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Mining Guild

Business Information


The Mining Guild is Divided into many Divisions as a corporation.

Board of Directors

Corporate Security

Exploration Team

Resource extraction Team

Creative and Development



Expedition Team



Mining Guild Property





    • Ironskin Settlement
    • Mount Venture Settlement
    • Astral Settlement
    • Tundra plains Settlement
    • Freezy Land Settlement

Space Station

Mobile Settlements


The Mining Guild has its own Shipyard




AI and Technology


Systems Owned

Mining Guild Contingent

Shared Control


Mining Guild Company Operations

This is a sub article which combined original sub articles that came from Mining Guild

Corporate Management

Mining Guild Board

Ranks Description
CEO Chief Executive Officer
COO Chief of Operations
DOGI Director of Guild Instructors
TOGF Treasurer of Guild finances
HOMA Head of Mine Affairs
HOSA Head of Security Assembly
HOCM Head of Community Moral
HOPR Head of Public Relations
BH In charge of a branch of the Mining Guild
CE The Chief of the Engineering Corps

Mining Guild Education

Ranks Description
Instructor Teaches Initiates
Assistant Instructor aids Instructors

Mobile Refinery Operations

Ranks Description pay per Ore
Refinery Manager Oversees Refinery Operations 50
Refinery assistant managerAssists Managers with Refinery operations 50
Refinery worker Works in the Refinery 50

Mine Operation

Ranks Description pay per Ore
Overseer Oversees mine Operations 50%
Miner Mines the ore as well as gem stones 100%

New Employee

Initiate Learning the ropes of working in a Mine 0

Organization chart

Middle right



Royal Representative

The position of the Royal Representative was a newly created position by the founders of the Mining Guild as a way to help the New Dusk Conclave with needs, and wants from Corporation perspective, but also to allow Nyx Pine, their friend and co-founder to have a say in the Corporation that she had helped create, but with the ability to do her job as a member of the special forces without causing an interference. The position is a part time position meant to aid in this fact, though Nyx can nominate another for the position if it got too much for her.

Nyx Pine had helped the Founders in establishing a legitimacy in their Corporation which would eventually allow it to grow.

Duties of the Royal Representative

The duties of the Royal Representative are as follows

  1. Offer ideas at meetings when available
  2. Report to the NDC Council of the amount of ore and gemstones now available
  3. Report Councils response
  4. Mention additional ideas, whether ship or Power Armor
  5. Make note of the type of Ore most needed

New Mine Locator

The position of the New Mine was a newly created position by the founders of the Mining Guild as a way to help them find new Mine locations which they can use to get at the ore for metal and gemstones. The person with this occupation has access to weapons for defense as well as Scanning technology.


  • Find new Mine locations
  • Use Scanner
  • Mark everything down


The Mining Guild can be organized into different operating divisions or departments based on the nature of their activities. These divisions could include exploration, resource extraction, research and development, logistics, marketing, and finance. Each division is led by a division head or department manager who reports to the CEO.

Board of Directors

At the top of the corporate structure is the Board of Directors, responsible for setting the overall strategic direction and major decisions of the Mining Guild. The board consists of directors of each division head.

Corporate Security

Night Guard

The Night Guard is a Security Force that is taken over by the eldest Sibling of the Kurosaki Family. It was formed by the Patriarch and Matriarch of the Kurosaki family as a way to protect their interests, operations and to keep things safe from predators and criminals. It is an organization that’s nearly in the thousands.

Settlement Guard

The Settlement Guard is a company of 40 of these guards who would always be on duty. A company of 6 Guards would be stationed at the Mine entrance every night to protect it from intruders. The other 24 were stationed in a patrol along the main path to the Settlement buildings, protecting it. There are usually 10 that mans the weapons just in case of attack. The Guards at the settlement are there to prevent predators or criminals from entering, while the guards that protect the mines are there to protect the property. The guards would use a metal detector to detect if a person has illegal metals on them. If they were metal detecting them, they would have the person get searched for weapons and explosives.


While the Guard is smaller for Settlement security, it is larger for larger places like the Capital 2), then the Night Guard is expanded to include police duties that include investigations and Crime Scene Investigations.


The Watchers are a group of 10 physical individuals with 20 AI support each. These 10 sits on memory foam plush seating with their Geists connected to ports that allow them to enter a form of Cyberspace where they and their AI support have control over the Cameras that look upon the streets and walkways. They observe the activity in the areas, and when they witness something immediately the Police are alerted to make arrests, or an ambulance to take an injured victim to a Hospital.

Crime Scene Units

The Crime Scene Units are those individuals who go out to places and collect evidence and things after a crime had occurred and they go where the evidence takes them. The CSU Units have access to a crime lab where they can find everything about their criminal target for the Police to find.

Exploration Team

This team is responsible for identifying potential mining sites, conducting geological surveys, and assessing the viability of extracting resources from different locations. They work closely with the creative and development department to incorporate technological advancements into their exploration methods.

Resource extraction Team

The resource extraction team is in charge of managing mining operations on various sites. They oversee the deployment of mining equipment, plan and execute extraction strategies, and ensure compliance with environmental and safety regulations.


Miners are the employees of the mining Guild.

Mining Shifts

The Miners typically work, four, five or even seven 12-hour days, followed by four or five days off, followed by four or five 12-hour nights. Days off follows the night shifts, and they get put on day shifts, but some may prefer a specific shift to work, thus those with seniority may be able to choose.


Overseers are employees who are like a manager, the boss of the Miners.

Creative and Development

The C&D department focuses on developing and improving mining technologies, equipment, and processes. They collaborate with external partners, universities, and research institutions to drive innovation in the mining industry and enhance the Mining Guild's competitive edge.

Engineering Corps

The Mining guild’s Engineering Corps were a group of individuals who had chosen to leave the Department Of Engineering when the department started working on more military and less civilian-based projects. The Mining Guild hired these individuals to work for them, and since the Mining Guild were civilians the group agreed and became the Mining Guild Engineering corps.

These skilled men and women, from a variety of backgrounds, have brought useful technology to the Mining Guild.


  • light rail system for Station Omacron
  • continued maintenance on the ANT power armor
  • continued maintenance for their ships.

Dracrei Shipyards (Builders)

  • Ship Construction
  • Ship Repair
  • Ship Updates


This department is responsible for managing the transportation, storage, and distribution of extracted resources. They coordinate the movement of resources between mining sites, processing facilities, and distribution hubs.

Cargo Transfer Division

The Cargo Transfer Division of the Mining Guild is responsible for managing the transportation of resources, materials, and equipment between mining sites, refineries, and other locations. Here are some of the tasks and duties that the division would typically handle, along with the equipment they would use:

Duties and Tasks

  1. Logistics Planning: The division would plan and coordinate the movement of cargo to ensure efficient operations. They would determine the most optimal routes and schedules for transporting resources and equipment.
  2. Loading and Unloading: The division would oversee the loading and unloading of cargo onto various types of vessels, such as cargo shuttles, transport ships, or freighters. They would ensure proper securing and organizing of the cargo to maintain safety during transportation.
  3. Cargo Inspection and Documentation: The Cargo Transfer Division would inspect and document the condition and quantity of the cargo before and after transportation. This helps in identifying any damages or discrepancies and maintaining accurate records.
  4. Cargo Tracking: They would use advanced tracking systems to monitor the location and status of the cargo during transit. This ensures real-time visibility and allows for effective coordination and response to any unforeseen events or delays.
  5. Safety and Compliance: The division would adhere to safety protocols and regulations when handling hazardous materials and equipment. They would ensure compliance with all transportation regulations and best practices to minimize risks and ensure the safety of personnel and cargo.
  6. Equipment and Tools: The Cargo Transfer Division would utilize a range of equipment and tools to facilitate cargo handling, such as cranes, forklifts, cargo containers, pallet jacks, and secure storage systems. They would also employ scanning devices, labels, and barcode systems for efficient inventory management.
  7. Maintenance and Repair: The division is responsible for ensuring that transport vessels and cargo handling equipment are in good working condition. They would schedule regular inspections, maintenance, and repairs to guarantee the reliability and longevity of the equipment.
  8. Communication and Collaboration: Effective communication and collaboration with other divisions, such as mining teams, refinery personnel, and cargo recipients, would be a crucial aspect. The division would coordinate with these stakeholders to ensure smooth operations and timely deliveries.

Overall, the Cargo Transfer Division plays a crucial role in the Mining Guild by managing the transportation of resources and equipment, maintaining safety standards, and facilitating efficient logistics operations. Their tasks and duties are vital for the success of mining operations and the overall functioning of the Guild.


The finance and administration department handles financial management and administrative functions of the Mining Guild. They oversee budgeting, accounting, payroll, legal compliance, and internal operations.


The marketing and sales department promotes the Mining Guild's resources to potential buyers and negotiates contracts for the sale of extracted minerals. They analyze market trends, conduct market research, and develop marketing strategies to maximize the Guild's profitability.

Expedition Team

This division is given to the Mining Guild Contingent as they were leaving the Kikyo sector, to seek out new sources of resources.

Guild Royal Representative Corps

The Guild Royal Representative Corps department manages recruitment, training, and development of employees. They ensure compliance with labor laws, handle employee relations, and foster a positive work culture within the Mining Guild.


Organics/Naturals as the NDC calls the flesh and blood-based individuals are required breaks for lunch, or perhaps a snack depending on their specific requirements, Synthetics don’t need that so they may work while their colleagues are eating. Both get days off so that they are not overworked despite how easy the ANT power armor makes their job.

Maternity Leave

Like most corporations, Maternity leave benefits are offered to biological mothers, including surrogate mothers, who cannot work because they are pregnant or have recently given birth. In addition to biological children, those who have adopted infants can also benefit. The typical standard benefits, can be paid for a maximum of 35 weeks and must be claimed within a 52-week period (12 months) after the week the child was born or placed for the purpose of adoption. The benefits are available to biological, adoptive, or legally recognized parents at a weekly benefit rate of 55% of the claimant’s average weekly insurable earnings up to a maximum amount. The parents can share these 35 weeks of standard parental benefits. The number of weeks of maternity or parental benefits the parents are entitled to receive does not change, even if the mother[s] have a multiple birth (twins, triplets, etc.) or if the parents adopt more than 1 child at the same time.

Injury Time Off

In the event of Power Armor failure and the Miner get injured, the Mining Guild will pay for all medical expenses if required. This isn’t simply because of the equipment being Mining Guild Property, but rather for reputation and wellbeing of their employees. The Mining Guild isn’t a Black company

No Return

In the event that the Miner decides either after an accident or before that they no longer desire to be a miner, or wait to rank up, the Mining Guild will still pay them what some might call residual fees until they can get a job they desired, or until something else could be done or them.


Species numbers

As of YE 45

Mining Guild Contingent

Mining Guild Corporate Fleet

Business Dealings

Deals and Treaty

The Mining Guild is a corporation that began in the New Dusk Conclave since then it has begun to create Mines for their Miners to work in and make money for the production but also Partners, Partnering up with organizations to make more money.


Potential Partners

  • So far the Mining Guild has only purchased items they need from the Galactic Horizon, but considering that both corps were created on worlds of the New Dusk conclave and their predecessors, The Mining Guild is hoping to partner up some time with them.

Mining Guild Classification and Techniques

See Mining Guild Classification and Techniques for all of the related info.

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which is about 2000 meters in length
3) , 5)
As Machines, the only limit is parts rather than biology
4) , 6)
This number, though Anthros, make up the number of those who chose an Anthro body, or created by a geneticist. A random alien from some far off space, or beings wishing to escape the racism in Nepleslia, and lastly one of many animals that were uplifted, and sometimes still have the reproductive drive of their past. Cats are the dominant Foxes come second, as a result of a attack on Pirates. Other Canine species follow before other species.

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