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Standard Damage Control Station

These units, placed at strategic locations throughout a starship (the starships page must list these) are designed to help crew members of Star Army of Yamatai starships control and repair damage to their starships.

These stations contain the following:

The stations are kept behind sliding panels. These panels can be locked by the captain if desired and unlocked by authorized persons or the ship's computer.

Ten Commandments of Star Army Damage Control

  1. Keep your starship airtight
  2. Do not violate ship hatch restrictions and readiness conditions
  3. Have confidence in your starship's ability to sustain severe damage
  4. Know your way around, even in the dark and in zero-gravity
  5. Know how to use and maintain damage control equipment
  6. Report damage to the nearest damage control station
  7. Secure personal belongings
  8. Protect yourself so you can protect your ship.
  9. Take every possible step to save your ship.
  10. Your mind is your best tool. Stay cool, think, and work the problems.

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