleet, Dragon Class Mobile Refinery is usually at the back, because of its size there’s a concern that they may get in the way. In any fleet, they usually number in the 20s sometimes less.
  • The Magpie Industrial Shuttles are usually in the middle, but they can be at the back too, sometimes they can be seen at the front. Overall their number is in the 100s, though this number will grow as time passes.
  • The Stork Personnel Transports are almost always at the front of the fleet and they are the most numerous of the fleet. in fleets going to places as far as Nephis, there will be a lot more of the transports. The Mining Guild has over 500 of the Transports.

Ship Types

PageProduct BrandPrice (KS)Length (meters)Width (meters)Height (meters)
Sentinel Class Control FrigateDrone, and Robotic body Control ship5 ,000 ,000 ,000 ,000.00 KS200 meters80 meters40 meters

Cargo Transport Vessels

Cargo transport vessels form the backbone of the Mining Guild's fleet, responsible for ferrying raw materials, refined ores, equipment, and supplies between mining outposts, processing facilities, and distribution centers. These vessels are designed to maximize cargo capacity while maintaining efficiency in interstellar travel, featuring spacious cargo holds, efficient propulsion systems, and robust cargo handling mechanisms.

Mining Ships

Specialized mining ships are purpose-built for extracting minerals, ores, and other valuable resources from planetary surfaces, asteroid belts, and other celestial bodies. Equipped with advanced mining equipment such processing plants, these vessels are optimized for efficiency and precision in resource extraction, enabling the Guild to exploit mineral-rich deposits with minimal environmental impact.

Exploration Vessels

Exploration vessels play a crucial role in expanding the Mining Guild's reach and identifying new sources of wealth across the galaxy. These ships are equipped with state-of-the-art sensor arrays, scanning equipment, and scientific instruments, enabling them to conduct detailed surveys of unexplored regions, identify promising mining prospects, and assess the viability of potential resource deposits.

Security Patrol Ships

Security patrol ships are tasked with safeguarding the Mining Guild's assets, personnel, and operations against external threats such as pirates, rival factions, and hostile entities. Armed with defensive systems, combat drones, and trained security personnel, these vessels patrol mining sectors, escort cargo convoys, and respond to distress calls, ensuring the safety and security of Guild-controlled territories.

Utility and Support Craft

Utility and support craft provide essential services and logistical support to the Mining Guild's fleet operations. These may include repair ships, refueling stations, medical transports, and emergency response, personnel shuttles, as well as specialized vessels for maintenance, salvage, and. Their role is to ensure the smooth functioning of the fleet by providing necessary assistance and support as required.

Corporate Command Ships

Corporate command ships serve as mobile headquarters for Mining Guild executives, administrators, and operational commanders. These vessels are equipped with advanced communication systems, command centers, and administrative facilities, enabling Guild leadership to oversee fleet operations, coordinate strategic initiatives, and respond to emergent challenges from a central location.

Escort and Defense Vessels

Escort and defense vessels are tasked with protecting the Mining Guild's fleet from external threats and hostile incursions. These may include armed frigates, corvettes, and gunships equipped with offensive weapons, shield generators, and electronic countermeasures, as well as specialized vessels for anti-piracy operations and perimeter defense.

Specific Fleets

The Mining Guild has Multiple Specific fleets under its control, there’s the Expedition Fleet, the Sanctum Fleet, Nephis Fleet, and Draco Eridanus Fleet. Each of these specific fleets under the Mining Guild's control plays a crucial role in advancing the organization's strategic objectives, securing valuable resources, and expanding its influence across the galaxy

Sanctum Fleet (Sanctum System, Kikyo Sector)

The Sanctum Fleet is stationed in the Sanctum System, located within the Kikyo Sector, where it oversees mining operations and corporate interests in the region. This fleet is responsible for managing resource extraction, transport logistics, and security enforcement within the Sanctum System, which is known for its abundant mineral reserves and strategic significance to the Mining Guild. Equipped with a diverse array of cargo transport vessels, mining ships, and security patrols, the Sanctum Fleet ensures the efficient operation of mining facilities and the protection of Guild assets in the system.

It is also the Mining Guild’s First Fleet responsible for safeguarding and protecting the Mining Guild's most valuable assets and strategic installations, including corporate headquarters, processing facilities, and high-yield mining operations.

Nephis Fleet (Nephis System, Kikyo Sector)

The Nephis Fleet is stationed in the Nephis System, situated within the Kikyo Sector, where it oversees another key mining operation under the Mining Guild's control. Operating in a region rich in rare minerals and exotic elements, the Nephis Fleet is tasked with extracting, processing, and transporting valuable resources to support the Guild's economic interests. With a focus on maximizing resource yields and maintaining operational efficiency, this fleet plays a vital role in sustaining the Mining Guild's prosperity in the sector. It is also the Mining Guild’s Second Fleet.

Draco Eridanus Fleet (Draco Eridanus System, Kikyo Sector)

The Draco Eridanus Fleet is deployed in the Draco Eridanus System, located within the Kikyo Sector, where it presides over yet another strategic mining operation conducted by the Mining Guild. Tasked with overseeing resource extraction, exploration endeavors, and security enforcement in the region, the Draco Eridanus Fleet operates in a challenging environment characterized by volatile asteroid fields and unpredictable cosmic phenomena. Despite these challenges, the fleet maintains a formidable presence, leveraging advanced mining technologies and robust defense systems to ensure the continued success of Guild operations in the Draco Eridanus System.

It is also the Mining Guild’s third Fleet, and the Fleet is tasked with securing and expanding the Mining Guild's territorial holdings, trade routes, and strategic interests within the Draco Eridanus System, a system known for its abundant mineral deposits and lucrative economic opportunities.

Mining Guild’s Expedition Fleets

The Expedition Fleet serves as the vanguard of the Mining Guild's expansion efforts, tasked with venturing into uncharted territories, conducting surveys, and identifying potential mining prospects in distant star systems. Comprised of advanced exploration vessels equipped with cutting-edge sensor technology and scientific instruments, the Expedition Fleet pioneers new frontiers on behalf of the Mining Guild, seeking out lucrative resource deposits and strategic opportunities for corporate growth.

Deployment and Logistics

By deploying its fleet across various mining operations within the Kikyo and Kosuke Sectors, the Mining Guild maximizes resource extraction, operational efficiency, and strategic influence, ensuring the continued success and prosperity of its mining endeavors in these key regions of the galaxy. and that is explained below.

System Assessment and Resource Allocation

Before deploying the fleet, the Mining Guild conducts comprehensive assessments of potential mining sites within the target systems, including those in the Kikyo and Kosuke Sectors. Utilizing advanced surveying techniques and data analysis, the Guild identifies locations rich in valuable resources such as minerals, ores, and rare elements.

Strategic Planning and Fleet Assignment

Based on the results of system assessments, the Guild's strategic planners develop deployment strategies to optimize resource extraction and operational efficiency. This involves determining the composition and deployment of fleet assets across various mining operations within the target systems.

  • Fleet Deployment and Sector Allocation The Mining Guild deploys its fleet across multiple mining operations within the Kikyo and Kosuke Sectors, allocating specific sectors and star systems to different fleet components based on factors such as resource abundance, operational requirements, and strategic importance.
  • Sector-Specific Fleet Commands Each sector, including the Kikyo and Kosuke Sectors, is overseen by a dedicated fleet command structure responsible for coordinating mining operations, resource extraction, and security enforcement within their respective jurisdictions. These sector-specific commands work closely with local mining facilities, administrative centers, and corporate headquarters to ensure the smooth functioning of Guild operations.
  • Resource Extraction and Transport Within each sector, the Mining Guild's fleet conducts resource extraction and transport operations using specialized mining ships, cargo transport vessels, and support craft. Mining vessels are deployed to extract valuable resources from planetary surfaces, asteroid belts, and other celestial bodies, while cargo transport vessels ferry raw materials, refined ores, and supplies between mining outposts, processing facilities, and distribution centers.
  • Exploration and Expansion: In addition to resource extraction, the fleet conducts exploration and expansion efforts to identify new mining prospects and expand the Guild's reach within the target systems. Exploration vessels are dispatched to survey uncharted regions, conduct geological analyses, and assess the viability of potential resource deposits, laying the groundwork for future mining operations and corporate expansion.
  • Security Enforcement and Protection To safeguard mining operations and corporate assets within the Kikyo and Kosuke Sectors, the Mining Guild's fleet deploys security patrols, defense vessels, and perimeter defenses to deter external threats such as piracy, rival factions, and hostile entities. Security forces maintain a visible presence throughout the sectors, conducting regular patrols, escorting cargo convoys, and responding swiftly to any security breaches or emergency situations.

Personnel and Crew

The Mining Guild's corporate fleet boasts a diverse crew comprising individuals with specialized skills and expertise essential for the efficient operation of its starships and the success of its mining operations. These roles and rankings form the backbone of the Mining Guild's corporate fleet, enabling it to conduct resource extraction, exploration, and security operations across multiple star systems with efficiency, precision, and professionalism. Each crew member plays a vital role in contributing to the success and prosperity of the fleet and the Mining Guild as a whole.

Here's an overview of the roles and rankings commonly found within the fleet:

Corporate Executives and Officers

At the highest echelon of the fleet's hierarchy are corporate executives and officers responsible for overseeing strategic planning, operational management, and decision-making within the Mining Guild. This includes executives such as the Fleet Admiral or Chief Executive Officer (CEO), who provide overall leadership and direction to the fleet.

Command Staff

Command staffs are responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations of individual vessels within the fleet. This includes roles such as Captains, Commanders, and Officers-in-Charge (OICs), who are entrusted with the navigation, coordination, and safety of their respective ships.

Navigation and helm crew members are responsible for piloting and maneuvering the starships within the fleet. This includes roles such as Pilots, Navigators, and Helmsmen, who operate the vessel's navigation systems, propulsion systems, and maneuvering thrusters under the guidance of command staff.

Engineering and Maintenance Crew

Engineering and maintenance crew members are tasked with maintaining the operational integrity of the fleet's starships and ensuring the functionality of critical systems such as propulsion, power generation, and life support. This includes roles such as Engineers, Technicians, and Mechanics, who conduct routine maintenance, repairs, and system diagnostics as needed.

Security and Defense Personnel

Security and defense personnel are responsible for protecting the fleet's assets, personnel, and operations against external threats such as piracy, sabotage, and hostile incursions. This includes roles such as Security Officers, Tactical Officers, and Combat Specialists, who are trained in combat tactics, defensive operations, and emergency response procedures.

Logistics and Supply Chain Crew

Logistics and supply chain crew members are responsible for managing the procurement, storage, and distribution of resources, equipment, and supplies within the fleet. This includes roles such as Quartermasters, Supply Officers, and Logistics Coordinators, who oversee inventory management, supply chain logistics, and cargo handling operations.

Medical and Support Staff

Medical and support staff provide essential healthcare services, administrative support, and morale-boosting activities to crew members within the fleet. This includes roles such as Medical Officers, Counselors, and Chaplains, who ensure the physical and mental well-being of personnel and provide assistance during medical emergencies or crises.

Administrative and Communications Personnel

Administrative and communications personnel are responsible for managing administrative tasks, maintaining communications systems, and facilitating information exchange within the fleet. This includes roles such as Communications Officers, Administrators, and Data Analysts, who handle correspondence, data management, and information dissemination on behalf of the fleet command.

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