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The BW-HBT "Hades"

The Hades is a Heavy Battle Tank(HBT) developed by Department Of Advanced Research And Development (D.O.A.R.A.D.), but manufactured and produced by Department Of Engineering in late-YE 41 to support the new BW-MBT-1A "Centaur". Their new main frontline armor unit fielded by NDC Ground Forces "Duskerian Legion", along side the older Hydra Variable Tank.

About the BW-HBT "Hades"

The Hades is designed as a sturdy and reliable frontline fortress of a tank. Between its tough armor, shields, hover system, backup plate tread assembly, and heavy-hitting S6-Linear Rail Accelerated Tri-Barreled Plasma Cannon "Cerberus". The S6-HBV-1a is all around a formidable multi-purpose armored unit, able to deal and take great amounts of damage, with the reliability and extensive use required by the modern battlefield.

Key Features


In YE 41, as threats continued to surface against the small nation, the New Dusk Conclave decided that they needed to ensure there were heavy hitters present within their forces. Not only among the infantry, but with their armor divisions as well. Given the that one such past threat was still fresh in the people's minds, it was decided a new heavy tank dubbed “Hades” would be their answer. A bigger, stronger, and more formidable tank that brought the might of how far their technology had advanced. Boasting a newly created main battery for a turret called the S6-Linear Rail Accelerated Tri-Barreled Plasma Cannon "Cerberus", it was already slated to prove a mobile piece of artillery grade firepower, on the NDC's first ever hover chassis, which would be shielded by the newest in revolutionary ERA called Low Explosive Webbed Delaminating (LEWD) armor.

It would be finalized and tweaked, being manufactured by the Department Of Engineering for deployment in late-YE41.


The Hades is a dark and blocky vehicle, well larger then tanks previously released by the NDC. It features to skiff like rails underneath flanked by lift modules angled somewhat out and away from the main body. The top half is a very blocky and large three barreled turret, which boasts a thick shield of LEWD armor on one side of the turret, and a rotary chaingun on the other. All in all it has an imposing and distinctive profile, unlike that of other tanks of its class and size.

Statistical Information

Data based on the Hades manufacturing parameters.

  • Crew: 3 pilots2)
  • Maximum Capacity: 28
  • Passenger Capacity: 25 in rear bay
  • Width: 34.5 feet
  • Height: 23 feet
  • Length: 69 feet


Here is the motion performance for the Hades.

  • Ground speed:
    • Plate Treads:20 KPH when in tread mode
    • Hover: 57 KPH
  • Range: 10 days until refuel
  • Lifespan: 10 years without maintenance, 20 with maintenance

Damage Capacity

See DRv3 for an explanation of the damage system.

  • Body: tier 9
  • Shields: tier 9


The back opens up to the rear bay of the tank, which has room for 25 additional individual beings with places at the sides and the middle for them to sit. This is reserved for the passengers, those who weren’t exactly assigned to the tank to operate. Behind that was the hole that allowed the being to enter the tank properly.

Besides this was the systems that specifically showed the tanks, power supply and also where the plasma power core was located. up to the left, there’s a step that brings to the chaingun pilot’s seat while in the middle was a ladder that brings to the main tri guns, while a had of that is the controls of the tank namely movement and so on. rather than using windows, each can see via Volumetrics that shows a HUD, with scanners that detect how much damage the target had.

Weapons Systems

Here are the main armaments of the Hades heavy tank.


Onboard Systems Descriptions

Below here are the various systems included onboard the Hades heavy tank, all sorted under appropriate headings.

Computer System

At the core of the Hades features a whole network of Data crystal-based technology that functions as a processor, which handles the vast majority of the tanks computing needs, as well as sorting all battle data in an efficient manner as needed. Additionally, an EVE is installed as the battlefield and logistical support, fine-tuning the tank's systems and targeting for the crew.

Life Support

The interior is temperature-controlled, and more resistant to EMPs thanks to the hull's construction and materials which effectively dissipates electromagnetic radiation more effectively. An interlaced coolant system keeps all the internal systems within acceptable temperature ranges, as well as preventing the crew area from rising too high in temperature. In addition, an anti-fire foam dispersal system is installed to extinguish fires if occurring onboard. Finally, the hull is sealed and has an oxygen recycling system for in case of underwater, or hazardous environments.


The drive system for the Hades is independent of the power supply used for its main battery. Two racks of 6 BW-PC-1A Plasma Core each are used to power the vehicle and its various support systems. These provide it with enough for deployment times longer than just a few days, but extended field use approaching being deployed for moths would require replacement of the cores.


Here are the various propulsion and movement systems used to propel the Hades.

  • Two Helix Plasma Engines for forward propulsion
  • Magnetic and air based hover lift system built into the Hades' undercarriage

Cargo Capacity

The rear bay can hold numerous crates of cargo, from munitions to weapons, even field equipment. Otherwise, it is a troop bay or a command center within an armored shell of mobile artillery.

Standard Equipment

A kit attached to the back of each pilot seat containing:

Additionally, there are two overhead compartments which hold the following:

OOC Information

Charaa created the page, but Jack Pine asked for assistance originally.

Approved by Charmaylarg here on 10/1/19

Heavy Equipment and Vehicle Operation
1 gunner, 1 driver, and 1 support/commander
two in each compartment
4) , 5)
one in each compartment

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