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Kali Firewalker

Kali Firewalker is a NPC played by Charaa.

Kali Firewalker
Species & Gender: Cyborg Deer Female
Date of Birth: YE 44
Organization: Mining Guild
Occupation: Contingent Leader1)
Current Placement: Station Decacron


Physical Description

Kali is a cybernetically enhanced female deer 3). Despite their cybernetics, she had a slim build, with arms that ended in three fingers, and legs that ended in metallic hooves. She had a typical Deer type tail, which can cause some distraction to those behind her when it pops out. Most of her body was filled with machinery, but there were some parts that looked somewhat organic like parts of her face, and eyes. Her nose and part of her muzzle was replaced in cybernetics.

She sports long, brown, elegant antlers, which seemed attached to her head via cybernetics. Her body is covered in Synthetic flesh and fur, keeping her body warm, and this synth flesh is further covered in a Miner Undersuit except for her hooves which were kept bare. Despite being a Anthro no hair covered her head.


In the mines, one had to be brave and calm, as it could collapse on them at any moment. Kali learned this the hard way as she started working in the mines. An incident had left her ability to show off her leadership skills when the mine overseer was injured. But as time passed, she began to get bored of planet mining, so she was transferred to Draco Eridanus System to work on the asteroid fields. Unfortunately, a transport crash had left her badly burned, and in need of replacement. Some injuries were treated with a Sealant Gel and then she spent time in a The NDC D.O.M.S Auto-Doc. But after she refused to quit working, something her adoptive father was proud of.

Kali has a sense of adventure, while she was willing to work and do her job, she wanted to go out and explore, so when the Mining Guild was contacted by a member of the Motoyoshi clan. She was thrilled when the Kurosaki sisters themselves came to speak to her.

The sisters gave Kali a tutor, with special lessons on how she’ll need to speak to her counterparts, the Contingent’s clients while on their journey. Yamataians had a different way of speaking to each other and not just language, but with humility, and respect, and also saying people’s last names, and never first names unless they knew them.

Kali was respectful of others, and refuses to be rude, and no matter how angered she was.


Kali Firewalker was created in YE 41 in the city of Obsidian City, New Dusk Conclave. She was created as one of the first, non-human clones, but sadly something went wrong with the attempt and Kali came out of the tank in a body that was in a way androgynous. Though perhaps as a result, she grew antlers on her head. She was a misfit, but there was one being who took pity on her and adopted her into his family, Azonius Firewalker. Her father was another Anthro, though he was a Bear, not a Deer like her. He gave her a name, and had soon helped her with finding a job. Unlike her Sister who joined the military, and father who was a government employee facilitating communication, Kali wanted to go into industrial career path, since thus far the only chance for her to leave the planet was as a military soldier.

Fortunately, the Kurosaki sisters formed a new industrial corporation that of the Mining Guild who welcomed her with open arms. Kali met other Anthros, who have left their homes and worlds due to persecution and racism and found work with a company who wouldn’t mistreat them. Of course, there were a lot of NDC companies that wouldn’t do that. After an extensive learning at the Mining Guild’s academy, she was able to graduate, and was soon assigned to Mount Venture Settlement and worked at the mines there. There she toiled in the tunnels taking out ore, which her ANT Power Armor and her Claws, took care of it all. There were times where she’d have to use a Plasma Cutter/Torch at long periods but she worked hard and refused to quit. On the 6th month and the 6th day, of that year, there was a cave in, and it had caused severe damage to the Overseer Armor, disabling the Overseer. There was panic which grated on her nerves so she took charge, and had the other miners reorganized in a calm orderly fashion. From then live continued onwards, then she’d heard that the NDC had expanded, and eventually, the mining Guild was chartered to go to [system:draco_eridanus]] and begin asteroid mining. Kali got transferred over to join them after Station Omacron and in particular, DracoTown was built. She was moved into a new version of the Ant power armor, one meant for space.

So she worked there happily, until the Operator program happened, and her father adopted another misfit, into their family. Kali had a sister, who she adored. Kali continued to rise prestige in the Mining Guild, and she became an Overseer with the ability to oversee her own shift in the asteroids. Unfortunately, making a trip, the Stork Transport collided with an asteroid which caused a crash and damage both outside and inside. Fires burned her, but before she would die, she was rescued by the rescue team, and as she and the others were transported to DracoTown Medical, she’d heard the pilots getting a lecture on their incompetence.

Eventually she left and went back to work, refusing to quit, but the call of adventure was calling to her, she wanted to go out and explore so she met with her boss, to tender her resignation, but There was a new opportunity, turns out the Kurosaki sisters had been planning an expedition of their own, as a result of an invitation from the Motoyoshi clan, and she was asked because of her previous leadership skills to head up this contingent group. She agreed, and she was taken to Station Decracron a sort of sister to Station Omacron. The interior looked exactly like Omacron down to the last bolt and nuts. But as the new leader, she had a new home, in the Branch Head’s mansion in the city. Others joined her, a few creating forks of themselves to both go on the trip and to stay back in the NDC. Kali’s friends and colleagues joined her, as a few of them desired adventure as well.

Businesses were set up, farms both in the station and as a result of Daikoku agriculture ships were added. Homes were soon filled and soon they would be off.

Skills Learned

Martial Arts language Yamataian etiquette cooking

Social Connections

Adoptive Family


Inventory & Finance

Kali currently has 3000 DS. Station Decacron


  • Silver dining utensil (YE 44 Salvage Giveaway, TC: 26-18, IC: 499-3963-41)
  • Ship's armory (YE 44 Salvage Giveaway, TC: 12-93, IC: 1173-20331-104)
  • Type 30 Accelerated Charged Plasma Scatter Gun
  • Treasure Chest?! (Modest Jewelry)

OOC Notes

Charaa created this article on 2022/10/09 20:28.

Character Data
Character NameKali Firewalker
Character OwnerCharaa
Character StatusActive Player Character
Current LocationStation Decacron
Equivalent of a Branch Head
Art created and lent by Wes using AI
at least in voice rather than body

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