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Nyx Pine

Nyx Pine is a player character played by Charaa.

Nyx Pine
Species & Gender: Gynoid
Date of Birth: 1日 1月 YE 41
Organization: New Dusk Conclave
Occupation: SABER
Rank: N2-Phalanx 2nd Class
Current Placement: Expanding Horizons: Nephis Nights

1) Birthname: s6-nx27c019

Preferred Plots Expanding Horizons: Nephis Nights

Physical Description

Depending on a situation and whether or not she was standing on her feet Talons, she stood at 6 feet in terms of height, 5’9 when she stood on her whole foot, and due to the fact she was a machine, she tends to weight 200 pounds. Because her Faction, and those she worked with had hair, she has chosen to have hair as well, of course her own hair isn’t natural, and thus when wet it won't react as Hair typically would. Her hair was Black, and kept neat, and tidy also in a style typically used by Section 6 personnel. Since it was so kept neat, it was also kept out of her optics.

Her eyebrows were kept trimmed neatly so as to not cause a distraction. Her eyebrows like her hair appeared normal, but were made of a different material. Beneath her eyebrows and uncovered by her hair were a pair of round shaped eyes, which were colored with the shade of ruby red coloring. Much like those of certain animals, her eyes didn’t look too human.

On either side of her head were a pair of ears, which closely resembled those of a Fox, and they were positioned much like it had on the animal as well. Her ears can swivel around, almost like radar, she can position them to allow her to hear things in front of her, or she can turn them to the left, or even behind her to literally hear things that were happening behind her if she wanted to.

Having been created, she had a body that was slender, with the impression of athletics, along with an hour glass figure. Her hands, ended in sharp pointed talon-like fingers while her feet ended up becoming feet that had two toes at the back, and one at the end of the heel. She can manipulate these three toes to let her stand and walk on them, with no wobbling. Behind her, where an Elysian would have their wings, she too had wings, but she had two pairs of them, one above the other, and her wings were smaller, and slightly less feathery. When she’s using her wings, they turn invisible due to how fast they were flapping, exactly like that of the Hummingbird.

Due to the fact she’s an Android female, she tends to walk upright, and when she stands or sits she tends not to slouch.

The material that makes up her entire body is made of Aegium, and a Osman-synthetic skin blend This is to add protection to the mechanical components within her, and also to signify who she belongs to, and also has an additional layer of rubber based armor to protect her from electrical attacks. The rubber transparent to the naked eye, so that it leaves her enemies guessing. The seam lines all over her body were red, while the rest of her was a matte black color to fit the color scheme of the faction.

Despite being an android, and thus not needing clothes to protect her from the elements that would harm a human. She usually wore a modified Section 6 Uniform, as well as a specially modified Cowboy style hat. Her feet were covered by boots.

She tends to speak with a sultry type of voice, while soft spoken as well.

Body Components

Nyx's onboard weapons


S6-NX27-C09 is a hybrid mixture of multiple sources. At the base of it all, part of her Operating system came from the copy of a backup memory copy in order to give this Death dealer a sense of humanity, in hopes that it will stop her from attacking where a civilian might end up getting in the way. It was also meant to make her follow the laws of the civilization she’s a member of. The original of the backup memory had a habit of calling those higher ranking than her, as either Big Brother or Big Sister especially so if she respects them a great deal. So this specific part of her personality matrix conflicts with the ranking system in given military rankings unless someone manages to create a block of some kind.

Machines were supposed to be predictable, but with this extra part of her programming, it was hoped that their enemies would have a much harder time when facing her. They wanted to merge human unpredictability with machine greater reflects and reaction time. Time will tell whether or not they were successful.

She likes hanging out with Humans and observing what they did for fun, she also enjoys a game of hide and seek, or rather, Hide and Boo! This was because she loved using her darker coloring to blend in shadows and darkened areas, and jumping out at people when she hears them. Her primary goals in her life are to be a good soldier to receive the glory and prestige that came with it. She also wanted to meet every member of Section 6 but she understood that sometimes, she can't meet all of them, due to them having been dead. She understands, that civilians aren’t to be killed and that when not in armor, people tend to be easily squished to death.

Partly because a part of her programming was a copy, there was some degradation which meant, that there were times that she might not speak, when she probably should or when she should be adding to the conversation specifically, it was because of this, that she relies on her companions to get her to continue to talk.


Pre-rp History

On a World held by Section 6 known as Sirris VI, her AI operating system created by the Head Engineer, Isabelle Pine, her body created Section 6, S6-NX27-C09 came into existence. It was on the first day of the new YE 41 the request had come in, a request, not an order because it came from the Head Engineer’s husband himself, the leader. After leaving the place of her ‘birth’ she explored the world, flying overhead as she thought about her purpose, seeking out information to what she was supposed to be doing until she decided. She would be joining the special forces and decided that SABER would be the best for her, so she returned to her home, and new programming was uploaded to her operating system. She gained new skills, new combat techniques that every member of SABER should know, then she went through simulations, that allowed her to ‘get used to’ these skills, in addition to improving the confidence of those she will be serving under.

She gained new weapons, two combat knives, two pistols, and her primary service weapon. She gained the uniform since they didn’t want her walking around naked. She later added a Hat styled in cowboy style. Then she went to where she was ordered to go, ready and willing to prove herself to her superiors, and the other members of Section 6. She hoped she could help them in finding a new home for her faction.

rp history

She soon decided that she should socialize a little more, and so because of this thought, she chose her mother as her first since she wanted to meet her family. She was given a checkup by her mother than Nyx learned things about her that she had never known. She eventually encountered her cousin, Chlorate where they had spent time looking for things to do, and going to the library because they thought something was broken before they decided to separate to eventually find their dads and see if a game could be arranged for them to play against some augmented humans.

Fortunately, she was able to meet her dad and got into talking to him, but he took her to meet the other embers of her family, her uncle Mark, Chlorate’s dad Hati, her grandmother Sarah, her uncle Talos. She found she enjoyed meeting the other members of their family. She found the power armor Talos was used as interesting. They had brought her along to meet the other members of the family and she had carefully saved these encounters to memory.

Eventually, she started working on an idea for a starship that she created the designs for and eventually, she sent them to her mother’s people and didn’t think about it for a while.

Skills Learned

Optional section. S6-nx27c019 has the following notable skills:


She has been programmed with the software necessary to allow her to communicate with virtually all forms of life if she needed to do so.

Martial Arts

She was programmed with the necessary skills that would allow her to fight without her weapons, should the need arise.

Operational Data

She was programmed with the necessary skills and has been through the simulations needed in order to participate in SABER operations.

Vehicle control

Even though she had wings, which allows her to fly, she has the ability to take control of a vehicle and use it for transport or recreation should she desire to.

Pilot skills

She has been uploaded with the programmable skills that allow her to take the place of a pilot, whether or not she was flying a Fighter, or something much larger.

Social Connections

S6-NX27-C09 is connected to:

Inventory & Finance

S6-NX27-C09 currently has 0 KS.

general items


  • Crate of Ship Rations (YE 42 Salvage Giveaway, TC: 44-81, IC: 3577-28731-120)
  • Large box full of blankets, sheets, and pillowcases (YE 42 Salvage Giveaway, TC: 55-41, IC: 2257-5018-90)
  • Handheld communicator/camera with photos and diary stored on it (YE 42 Salvage Giveaway, TC: 38-86, IC: 3325-17945-120) - 250 KS
  • Anti-Insect (Large Area) (YE 44 Salvage Giveaway, TC: 87-43, IC: 3711-7582-120)
  • Star Army Type 31 Engineering Protective (YE 44 Salvage Giveaway, TC: 21-68, IC: 1485-12025-87)
  • Portable Universal Wireless Network Data-Modem (size of coin) (YE 44 Salvage Giveaway, TC: 66-41, IC: 2697-7314-100)
  • Civilian Car
  • Neutronium(from Super Demon Power Armor)



Nyx owns one property land

And one house

OOC Information

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Character Data
Character NameNyx Pine
Character OwnerCharaa
Character StatusActive Player Character
Current LocationSirris VI
NDC Character Database
NDC Career StatusActive Duty
NDC BranchLegion
NDC RankN2 Senior Chief Petty Officer
NDC Job CodeWI Infantry
art created by BigBann purchased by Jack Pine

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