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Mining Guild

Business Information


The Mining Guild is Divided into many Divisions as a corporation.

Board of Directors

Corporate Security

Exploration Team

Resource extraction Team

Creative and Development



Expedition Team



Mining Guild Property





    • Ironskin Settlement
    • Mount Venture Settlement
    • Astral Settlement
    • Tundra plains Settlement
    • Freezy Land Settlement

Space Station

Mobile Settlements


The Mining Guild has its own Shipyard




AI and Technology


Systems Owned

Mining Guild Contingent

Shared Control


Mining Operations

This is a subarticle of Mining Guild.

About Mining Guild Operations

Below is a list of Mining Operations that the Mining Guild is currently operating in, these are split into locations that the Guild owned and the Star systems.

Currently there is only one Star System owned by the Mining Guild, and that's the Draco Eridanus System.

Planetary Operations

Sirris VI

Twin Springs Valley Mine

Twin Springs mine was the very first mine that was formed at the outskirts of NDC controlled green zone some 5 km away. It was located in a depression that some have chosen to call a valley, that’s a kilometer in length, and in the valley was a spring water pond that gave the new Twin Springs Settlement a source of water. To this day it is still operational, located due south eastern direction from Obsidian City. Due to the fact they needed to open more mines, and because Astrid wanted to remain at HQ to oversee things there, they chose to leave their childhood friend, and former Refugee - Alara in charge of the mine.

Ore Found

  • 90 percent Bauxite ore
  • 80 percent Gemstones 1)
  • 40 percent Titanium

Ironskin Mine

Ironskin Mine is named after a small docile creature that made its home nearby. Much like Twin Springs mine, there is a water source but it’s contaminated, so the NDC will need to create water filters in order to drink. The mine itself was the second mind to be created, and they chose to go the opposite direction of their first mine. It is North East of Obsidian City and like the other mines its 5 kilometers to the edge of NDC controlled area. The one placed in charge of this mine was Codra.

its settlement is known as Ironskin Mine Settlement

Ore Found

  • 90 percent Iron ore
  • 80 percent Copper
  • 40 percent Gemstones 2)

Obsidian Depths Mineshaft

This mine unlike the others was created closer to the Obsidian City and so it doesn’t follow the directional set locations for Mines. The closeness was purposeful because many of the Miners and the Overseer had families that included young kids they needed to get back too. The mine Overseer is Separa’shan refugee Achilles Slither.

Ore found

  • 90 percent Durandium. 3)
  • 80 percent Sapphires
  • 10 percent traces of tin.

Astral Mine

The Mining Guild had been interested in looking for traces of Aether, to either give to the NDC or to use for their own uses, so when they opened Astral mine, which was North of Obsidian city, some of the less knowledgeable members of the Guild thought that the mine could be a source of Aether. . Of course, this wasn’t true, but they did discover that this mine had even better sources of materials, namely Gemstones, which littered the entire mine with crystals. The mine was managed by Overseer Unit 1, along with security to watch so that things aren’t destroyed in order to steal the Gemstones.

The Guild had a settlement named Astral Settlement

Ore Found

  • 0 metal ore
  • 100 percent Gemstones 4)

Mount Venture Mines

Mount Venture was a rocky location that had an elevation height enough to be considered a mountain, so the Mine here was carved into it after the Locators discovered that the mine was a source rich in bauxite ore, various gemstones, as well as other metals. The mine was called Mount Venture Mines, as an affectionate feeling to the Mountain location and it was managed by Jason who was Alara’s brother.

Mount Venture Vault Settlement

Ore Found

  • 90 percent bauxite ore
  • 80 percent Gemstones 5)
  • 50 percent metal ores that can be made into Durandium, or Steel.

System Operations

These are the systems that the Mining Guild has gone to continue mining operations, and also water collection. The First is the Sanctum system, then its Nephis, and finally Draco Eridanus.



Crystaria is a Ice giant, and thus, in later YE 42 they updated their quipment and upgraded certain ships for a cold weather environment. This included their Settlements

Tundra plains

Tundra Plains is the name of the region of Crystaria that was named by the Mining Guild, using new technology they have a Settlement here and after breaking through the ice, they began collecting water. No Ore was collected, but it’s very rich in Ice that can be made into water.


When NDC have expanded to the Nephis system, like imprinted baby chicks, the Mining Guild have followed them.

Arcadia Mines

Due to having just arrived, the Mining Guild doesn’t have too many mines, but this location was noted as possible locations by Mine Locator Personnel.

Crystal Caves

When the NDC expanded to Nephis, like imprinted baby chicks, the Mining Guild followed them, and after the initial settling in, they began looking for sites in which to create mines. The Crystal Caves were the first location, and Chapter head Nicola Walker, and Freethinker Toji had found these locations, and they began speculating about the glowing crystals.

Rocky peak

Due to having just arrived, the Mining Guild doesn’t have too many mines, but this location was noted as possible locations by Mine Locator Personnel.

Below Zero

Below Zero is the name of the location in the North and Southern pole area of the planet Daichi in the Nephis System. The Mining Guild will be coming here once their other Mines are set up.

Systems owned

There is one System location owned by the Mining guild and its a Asteroid field called Draco Eridanus System

Freezy Land

Ruby, Emerald, and to a lesser extent Diamonds
Or rather Materials that can be used to make Durandium
Ruby, Emerald, Diamonds, Sapphires, Garnets
Various kinds

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