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Station Decacron

Station Decacron, is a mobile Habitat Station used by Mining Guild Contingent in their Delta Fleet. Its inhabitants include employees of the Guild, their families, civilians who wanted to go along on the adventure, clones of former pirates.


In late YE 44 The Yamataian Clan, and friend of the Mining Guild, the Motoyoshi Clan began a colonial initiative, that saw them leaving the Kikyo sector. They sent out invitations which sparked a desire and thirst for adventure! Many in the mining Guild wanted to go with so the Kurosaki sisters began setting up a contingent, led Kali Firewalker to go on this trip.

Recognizing their needs, Station Omacron’s began working on creating a new capital class warship to serve as the new Delta Fleet’s flagship, as well as a new station soon to be named Station Decacron. The Station was soon built and people began moving to the station in a orderly but slow fashion.

The Station also gained facilities to clone biological beings and as a result of the Durandium Phoenix’s shakedown and further training. New genetic samples of pirates were taken here and new beings were born which boosted the population of those going. With Both the Station and the Flagship completed their construction before Yule, The Contingent focused on the gathering people, those in colony ships and the Delta fleet to complete its arsenal of warships, something the Mining Guild never had.

About the Station

Similar to Station Omacron, Decacron was built to offer a home for most wary souls. Rather, it was built to offer the Mining Guild Contingent a base in which they could operate from. While they would be able to operate out of Ports Jiyuu and Siren, they were worried about getting in the way. One the contingent finds a system to operate in, the Station would act as a convenient way station. Especially as the Contingent is leaving the Kikyo Sector, and is a part of Colonization Initiative Alliance fleet

Key Features

Its primary mission is to act as another base of operations for the Colonization Initiative Alliance fleet. As a result it is capable of mobility and space flight. It is also capable of allowing for the rest and care of its inhabitants. Its second mission is to provide storage of goods from their Mobile Refineries to Yugumo Corporation, and beyond.


Station Decacron is a large floating structure in the middle of floating, broken-up rocks, that is made entirely out of asteroids that were forced together in a heavy gravity generator. Some of the rocks were carved to resemble a Nepleslian designed Space Station from the very beginning of the NDC’s predecessor nation. There are a few protrusions at the tip acting as detection systems, cameras, and various other machines. At the bottom, multiple large docking centers extend from the sides and around the middle, each large enough to dock numerous vessels. 1)2)

Statistics and Performance

Below is the Statistical information about the Station.



Crew: 3400 operators are recommended

Maximum Capacity: There are accommodations for 900,700 people in addition to the Stations crew.

Population name Numbers
Original immigrant numbers 400,000
Employed by the Mining Guild 164,000
non Mining Guild employees 383,000

DecTown Infrastructure


  • Length: 2,500 meters3)
  • Width: 4,400 meters 4)
  • Height: 5,000 meters
  • Decks: 2,168 5)

Propulsion and Range

  • Falcon Tunnel Drive: 0.2ly/m for a maximum of 15ly jumps.
    • Sublight Engines: 0.25c
  • Range: 12 months
  • Lifespan: 30 years with maintenance, 5 years without
  • Refit Cycle: Every 5 years

Inside the Station

Deck Layout

Station Decacron Layout Description Size
Red Sector Command and Administration encompass 3 decks, 10 meters in all
DecTown: Habitat Residential, Medical, and Business2500 meters meters 6)
Industrial Sector Additional Mineral Refining, Industrial Complexes562 decks (60 meters all together)
Engineering Sector Main Engineering, and Support Systems 10-meter area
Power Armor Storage Hard Materials Storage, Main Engineering, and Support Systems 60-meter length
Docking Bay Offloading, and on loading Personnel, and equipment Docking Area: 200 decks (60 meters each)

Compartment Layouts

Below is the Compartment information about Station Omacron.

Station Control

The Station’s Control Center is a vast area, said to encompass three decks or more. As a few of the Mining Guild's personnel were once Yamataian, there is a little of Yamatai to the theme, with additional Nepleslian design elements. A priority is given to Separa’shan to allow them ease of movement.

Upper Level

The uppermost level holds the office of the Station’s Commander of Defense, CEO’s office, and the Overseer’s supervisor. Basically, this level is the Office level for those who control the Station and its affairs.

2nd Level

The 2nd level of Station Control is much wider than the upper level and has a lot of workstations. Some stations were recreated versions of Standard Damage Control Stations besides other technology inspired by Yamatai. It is here where the internal operations for the Maglev Rail System, ship traffic, communications are located. The emergency service and security dispatch is also located here.


The flooring is made with a substance that’s comfortable to walk on, but also easy for the Separa’shan to travel over, and there were multiple foods and drink dispensers throughout the 2nd level.

NovaTown Area

As big as Station Control was, the area dubbed Deca-Ville is larger. If a city and a mall were to mate, then this would be the result. The Habitat is arrayed in a similar pattern to station control in terms of levels. In the middle of this area is a pillar which serves as an elevator from Station Control downwards to the other levels. This is somewhat in the border that separates the Square from the rest of the buildings.

Habitat Environment

All Mining Guild ships and the Space Station have a dedicated Life Support system, which aids in cleaning the air that the organics breath out as well as the water needs of Organics, is also present, though some features can be turned off if appropriate. The station and the homes within use Space Heater to keep everyone nice and warm, especially for the Separa'shan and other cold blooded inhabitants.

Sky Feature

The habitat's ceiling uses technology that makes it seem as though there is no ceiling. Instead, it appears as if there is a gigantic hole in the station's top, allowing for the viewing of outside space. At night the sensors that do this shut down so that the inhabitants can get some sleep. Because of the levels and distances, some of the places appear to view the ceiling/sky closer to themselves. Only those in the Square would view the ceiling/skies at their true distance.

Central NovaTown

Within the Square and a kilometer away from the elevator is a large ornate fountain that periodically shoots water like a geyser towards the ceiling/skies above. The fountain's water is a two-foot deep plunge, and in the middle area is a transparent diamond-coated fixture, which has water falling over it. The fixture covered an invisible force field containing plasma, which fills the fixture and emits multiple hues of various colors which affect the water and the reflection.

Frontside Backside


Central Station

When newcomers or returning individuals arrive in Station Decacron, and go up to enter the City, Central station is part of where they end up. It’s a massive station where the light rail cars stop to pick up passengers to go anywhere in the City. The floors are white marble stone, though it's covered by a substance that kept its appearance, but prevents scrapes, scuffs, and other damage caused by robots, and people walking. White Marble stone pillars seem to hold the station up and the station is primarily underground like a subway station on the planets.

Mining Guild Headquarters

Much like in DracoTown, the The Nova City Mining Guild Headquarters is much larger than the Obsidian City branch of the company. This is because Obsidian city had a limit of space, while with DracoTown they could build and set how they wanted things. The Building is a tall skyscraper of steel and metals. Which like the main Medical center, allows the building to be visible in Nova City’s skyline. Though it’s interior is arrayed like the other Headquarters. 8)

Principle Station

Principal Station is the stop for government employees, including those who do oversight of the law enforcement officers. It is also where those working in Mining Guild’s Corporate building stop to go to work. There were also a few city blocks that contained restaurants and other shopping-related buildings that can be traveled to by going to the Principle Station. It follows the same design as the other Stations in terms of Marble stone design. The station is primarily underground like a subway station on the planets.

Commercial Center

Across from the border are small restaurants and bakeries to provide food, laundry buildings for cleaning, and then schools and hospitals. Closer to the merchant district are a few Galactic Horizon Stores, Origin Marts as well as Black Wing Enterprises stores, though carefully placed so that it doesn't affect the competition. In addition, there were Kiosk Console Lines here for shopping requirements.

There are also few cultural learning centers and dojos, for those wishing to train in Yamatai’s Martial arts. Onsens can also be found to soak in the hot tubs traditional to Yamatai. Other recreational areas are also present that might appeal to Yamataians or other species.

Nurseries and hatcheries9) can also be found in the Commercial Habitiat to take care of the Station's young. Lifewares is also located here.

Nova City Commercial

Corp Plaza Station The Corp Plaza Station is the main hub transit station for all corporate buildings in the city, as well as where other businesses are located. The station is primarily underground like a subway station on the planets.

Takeda House

In addition to Housing, Takeda House locations have also been approved for locations in the city.

Mining Guild Emporium

Tokyo Fresh Markets

First Avenue Station

This station is located within First Avenue, east of Corp Plaza Station about a block away from it and the Mining Guild’s Branch Headquarters. Unlike the Corp Plaza, Med way, Principal, and Central Station First Avenue Station is smaller, primarily only a platform with an open concept above group type station.

Second Avenue Station

The Second Avenue Station like the street follows the First, and it is due east of where the First street ends. Like the other station, it is smaller, primarily only a platform with an open concept above group type station.

Third Avenue (Crimson District) Station

The Third Avenue Station is in the middle of the Third street, and like the Second, it follows where it ended. Though the environment is regulated, it has a darker reddish pink hue to the area. Like the other station, it is smaller, primarily only a platform with an open concept above group type station.

Medical Center

The DecTown Medical Center is a massive building visible on the city's skyline. It is on a raised platform, allowing for visibility, especially for those inside as well as outside. It is located on Third Avenue, though it has its own station for emergencies. The Medical Center is the main hospital in the city, but there were multiples scattered around and close to the residential areas.

All areas in the interior and exterior are brightly lit, clean and sterile, ready to serve. Whether the patient is organic or synthetic, Human, Separa’shan, Elysian, clone with animal physiology or Gynoid and androids it wouldn’t matter here, the medical staff will treat their patients with respect, and help them recover so that the patient whoever they may be can get back to their lives and their work.

Med Way Station

The Med Way Station is the station where those needing medical attention can go via the system, and they will immediately get there, though of course for extreme cases, they’d have the The 505 Emergency Medical Vehicle taking them there as they take care of them. The Secunda City Medical Center is the City’s main medical facility in the system, though there were multiple smaller hospitals all over the City. The station is primarily underground like a subway station on the planets.

Clone Development Center

The DecTown Cloning Developing Center is a facility set up in an formerly abandoned Medical center, and it uses facilities that use Gram-class Cloning Facility and Pine-Oaklen BioSynthetic Foundation Laboratory technologies to create clones if need be.


The lower level has hotels and apartments close to the Commercial area and the DecTown Hospital, which is the Station's primary medical center. Additional Residential areas are set on levels that are 1000 meters high above the other buildings in the Commercial District.

Level 2 (Apartments)

The second level is exclusively apartments. There are 63 meters distance between the railing that prevents falling off the level and the beginning of the apartments, with a pathway between them, and a rail system that allows for quick travel if the inhabitants don’t have a bike of any kind. Each apartment is a large building with balconies of its own that allows for viewing of the ‘ground level’.

There is technology to block excess noise from the lower and upper levels so that the inhabitants can sleep. This technology does not prevent Elysians or others with wings from flying from the lower or upper floors.

Due to space, the apartments here are more for single families’ households or couples who don’t have kids. Deca-ville uses SSCC-XL Living Complex For their apartments.10)

Upper Level Stations

The upper levels within the city part is primarily residential, starting with Level 21 being Apartments, Level one, through to the top most level has which has its own station. Level one Station is built like a subway, where passengers go downstairs and there's the car arrives.

Level 3 (Suburbia)

Level 3 is a level for suburban life. As with Level 2, there are 63 meters distance between the railing that prevents falling off the level and the beginning of the homes here. Level 3 contains neighborhoods geared towards larger bigger families and Overseers who are in charge of mining operations. There are pathways, bike trails, and a rail system here for quick travel to areas where an individual’s home might be. There’s a person in charge of home assignment here much like the apartment level. Nicer amenities, including pools, can be found in these larger homes.

As with the other residential levels, noise reduction technology is present to make things comfortable for the level's occupants.

Suburbia Stations

The Station for the second level is open concept like most Avenue Stations; this was to allow those people living in the suburbs to get to their homes easily enough. Though considering the size, there is still travelling time.

Level 4 (Cyborg Apartments)

The layout of this level is similar to that of Level 2. The apartments in Level 4 are geared towards Cyborgs, but with a more tech twist to accommodate the need for repairs and maintenance that they can do alone. DracoTown uses SSCC-XL Living Complex For their apartments.

Mid Stations

The Station for the Fourth level is a subway concept like most Avenue Stations; like the second level. This is this was to allow those Cyborgs living on the level, to get to their homes easily enough. Though considering the size, there is still travelling time.

Level 5 (Synthetic Ward apartments)

The homes in Level 5 are a bit different, because these are designated for the AI, Androids, and Gynoids robots with no organic parts to them. While their minds may be as sentient as organic, their bodies aren’t, and their needs may not include bathrooms or food. The living accommodations are typically small, studio apartment-sized rooms with recharge pods and a living room area. While other necessities are met on a case-by-case basis, the apartments are considerably more spartan compared to those used by fully organic crew.

There is a communal shower area for those that got dirty from their work.

Yolus Stations

Yolus Stations are primarily for the technicians going up as the structures here, are massive complexes containing Synthetics these are individuals who prefer not to use an organic body. Those Synthetics leaving their homes to go to work where ever that would be can also use the station.

Lower Areas

This Section isn't included in the City limits, but rather is on levels underneath the City.


The Engineering section is vast and takes some inspirations from Yamatai, Neplesia, though it is a lot more New Dusk Conclave in terms of the power core and so on. There are multiple Plasma Generators giving power to the Station at large.


The Industrial Section of the Station is a large area, which almost rivals the Habitat Section, because of its size. Originally it was split into two to cover the farming and technology needs, but when Yugumo Corporation creates the Daikoku class Agricultural ships, the mining Guild will purchase 5 of them, and all farming will be moved to those ships, The Industrial Section builds smaller technology, such as the tools needed for the Station's maintenance or mining efforts, and the Power Armor they use. There are a few Honeycomb Fabricator to aid in building things.

Power Armor Bays

Within the Station, between the Docking bay and the Industrial Section, is a deck meant specifically for the Mining Guild’s Power Armor. This means there are a lot of Power Armor bays with accommodations for more than just ANTs.

There are technicians who work in shifts to make sure these Power Armors are working well.

Docking Bay

The Docking Bay is a large structure jutting out of the giant asteroid-station. It serves as the only way for anyone to enter the station proper and is large enough that it’s capable of sheltering some of the Mining Guild’s ships, with room for hundreds of Stork Personnel Transports.

An airlock port is also present for the Mining Guild's larger vessels, such as the Dragon-class Mobile Refinery, and Magpie-class Industrial Cargo shuttle .

Ship Systems

This section shows the information about the other info about the Station, mostly its electronic and defenses.

Armored Hull and Hull Integrated Systems

uses a hull structure combination Durandium and ADNR (Aggregated Diamond Nanorods).

It also has a layer of a gel that is resistant to heat, energy, and kinetic-based damage. This gel is flexible, and because of that and its state of matter, it can also fill in space between the layers of graphene sandwiched Osmanium spread throughout.

The gel is also very resistant to kinetic forces -as the force of an impact is simply absorbed and spread outward by the jiggly substance. The gel is resistant to excess energy exposure (including magnetic) due to being composed of silicon-based materials and traces of rubber-like matter; it is not, however, immune to electromagnetic pulse weapons - it's simply more resistant than usual. Lastly, the gel is highly absorbent to heat - and will radiate it off over time - due to the properties of its state of matter and composition.

This is within a shell of Aegium, which also makes up the support structure deeper within.

Decacron Hull and Frame Assembly
Primary SpaceFrameForcefield Reinforced Durandium Major Truss
Secondary SpaceFrameADNR (Aggregated Diamond Nanorods) Secondary Truss and Rod Assembly
Outer Platesgraphene coated Osmanium Plate
LiningGel Lining

Computers and Electronics

The Station uses 120 electronic processor units, which provides for all computer power, and storage requirements. It also uses an EVE AI to aid in logistics, finer system management, and support in normal ship operation. With the required software, the Ship’s AI are capable of defending the ship’s systems, to perform Cyberwarfare duties. Which also extends to attacking the enemy ship either cause a distraction or to disrupt enemy ship operations. The AI is also linked to the other Mining Guild’s AI.


The station uses the standard ship sensor package, which is extended using similar technology as King type Sensors. In addition to those sensors, it also uses 900 optical sensors spaced around the outer hull for basic optical and thermal detection. 18 subspace radar systems are also positioned inside of the ship to provide 360 degrees of coverage. In addition to the Sensors was the Mineral Scanner that allows the Pilot to scan asteroids for specific minerals for metals and gems.

Besides the original ship sensor packages, the Gremlin can add to the detection systems. Primarily on the Threat Detection, and the Collision Warnings, it can also detect when a ship has exited out of FTL and Identification of the ship and allegiance.

Ceiling View

The ceiling above the heads of those living in the Habitat area of the Station will have technology that performs an illusion of an 'open' ceiling with a view of the space beyond. Those on observation areas near the hull will be able to see through the Anti-Reflective Transparent Constructs (ARTCs) type windows.

Arrival Detection and Identification

When a ship has appeared out of FTL, the cosmic radiation can be affected by this, and the Gremlin can sense this via special sensors attached to the ship. The Station can get a reading of how large the arriving ship is, and then the sensors will detect the identity of the ship via its electromagnetic signature. The Gremlin also uses a database that contains previously detected signatures to identify ship and faction.

Threat Detection

The Station sensors, specifically ones controlled by the Gremlin, can detect the number of weapons an enemy ship has, and using this information, it can give the ship a threat rating using typical New Dusk Conclave numbers. It also will be able to tell the outcome of a fight between the ship and this threat, and give recommendations from retreating to how the ship might disable the Threat.

Collision Warning

The station can sense when they are about to be hit by an asteroid, or weapon, or whether they were going to appear into a Star because of the collision warning systems that are presently installed on the ship. It will also give the ship a timeline for when this is to occur so that the ship’s personnel can enact measures.


The ship is installed with a Mineral Scanner which is installed in all Mining Guild, and non-Mining Guild ships. The ship also has access to a SachiTech Tech-Scanner available to the science, and engineering officers.


The ship uses Standard Starship communications used by the NDC, but with the ship joining Colonization Initiative Alliance fleet, It also has the uplink and PANTHEON/SYNC connect module. Though this is in so far limited to allow them to connect to the other ships if need be.

Emergency Systems

A bank of 40 BW-PC-1B "PowerPak" act as emergency power source in the event that the BW-PC-1A Plasma Core's power cores die. This will ensure that comms, life support, and sensors continue to receive power for three weeks.

Internal Security

Internally, there are enough pop-out automated weapons turrets positioned as to cover nearly the entire interior, or at least all common areas except the farming modules, with at least three of them able to aim at any one spot with no blind spots or effective cover. These weapons are equivalent to a Power Armor, weapons each, but draw power directly from the ship's power systems11). They are capable of firing in lethal and nonlethal modes, independently of each other. They are not capable of firing at targets outside of the Station.

Life Support Systems

All Mining Guild ships and the Space Station have a primary External Respiration Kit system is also in place to aid in cleaning the air and water as needed by the station's organics. If appropriate, some features can be turned off.

The station and the homes within use Space Heater to keep everyone nice and warm, more so for the Separa'shan and other cold blooded inhabitants.

NH-O-1 "iBot" Maintenance Drone can be seen flying throughout DracoTown, as well as the rest of the Station, as they work to make repairs as needed. Apparitions are visible on the outside Observation areas of the Station itself.

Waste Disposal

Waste is transferred to a large tank where a huge magnet slides over the ceiling; metal items are picked up by this and are transported to a new tank. It is then where an advanced sorting system sorts the pieces into proper holes. The metal is smelted, and merges into what would normally be a giant ingot, had it all not been separated again before it entered the molds. The metal is sent to the various factories of the New Dusk Conclave to be made into new items.

As for Manure, it follows the standard for all Mining Guild property, that are transferred to farms or factories that can turn it into fertilizer. Broken electronics are taken apart, the metal joins the other metal, and the other materials follow suit in their respective compartments.

Other Life Support Systems

Besides the other Life support, some aqueducts transfer water, and flushing toilets, and working sinks. The water is quadruple filtered so that nothing, not even microbes, can contaminate water. The Salt in the water is sent to a different area where it is made for a new purpose. This allows the Inhabitants to drink water should they need to.


The Station uses Helix Plasma Engines of large sizes arranged at the back and the lower parts of the station. It was modified to allow for the mobility of the entire station, with the speed to keep up with the others in Colonization Initiative Alliance fleet The drive systems were powered by 10 BW-PC-1A Plasma Core, which were modified to provide as much flight time a possible.

Additional Propulsion systems

In addition to the Helix Plasma Engines, the ship also is equipped with four Hoshi II Series Turbo Plasma Drives for sublight speed. They are located in the central region of the pylons. Sublight performance for this craft usually can withstand 0.275c. Maneuvering Thrusters (ion thrusters) and the Plasma Projection System are used primarily for attitude adjustment, docking, and station keeping. The pps renders the vessel to be extraordinarily (relative to its size) agile and nimble even without any inertial dampening or gravitational manipulating systems active.

Hyper Space

The Station, like most ships used by the Mining Guild, and the New Dusk Conclave use Galactic Horizon’s Falcon Tunnel Drive. Which allows a unique way of traveling through hyperspace.

Shield Systems

The Station uses a dual shield system as its primary shields which uses Paladin Barrier System and CSW-S1-S1 "Ancile" Multi-Layer Shield System. This shield system create a six-faced barrier. protecting the Station from all sides.

In adition to the primary shields, it uses other shield types as well, such as

  • Electromagnetic Shielding
  • Gravitic Shielding
  • Navigational Shielding

Electromagnetic shielding

The Electromagnetic shields are particularly good at deflecting the charged particles in many beam weapons. The shield created is a six-faced barrier.

Gravitic shielding

Gravitic shielding are effective against kinetic weaponry and collisions. This shield also serves the special purpose of counteracting graviton beams. The shield created is a six-faced barrier.

Not intended for, or effective at, defense against starship weaponry, navigational shielding protects the ship against navigational hazards, such as fast-moving small masses and slow collisions with large masses. The deflectors allow for safe maneuvering without raising the profile of its sensor signature as much as the defensive shielding.

Weapons Systems

Main Weapons

Secondary Weapons

Tertiary Weapons

As part of the Station’s Tertiary starship weapons, Station Decacron uses four Cerberus Cannon which were strategically placed with one on the top and bottom of the station’s sphere, and the left and right side of the station. DRv3 Tier 10

Fourthary Weapons

Fourth Set of the ship's weapons was Shiva which had one on the rings. With the potential to be DRv3 Tier 13

Defense Weapons

Along the side of the ship were 3000 Origin Point Defense Weapons which is set at DRv3 Tier 9

Vehicle Complement

Non Mining Guild Ships

The Mining Guild has opened a new docking bay which is meant to support non-affiliated ships for either trade or business purposes, or for visits. Also possible for emergencies.

OOC Notes

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Because Decacron is a copy pretty much of Station Omacron I dont wish to put it through NTSE.

Places of the SARPiverse
Opened/Settled (YE)YE 44
Place Categoriesspace station
As a copy and clone of Omacron, art is being reused
Art was created by Charaa using Doga.
+2200 meters for Daikoku-Class Agricultural Ship add ons
+1295 meters for Daikoku-Class Agricultural Ship add ons
31.0685596118667 City Blocks
7) , 8)
Art was created by Wes using the Midjourney Bot
for Separa'Shan eggs
Art created by Toshiro
With backup power equivalent to its typical battery.
other than the main gun, There were two additional Albatross laser array on either side of the main guns, and 6 on the rings. Three at the top, three at the bottom.

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