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Kiosk Console Line

The Kiosk Console Line is a family of designs created in YE 39 for the Star Army of Yamatai and for Project THOUGHT, as well as other institutions and civilian applications such as visitor stations or arcade machines. They are intended for use in situations where floor space is at a premium, and have the ability to telescope up to the height of the user. Various packages and appearances exist for the different applications. They can also be used as a replacement for standard consoles by shifting down to the dimensions of a seated user, some packages even having the ability to extend a supplemental tactile interface.

About the Kiosk Console Line

Kage Yaichiro created the Kiosk Console Line in YE 39 specifically for locations in which a console was needed, but where floor space was limited. Though initially the answer to a specific application, Yaichiro soon realized that it was potentially useful in various situations. As such, he got to work creating variants. Each has its own benefits and use cases, though the line shares some fundamental aspects unless otherwise noted. They typically can telescope up or down to a height range of 1.39m – 2.08m, and the input surface is 74cm - 1.43m high in these cases. Kiosks are almost always 84 cm wide. Not counting the Input Surface, a kiosk is typically 38cm deep.

Kiosk Model Base Pricing Coloring Intended Purpose
Zero-Gravity Kiosk Console, Type 39 550 KS Variable, Colors reserved for military use are Star Army Blue/SAINT Black with Ketsurui Red padding or Olive Drab with Hunter Green padding. Custom markings available. Intended for use on starships or in portable applications. Has provisions for use in zero gravity and in turbulence while being an easy-to-implement option for Mini-Neko to use as a standard duty station. Its strap and hand/footholds make it suitable for not only a lack of gravity, but also for moving around in standard applications under gravity. This model also has a drawer for utility applications. This is the preferred model for military use on the ground or in space, in spite of its name.

Input Surfaces

The Input Surface is an optional modular component which is installed in the front of the Kiosk Console for tactile or other input. It possible to omit the Input Surface, though many units possess it. The Input Surfaces typically have padding to protect users against impacts in turbulent conditions. It should be noted that some Input Surfaces can be fully retracted (38cm deep kiosk), slid out for standing typing (62cm deep kiosk), or fully extended for seated typing (83cm deep kiosk) and are thus β€œFull Range”. In these cases, one must push two buttons on the undersides of the corners to free up the Input Surface to move. It is otherwise anchored in position and will not shift during turbulence.

Input Options Additional Cost Kiosk Depth Description
Standard Touchpad Input +25 KS Full Range Touchpad interface which can also act as a supplementary screen if the main screen is damaged. No frills, but is fully serviceable. The padding common on Input Surfaces doubles as a palm rest.
Standard Tactile Input +25 KS Full Range Is a mechanical keyboard with a trackball and programmable additional switches. A traditional mouse is optional, though uncommon on the zero-gravity variants of the kiosk due to issues with storage in low gravity. The padding common on Input Surfaces doubles as a palm rest.
Gamepad Input +25 KS Full Range Holds connections and storage recesses for up to 4 standard gamepads. One is included for free with 2 analog sticks, a D-pad, and 10 buttons.
Arcade Input +50 KS 62cm - 83cm Houses an arcade control system complete with up to two analog joysticks, a D-Pad, and up to 10 buttons.
Custom Arcade Station 300 KS Variable Can have pedals, a large array of buttons and d-pads, analog sticks, and up to two yokes or steering wheels. Made to order to fit the game. Can be used for two player setups on one Kiosk Console.
Military SPINE Seat +100 KS Military Only Variable This seat possesses SPINE functionality and plugs into the Input Surface port of the Kiosk Console with a cable. It allows another Full Range-compatible Input Surface (like a touchpad or keyboard) to daisy-chain with the SPINE cable to function as well.
Military Mini-Neko Station +50 KS Military Only 62cm Comes with three ports (Left, Middle, and Right) where either one or two Mini-Neko scaled seats can be installed (Left/Right or just Middle). These have seat belts as well as adjustable backs and armrests with tactile controls. The seats have the ability to rise and lower so that the Mini-Neko can adjust her view depending on if she is using the whole screen or the split-screen option. Up to two Mini-Neko can utilize one Kiosk Console as a duty station at the same time and interact with standard-size equipment through it more easily. Military offerings have built-in Mini-SPINE support for modern Mini-Neko like the NH-33M (Miniature).
Civilian Mini-Neko Station +50 KS 62cm Same as above, but with no Mini-SPINE support. Instead uses sensors in the chairs to convert neural data into wireless information to allow for communication with the Kiosk Console if desired.
Military ICP Dock (no pad included) +50 KS Military Only Full Range A docking station to slot in a Isolated Computer Pad as the Input Surface instead of a keyboard for military offerings. An Isolated Computer Pad can then either be accessed by or outright commandeer the Kiosk Console's resources depending on configuration settings. The power and data of the Isolated Computer Pad is made available to the Kiosk Console, but can easily be removed and transferred offline.
Military ICP Dock + external pad +1850 KS Military Only Full Range Same as above, but includes Isolated Computer Pad

Computing and Drive Options

The internal computer system is within the kiosks is sufficient for basic work and is meant for reliability, wireless function, and security rather than a large amount of power. As such, swappable communicator-based technologies are used for the kiosks' basic computer. Future communicators may be used in military offerings, and other communicators may be compatible with the system for civilian purposes but unlisted. A physical jumper is used to enable or disable wireless communication at the hardware level if desired, in addition to a software setting, meaning that some kiosks may not have wireless capability enabled.

The communicator-based computers can be supplemented or bypassed with upgraded computer hardware for a Kiosk Console. As long as the computer fits within 12cm x 40cm x 50cm, it is a viable upgrade. It also has two slots in the face under the screen (left and right) for drive options, though military offerings are often locked down to a Communicator Drive. Below are some common upgrades and their cost and availability information.

Integrated Computer Availability Description
Internal Communicator Board Free This basic communicator is equivalent in general specifications to the Basic Communicator and can use all of the same software.
Star Army Communicator, Type 36 Free, Military Only Selected for compatibility and security, the Type 36 Communicator is the standard offering for military use.
Star Army Communicator, Type 29 Free, Military Only Though less advanced than the Type 36 Communicator, there are cases where the Type 29 Communicator's circuitry is suitable. This is especially if its software is updated and its wireless mode is disabled. This option exists in case of shortages of the Type 36 Communicator's circuitry.
Computer Upgrades Additional Cost Description
Internal ICPs (up to four) +1800 KS each Military Only Up to four ICPs in parallel can be internally installed. Boosts the processing power of the kiosk into a high-end workstation. For reference, each pad alone can control a Ke-T8 "Kuma" Multi-role Shuttle, though the shuttle has two for redundancy's sake. A kiosk in this state can be the main computer for a small craft. Only available for military uses.
Internal X-Type1 (up to 10 modules ) +100 KS each Suitable for use as a starship AI with all ten modules
Internal X-Type1 (1 node) +900 KS Identical to 10 module X-Type Quantum Computer, more efficiently arranged and cheaper.
Ge-T8-E31032 (up to 2 ) +3600 KS each Each is twice as powerful as an ICP, and the full upgrade is the same power and price as the full ICP upgrade. High compatibility.

1 Purchased separately from Origin Industries 2 Purchased separately from Geshrinari Shipyards

Drive Upgrades1 Additional Cost Description
Communicator Drive Free Installed in the left-hand slot by default. Used for sliding in a communicator for tracked file transfers or boosting a kiosk's computing power, sometimes permanently in Mini-Neko offerings. Can also be used for banking or charging electronically. Military units will only accept military-issue communicators for certain operations. The kiosk will beep and flash audibly if a user walks away without taking their communicator, if so configured. Sometimes this is the only external drive available in military offerings.
Data Cube Drive + Interface Port +50 KS Commonly installed in the right-hand slot. Has an extending armature for the installation of data cubes and can size itself to hold cubes between 2cm and 10cm. Assorted types of cubes, including plastic and quartz cubes, are supported. An interface port that is built into the far right side of the data cube slot is also standard.
KS Card Slider +100 KS This can read KS cards and be used for banking or charging. If a hacking device or card scanner trap is installed, the kiosk will beep and flash audibly, and is capable of contacting the police if wireless is enabled.

1Up to two drives available per Kiosk Console.

Audio and Video Options

The Kiosk Console line has various offerings for the sampling and projection of audio and video. These are intended to serve various purposes, though the base offering is suitable for most civilian productivity applications. All of these components fit within the display hood of the Kiosk, with the exception of the Skybox Package.

A/V Options Additional Cost Description
Stereo Speakers + Dual dual-crystal Microphones Free Two speakers and two microphones, found on either side of the screen. Able to emulate the full range of human hearing.
Quadraphonic Speakers + Polyphonic array of four quad-crystal Microphones +15 KS Replaces Stereo Speakers + Dual dual-crystal Microphones. Four speakers and microphones, found in pairs on either side of the screen. Able to emulate the full range of human and Neko hearing. Suitable for authentication, position-finding, music and communication. Can be used in a stereo mode.
Standard Touchscreen + Dual 8MP Cameras Free Tall vertically-biased screen with the same aspect ratio as a communicator's screen, and can also function as two horizontally-biased full resolution displays. Has two cameras capable of admirable resolution for console/desktop-level voice-chat.
Volumetric Touchscreen + Four 13MP Cameras +25 KS Replaces the Standard Touchscreen + Dual 8MP Cameras. Tall vertically-biased screen with the same aspect ratio as a communicator's screen, and can also function as two horizontally-biased full resolution displays. Has volumetric capabilities and can also do a 3D rendering of the user or objects held before it. This allows for voice chat where the user appears to look at the camera instead of the screen, or the scanning of scale models for the Star Army Fabrication Chamber, Type 39.
Skybox Package +500 KS Replaces all previous video and audio options. Utilizes eight 13MP cameras and a polyphonic array of eight quad-crystal microphones for user tracking. Has eight-direction audio and a sub-woofer. The display is replaced with an immersive 3D volumetric display in all directions. Typically reserved for 3D sampling, gaming, or telepresence on Kiosk Consoles with custom construction.

Miscellaneous Options

There are assorted options that are not related to a specific mode or option, but are still noteworthy. These can be found below.

Other Options Additional Cost Description
Custom Markings +10 KS Text and Symbols cost this extra amount, though basic color choices are free.
Rollers and Braking Jacks +15 KS Four wheels and two braking jacks can be screwed into the base of the kiosk, allowing it to be readily moved and placed if desired.

OOC Notes

Products & Items Database
Product Categoriesinteriors
Product NameKiosk Console Line
NomenclatureType 39
ManufacturerSunflower Corporation, Yugumo Corporation
Year ReleasedYE 39
Star Army Logistics
Supply ClassificationClass E - PARTS AND COMPONENTS
First UsedYE 39

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