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Mining Guild Contingent

The Mining Guild Contingent is a group that elected to go with the Motoyoshi Clan and Yugumo Corporation after being invited to go along.

About the Contingent

The invitation by the Motoyoshi Clan caused a reaction within the Mining Guild. This resulted in the Contingent being formed via individuals employed by the Mining Guild. Primarily those with adventure in their hearts. The Kurosaki sisters set up the group, with Kali Firewalker answering their call. As per company policy, however, until they find a system and establish their home there, they could not yet be called a branch. They still helped as did members of the guild and the corps of the New Dusk Conclave in forming the Delta fleet.


In the vast expanse of space, where alliances are forged and power shifts like cosmic tides, a pivotal moment emerged as the Mining Guild Contingent, safeguarded by the formidable Delta Fleet, united with the illustrious members of the Motoyoshi Clan, cousins to the Imperial family of the Yamatai Star Empire. This convergence marked the genesis of a force unparalleled in its strength and unity— the Alliance Fleet.

With each group that pledged allegiance to the Motoyoshi Clan, the fleet swelled in numbers and might, its reputation echoing across the stars. As the Alliance Fleet charted its course through the void, it set its sights on the Kosuke Sector, a region ripe with potential and intrigue.

Under the dynamic leadership of Kali Firewalker, the Mining Guild emerged as a linchpin in the alliance, its expertise and resources complementing the diverse array of factions within the Fleet. Collaborative efforts blossomed as the Mining Guild seamlessly integrated with their newfound allies, particularly the formidable Fifth Expeditionary Fleet of the Yamatai Star Empire and select assets from the revered First Expeditionary Fleet.

With each synchronized maneuver and strategic collaboration, the Alliance Fleet surged forward, its collective strength a beacon of hope and determination in the cosmos. Together, they navigated the challenges of the Kosuke Sector, forging alliances, confronting adversaries, and shaping the destiny of the stars themselves. As they ventured deeper into the unknown, the Alliance Fleet stood as a testament to the power of unity and cooperation in the face of the vast mysteries of the universe.

Nestled within the depths of the Sharie system, the Alliance Fleet found solace and stability, transforming the once uncharted region into a bustling hub teeming with activity and purpose. Under the watchful gaze of the fleet's leadership, the Sharie system flourished, serving as a vital nexus for the Alliance Fleet's operations and endeavors.

As the Mining Guild Contingent settled into their new home, they wasted no time in leveraging their expertise in asteroid mining to extract the rich resources scattered throughout the system's asteroid belts. With precision and efficiency, they embarked on their familiar task, harvesting the valuable ores and minerals that would sustain the Alliance Fleet's ventures.

Meanwhile, amidst the industrious hum of the Mining Guild's operations, a clandestine collaboration took root. Members of the Mining Guild Engineering Corps, driven by innovation and a thirst for advancement, found common ground with their counterparts from the esteemed Yugumo Corporation's Engineering Teams. Together, they embarked on a clandestine venture that would redefine the boundaries of exploration and discovery—the creation of the Pegasus-class Prospecting starship.

Forged from the melding of Mining Guild ingenuity and Yugumo Corporation's technological prowess, the Pegasus-class Prospector emerged as a beacon of innovation within the Alliance Fleet. Equipped with state-of-the-art sensors, cutting-edge propulsion systems, and unparalleled maneuverability, the Pegasus-class soared through the cosmos, charting uncharted territories and unlocking the secrets hidden within the vast reaches of space.

With the Pegasus-class leading the charge, the Mining Guild expanded its reach beyond mere mining operations, venturing into the unexplored frontiers of the Sharie system and beyond. Guided by their shared vision of progress and exploration, the alliance between the Mining Guild and Yugumo Corporation blazed a trail of discovery, forever altering the course of the Alliance Fleet's journey through the stars.

As Station Decacron stood steadfast in its position within the bustling Sharie System, a beacon of stability and industry, Captain Tammo Sheath embarked on an expedition of exploration and discovery aboard the Durandium Phoenix. With determination in their hearts and the vast expanse of space before them, Captain Sheath and their crew ventured forth into the unknown.

Their journey led them to the discovery of two remarkable new systems, each holding its own promise and potential. Gyokai, a system brimming with abundant resources, offered untold riches waiting to be unearthed by the skilled hands of the Mining Guild. Proclycon, on the other hand, presented a stark contrast—a solitary supergiant star, casting its brilliant light across the emptiness of space.

Intriguingly, Proclycon held a particular fascination for Yue, a member of the Motoyoshi Clan whose interests lay in the realm of Daikoku Agriculture starships. As Tammo pondered Yue's intentions for Proclycon, a shroud of mystery enveloped the enigmatic figure's motives. What drove Yue's interest in this solitary star system? What plans lay dormant within the depths of her mind, waiting to be unveiled?

As Tammo and the crew of the Durandium Phoenix grappled with these questions, they found themselves drawn deeper into the intricacies of alliances and ambitions that intertwined within the fabric of the Alliance Fleet. With each new discovery, the boundaries of exploration expanded, revealing both the boundless opportunities and the inherent risks that lay scattered throughout the cosmos. And amidst it all, Tammo remained ever vigilant, guiding their expedition with a steady hand and a keen eye for the unexpected.

Later on, Kali Firewalker, and with Tammo as her escort, had arrived at a memorial, and as Kali Firewalker and Tammo Sheath made their solemn way to the memorial hosted by the Motoyoshi Clan, the weight of history hung heavy in the air. It was a gathering to pay homage to the fallen, to honor the memory of those who had sacrificed everything in a pivotal moment of conflict in the Kikyo Sector.

Standing amidst the somber ambiance, Kali Firewalker, a beacon of strength and resilience, approached Katsuko Ketsurui-Motoyoshi, the esteemed head of the Motoyoshi Clan. In a gesture both symbolic and profound, Kali presented the Gemstone Orchid—a marvel of Mining Guild technology crafted with precision and care.

The Gemstone Orchid stood not only as a work of art but as a promise—a promise of collaboration, unity, and shared purpose between their respective groups. It represented the bonds forged through hardship and perseverance, the understanding that in times of trial, strength could be found in solidarity.

As Kali placed the Gemstone Orchid into Katsuko's hands, the significance of the moment echoed through the assembled crowd. It was a testament to the enduring spirit of cooperation and mutual respect that defined the alliance between the Mining Guild and the Motoyoshi Clan.

With heads bowed in reverence, hearts heavy with remembrance, and minds filled with the hope of a brighter future, Kali and Tammo stood as witnesses to the unfolding of history—a history shaped by the resilience of those who dared to forge connections across the stars. And as they departed the memorial, their resolve strengthened, their commitment to collaboration reaffirmed, they carried with them the echoes of the past and the promise of a tomorrow illuminated by the light of unity.

General Information

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Mining Guild Contingent
Leader Kali Firewalker
Faction Independent1)
Product Symbol MG

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Jan Feli Chief Medical Officer of Station Decacron Cat Anthro
Senju Executive Assistant Helashio
uuze Engineer Hedoro

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The Contingent leads Delta fleet, as such, it has control over all of the ships within. It also governs Station Decacron as its seat of power.

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