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Arye Firewalker

Arye is a player character played by Charaa.

Arye Firewalker
Species & Gender: Operator Female
Date of Birth: 35日 9月 YE 42
Organization: New Dusk Conclave
Occupation: Ghost with the C.A.F.F
Rank: Ensign
Current Placement: NDS Ravenaca's Watch


Physical Description

Arye stands at the height of 5’8 with the body measurements of 36B-24-36 though her body tends to be more gymnastic than bodybuilding, but it’s kept neat and well maintained as if she treated her body like a temple. To set herself apart from her Operator cohorts, she has given herself blue shoulder-length hair, and blue round eyes, though her skin was pale like the other operators. The outfit she wore was kept neat and tidy and behind her was a canine-like tail. She stands straight, with no slouching when she moves.


Arye is as most Operators were in that she can be task-focused, at least with her duties. She has confidence in her piloting skills, which allow her some courage to perform daredevil and risk-taking type of maneuvers. Though her last name had been given to her by her father figure, Azonius, she has crashed a flew Fighters in the simulation that some have taken to calling her Firewalker.

She’s stubborn with a refusal to quit no matter what, and this perseverance has aided her greatly, as she developed skills in piloting a starship, though she preferred to use the Anima system with a Starbreaker. The Starbreaker was her favorite Fighter class during her “childhood” and so when she got the order to take one as part of her new assignment, she was ecstatic.

She’s friendly to others, until they give her a reason not to be friendly, and she dislikes Criminals, Pirates, and Kuvexians.


In later YE 42 Engineers at one of the Operator facilities in New Dusk Conclave generated an egg, or rather a seed, which came preloaded with all the basic required knowledge and skills to operate within the military are preloaded. Additional knowledge and skills are included for their intended role, focusing specifically on ship-system management. After this, a personality formed, one encouraged to be pure and enthusiastic about her Nation.

Her Personality only developed as time passed, and she became interested in her appearance, which soon formed her height, blue eyes, and hair, and her skin color. Her appearance reached other traits such as her feminine body type. Eventually, as with other Operators, her mind came to the point where things can’t simply be installed, she will have to learn as organics did, but her body wasn’t constructed yet, so she was placed in a Virtual reality learning area, where she got to meet others like her, Operators, and AI alike.

Arye passed through her childhood, with some impatience since she wanted to get out and do her part for the NDC but during her education, she showed a talent for piloting, and a higher enthusiasm for piloting starships. She’d used the data to learn about the various starships and found that she loved the Starbreaker above all the other fighter class. During training, she crashed a fighter which caused flames to erupt, but since this was all Virtual, she just walked through the flames, which earned her the nickname of Firewalker. But she could work past the accident and complete her training.

Between tests and training, she was socializing after all; the NDC didn’t want mindless killing machines. During Socialization, she noticed that a few of her Operator comrades were developing prejudicial views towards natural-born beings early on, but those views didn’t take with Arye, and to keep interactions from getting rocky with her, she thought logically.

When she could finally leave the Virtual reality area and had a physical body. She requisitioned a poster of a Starbreaker picture she wanted to hang on the wall of her bed. Then she went for her physical training while joining the rest of the Warrior cadre in physical training facilities, which she hoped to further enhance her training and to get used to how things were done in the real world. During this time, she met the head of the NDC’s Department of Communication, and she learned new languages with his help.

Unfortunately, because of the differences in what she and her friend, V115 trained for, she didn’t get as much of a chance interacting, save for days off, but she stuck up for her at a naming ceremony. Fortunately, more than one person couldn’t be called a pretender, and before anyone could call her a fake, her past of crashing the fighter came back, and she was given the callsign Firewalker. To the originator of the Pretender idea, she chose to subtle call trashbait which a few of her fellow operators liked.

She also subtly revealed she had some blackmail she could use against them if they tried anything rude. After this, she received her assignment, and as luck would have it, she spotted her friend’s name there on the crew roster, which brought a smile to her face.

Skills Learned


Given the unique physiology of the Operators, Arye possesses the same physical aptitude as all of her kind. She is rated to lift up to 600 kilos and has a jump distance of 20 meters. Fast on her feet as well, she is quite the speedy runner.


Arye has been imprinted with Trade (language), and she is capable of writing and speaking the language.  She furthered her education with Yamataigo (邪馬台語) since Yamatai is an ally of New Dusk Conclave. Thanks to her relationship with the Head of Department of Communications, she has been given access to educational books that allow her further languages that she could speak.  As with most Androids, she will also over time be able to learn new languages by hearing them spoken in front of her.

She is proficient in standard naval communications in the NDC.

Technology Operation

Given standard Operator VR training, Arye like many of her fellow Operators are trained with the standard operation of the BW-E-2 Anima System, as well her internal systems such as the NH-M-M2 "Orchestra", NH-M-M3 "Crescendo", and ECS. In addition, to all the other common technology used by the NDC such as data pads, computers, and personal digital devices.

Pilot Skills

She has been uploaded with the programmable skills that allow her to take the place of a pilot, whether or not she was flying a Fighter, or something much larger. She is also comfortable using the Anima system. As a result of using the system, she is also aware of the effects of controlling certain Ships and is comfortable in full operations.

Martial Arts

She was programmed with the necessary skills that would allow her to fight without her weapons, should the need arise.

Social Connections

Arye Firewalker is connected to:

Inventory & Finance


  • Starship internal gravity generator (YE 42 Salvage Giveaway, TC: 52-71, IC: 3749-12553-117)
  • Expensive Suit (YE 42 Salvage Giveaway, TC: 69-13, IC: 954-3437-74)
  • Box of Data Storage Devices - Contains Movies (YE 42 Salvage Giveaway, TC: 70-80, IC: 5657-10137-142)
  • Type 30 Cargo Truck, Shelter Truck Version (YE 42 Salvage Giveaway, TC: 2-85, IC: 227-20202-87)
  • Ammunition Crate, 35x228mm KZ (Type 30 Machine Gun) (YE 42 Salvage Giveaway, TC: 21-17, IC: 414-3627-36)
  • Large box full of blankets, sheets, and pillowcases (YE 42 Salvage Giveaway, TC: 55-41, IC: 2257-5018-90)
  • 1 crate containing 40 Zen Armaments Precision Sniper Rifle and 40 BU-P50R batteries (YE 42 Salvage Giveaway, TC: 55-56, IC: 3137-10025-105)
  • Silver dining utensil (YE 44 Salvage Giveaway, TC: 27-18, IC: 516-3261-42)
  • Rail Gun Artillery (intact) (YE 44 Salvage Giveaway, TC: 33-71, IC: 2367-12766-101)
  • Boxed set of assorted strings (YE 44 Salvage Giveaway, TC: 92-6, IC: 333-1137-87)
  • Wad of burnt plastic
  • Crate of Shuttle Parts (use to fix a damaged shuttle)

OOC Information

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In the case charaa becomes inactive:

Character Data
Character NameArye Firewalker
Character OwnerCharaa
Character StatusActive Player Character
Current LocationSirris VI
PlotsNDS Ravenaca's Watch (Plot)
NDC Character Database
NDC Career StatusActive Duty
NDC BranchNavy
NDC RankO1 Ensign
NDC Job CodeWP Pilot
NDC Assignmentplots:nds_ravenacas_watch
Arye art was created by Charaa using Artbreeder

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