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Aeta Kurosaki

Aeta Kurosaki is an NPC controlled by Charaa who appears in Mining Guild. This NPC can be found here Charaa's Characters1)

Aeta Kurosaki
Species & Gender Nekovalkyrja
Organization: Mining Guild
Occupation: Co-founder- COO

Character Description

Aeta stood as an average Nekovalkyrja, Type 33 meaning that, much like them, she weighed 45kg (99lbs), while she was about 5’5 (163 cm) in terms of height. She shares her sister’s hair color of black, however, because she wears the things that allow her to control the ACE, she tends to have shorter hair. As a Nekovalkyrja, Type 33 she shares the same type of eyes like most of her kind which was a pair of almond-shaped eyes, and they were also green. Her eyebrows were kept trimmed neatly so as to not cause a distraction. Beneath her eyebrows and uncovered by her hair. Due to a treatment affecting them, they glowed in a low light environment.

On either side of her head were a pair of ears, which closely resembled those of a cat, which meant they appeared different from most humans, in terms of how they appeared more pointed and less round, and they had fur covering them as well, but unlike her hair, the fur covering her ears was more silver. Her ears and her tail were the only things that had fur because the rest of her body had skin, which was a Red shade in color that was said to be in the middle between dark red and light red. She usually has a big smile expression on her face.

Because of her active lifestyle, she had a body that was slender, with the impression of athletics, along with an hourglass figure. Even though due to genetics and metabolism, which never allowed her to gain weight or get out of shape, she strives to treat her body like that of a temple, with respect and care, which meant that she was never stinky due to hygiene issues. Both of her arms ended in hands that had four fingers and a thumb. It was likely due to genetics and how she was made, her feet would have followed suit. Just above her rear end, as the beginning of a long prehensile tail, that was allowed to wrap around her legs lightly.

She had markings on her body, like tiger stripes, that went from her head to the tip of her tail. The type of clothing she wore tends to be a loose-fitting outfit that was both comfortable, and it didn’t bunch up or drag if she sat anywhere. The Mining Guild was usually embellished on the chest of the uniform. While in the mines, or other mining operations she used a customized ACE.


Aeta is a strong Neko, with bravery and courage that allowed her and her sister to survive during the Exodus that the two participated in. She also has a bubbly personality, with a kind smile for those she meets and a willingness to give everyone a job that they might be able to excel at. She also has a passion for her work. Which is good because her job is to go into potentially dark places within a world, or potentially asteroid.

Above work, she cares deeply for her sister and willing to forgo work in order to care for her to make sure she is better. She doesn’t care what species someone was, she was truly willing to let them work in the Mines, or in management if they had the skills.


Aeta and her sister emerged into existence on a ship, as her parents traveled from Yamatai Star Empire to a place not within the Empire because her parents were former citizens who wanted to leave and find their adventure elsewhere. Since being born the Neko twins spent their 3 months growing time, playing with their toys, playing games and making up fun adventures with each other. By the time the girls were fully matured, they had lived on Planet Osman for over 2 months. While her sister got into the business side of life, Aeta went into the physical side of things. She found that she loved breaking things, especially rocks. Her parents and a few of the others had said she should join as a Miner or something since she seemed to like it so much.

Thus she did, she joined the mining crews and worked her butt off, as she gained money of her own and she was on the fast track to becoming the Overseer, and perhaps something more but their world was attacked, and she had to escape and join the exodus. Her parents didn’t survive, but her sister and some of their friends had.

Soon they found a new home, and not without some problems along the way. But her occupation needed restructuring with most of the crews now dead cause of cave-ins and so on. Astrid Kurosaki used her business sense to create something, and Aeta gathered what was left in order to form a new Mining corp, a Mining Guild they would call it. She knew her sister could run the financial aspect, while she wanted to focus on being there aspect. Aeta became the COO in that regard, and the two had constant meetings with the department of engineering, where things were built for the Guild, The Guild soon had the backing of the Government in the form of Nyx pine, their royal Representative, and the Black Wing enterprises helped them with the selling part of the work. The People Astrid Kurosaki trusted became Overseers, knowing they were capable.

When the reapers attacked, Aeta was safe underground with an army of Power armor ready to defend. After that things were normal, so to speak. The Mining Guild would continue to produce metal and gemstones, and they would grow, already there were plans to go to a nearby asteroid field and start a mining operation there, and the independent world of Terra Multa and see what they could do there.




  • 10 Civilian Space Suits (a little bulky; 6 hour air supply) (YE 44 Salvage Giveaway, TC: 53-32, IC: 1700-6329-79)
  • Kohanian Fur Coats (YE 44 Salvage Giveaway, TC: 55-50, IC: 2807-9907-99)
  • Fancy Pen (YE 44 Salvage Giveaway, TC: 70-1, IC: 57-255-63)
  • SSCC-XL containing softwood logs
  • Trash bag filled with various Medicines and drugs

OOC Notes

This NPC was created by Charaa on 2019/09/10 14:46.

Character Data
Character NameAeta Kurosaki
Character OwnerCharaa
Character StatusNPC In Use By GM or FM
Current LocationObsidian City
Art by Charaa using copilot

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