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Alara Botkid

Alara Botkid is an NPC controlled by various GM's potentially who are a part of New Dusk Conclave, and also Charaa. This NPC can be found here Charaa's Characters

Species & Gender Synthetic Human-female
Organization: Mining Guild
Occupation: Overseer

Character Description

Human standard appearance, round ears, and black hair, while her skin was bluish-grey color, which made her glowing techno-synthetic eyes glow bright orange. She has c cup breasts and stands at 5’6 in height and about 200 weight. her hair is short

Personality wise, she is calm serious and careful regards to the mine, and she doesn't tolerate goofing off when it could get people killed.


Alara and her brother Jason were created as part of a project where the scientists hoped to try and merge Synthetic and the organic, in a way Cyborgs, to make them smarter and possibly better workers, Alara showed greater intelligence and she can influence others who were connected to her in a network to have some of the traits she did, so they thought they can use that to make great leaders, the lab got attacked, so Alara and her brother escaped, a War android was sent after her but he began malfunctioning and instead of kill her, he saved he life, he taught her things, and her brother was soon rescued as well and so now safe, they flew away before the machine died from loss of power. Eventually they found themselves in the New Dusk Conclave, where their kind was welcomed. Alara decided to join the Mining Guild since it felt to her that she might do some good there.


Jason Botkid -Brother


OOC Notes

This NPC was created by Charaa on 2019/10/06 21:26.

Character Data
Character NameAlara Botkid
Character OwnerCharaa
Character StatusNPC In Use By GM or FM
Current LocationSirris VI

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