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S6-Linear Rail Accelerated Tri-Barreled Plasma Cannon "Cerberus"

The Cerberus is a tri-barreled plasma cannon system with solid munition secondary fire mode. Created and produced by Section 6 in the year YE 40, and is used mainly by the NDC's naval and armor divisions.

About the Cerberus

In YE 40, after the battle of the exodus, where Section 6 was attacked by a group calling themselves Hades. It became clear that S6, soon known as the New Dusk Conclave, needed more and stronger firepower. So in large part due to Seraphina Cerulius, who received an injury during the conflict, designed the “Cerberus” with help from the weapons department. It would forever be their testament that for no matter the force struck with by their foes, they would return it three fold.

This mounted weapon is meant more for very large vehicles and starships only due to its size alone. It features a secondary fire mode where the plasma feed can be switched off, and kinetic based rounds can be loaded in manually. This was largely done to allow the use of Sutafaia Fusion Shells, which would be used to eliminate hardened targets. Or in case of biohazard based threats, sterilize a area of said threat.

Nomenclature Information


The Cerberus is usually only ever used on a heavy turret mount, with a protective shell over it. The outer shell is boxy and houses the plasma generation chambers for each barrel, linked together with fuel lines clearly seen if one were to remove the plating. The barrels are long and rectangular, covering the magnetic rails that launch the lethal projectiles this weapon produces.

Discharge Information

  • Muzzle Flash: A flash of blue followed by dispelled gases of the same color, with some residual static charge visible.1)
  • Retort: A brief and shrill shriek, before a loud and thundering bark.
    • Projectile/Beam Appearance: A bright, long fiery blue bolt of coherent plasma.2)
  • Effective Range 4,000 yards
  • Rate of Fire: One shot every two seconds when barrels are fired in sequence, and five seconds in between discharges of all barrels at once.
  • Recoil: Strong concussive kick that pushes the vehicle back a bit.

Ammunition (Or 'Energy Source' if applicable)

  • Ammunition
  • Round Capacity: One full bank of plasma cores6) is enough for 120 shots.
    • Secondary Magazine: A small magazine for special solid munitions is also installed aboard whatever vehicle the Cerberus is mounted on, and holds 12 shells.
“Cerberus” Damage Quickchart
Mode Purpose7) Purpose8)
1 barrel9) T7 T9
3 barrels10) T9 T10

Weapon Mechanisms

  • Firing Mechanism: Power and fuel are drawn from the bank of cores into the charging chamber, where the fuel is converted to plasma. It's contained in a magnetic field and fired down a magnetic rail lined barrel, leaving the barrel as a cohesive bolt of plasma. This process is done for each barrel at a time, allowing continuous fire, or it is done with all three barrels, which although increases damage output requires a period to charge up to full. This is because the fuel feed is split between all three barrels, thus reducing quantity transferred per second.
  • Secondary Fire Mode: The power and plasma injectors are disengaged, and the firing chamber is unlocked to allow solid munitions to be loaded via a manual loading system.
  • Loading: Power is drawn from the back of power cores that are hooked up to the Cerberus.11)
  • Mode Selector:The weapon is either active and armed, or off and not armed.
  • Firing Modes: The Cerberus features two distinct fire modes.
    • Semi- where the barrels are fired in sequence.
    • Unified- All barrels are fired at once.
  • Weapon Sight: None, other then that of the vehicle this weapon is mounted on.



  • S6-LRATBPC “Cerberus”: 2,000KS, 4,000DA, 8,000DS

Replaceable Parts and Components

  • barrel: 500KS, 1,000DA, 2,000DS
  • cooling system: 700KS, 1,400DA, 2,800DS
  • plasma focusing system: 800KS, 1,600DA, 3,200DS


Plasma Cores Price Quickchart
Type Price (10 pack)
BW-PC-1A Plasma Core 500KS, 1,000DA, 2,000DS

OOC Notes

Jack Pine created this article on 2018/12/07 12:20.

Approved by Syaoran on 4/5/2019

None if using the secondary fire mode.
Trail of distorted air if using the secondary fire mode where the plasma injectors are disengaged.
Using all barrels at once and are all a hit.
One barrel is a T7 shot.
All barrels at once. One barrel is T9 with the use of Sutafaia Fusion Shell. However any 50mm kinetic based munition will work.
10 cores
Fired in sequence.
Fired all at once.
Shells for the secondary firing mode are manually loaded through a mechanical assist system directly into the firing chamber. The chamber is then resealed before firing.

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