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X-type Quantum Computer

Origin's X-Type Quantum computer is a system of Computer hardware designed in YE 34 to host AI units not attached to a starship, vehicle, or Power armor.

More about X-type Quantum Computer

Despite its name, the X-type quantum computer is just a standard advanced Quantum computer, similar to those commonly found in starships, vehicles, and Power armors. Like all quantum computers, it is capable of making not only analog calculations, but also calculations based on the processing of an infinite number of variables. The X-type quantum computer is quite small, the basic version fitting into the palm of a person's hand. X-type quantum computers are capable of being linked, and while there is no upper limit to how many modules may be linked together, the useful number is limited by available space. Linking modules together will not increase processing speed, only the number of processes the computer is capable of simultaneously.

An X-type quantum computer is capable of housing any kind of computer software made to run on a Quantum computer, including AI programs, and other similar types of systems, though more powerful software may require multiple modules.


  • Module: The basic unit of the X-type quantum computer is the Module. The module is 10x10x10 centimeters, and is a self-contained unit that is tamper-resistant, shock-resistant, water-resistant, vibration-resistant, and heat-resistant. The Module has several connecters on it which allow it to be connected to other modules, screens, power sources, or to be connected to other systems. It is sturdily constructed of Durandium and can take a shot from a pistol at close range without being destroyed. Tier 2, Medium Anti-Personnel
    • Price: 100KS
  • Node: A Node refers to either ten connected modules, or a single, large module that is equal to ten Modules. Nodes cannot be directly connected to one another, but may be networked. A Node has all the same connectors that a Module does. A Singular Node is constructed of Durandium and capable of taking multiple hits from a pistol at close range without being destroyed. Tier 3, Heavy Anti-Personnel
    • Price: 900KS
  • Power Source: The X-type quantum computer does not have a built-in power source, as it is intended to be used as a component of other constructs. There are Two kinds- a Direct source, and a portable source. The Direct source is a simple plug and power converter that evens the current flow to the computer to a usable level. The Portable source is a capacitor which attaches to the X-type computer module and can power it for up to 5 hours. The Portable source takes roughly a half hour to recharge, and is charged via the direct source.
    • Price: Direct source 20 KS, Portable source + direct source 40 KS


An X-type Quantum Computer is intended to be used as a component of a larger system, but can be used as a standalone device, as well as in conjunction with other devices. X-Type quantum computers can be connected to each other for more computing power. The Minimum number of Modules for use is One, the Maximum is Ten, or one Node. Nodes may be networked, but not directly connected.

Directly Connected Modules
Usage Min # of modules Max # of modules
Home Computer 1 10 (One Node)
Vehicle computer 1 2
Power Armor AI 1 4
Shuttle AI 2 6
Mecha AI 4 8
Starship AI 5 10 (One Node)

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