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Dracotown Infrastructure

This page lists the Infrastructure of the Station Omacron


Transportation allows travelers to go places where walking wouldn’t be able to cut it.

Space Travel

DracoTown is within the Draco Eridanus System System, so those familiar with it, when going to general will of course be able to go to the System Capital when going for a visit.

Inter Station Network

The City and the Station are connected via a Maglev Rail System Network. Passengers sit in 68-foot train cars. Those in Draco Eridanus, the seats themselves are memory foam-lined, giving great comfort and there is room to allow those passengers wishing to recline if they desired to. Underneath the flooring is a specialized gravity device that allows the passengers to leave their seats to go to the bathroom or go to grab food without being affected by the speed that the system is making their transport go.

The driver is in the car at the front of the transport, which is about 73 feet. This was because of the controls for speed, and other detection systems. It uses a form of Maglev to use its speed. These also assist those wanting to go to the higher levels

Bus Transit

Intercity transportation uses longer vehicles called a Bus to transport passengers wanting to go to a destination within a city. Depending on where its location the passengers could visit a Hub if they wanted to. The seats are less comfortable, but they are still safe.

Piloting Vehicles

Within the City itself are places for cars that can allow people to bypass the light rail system.

Landing Pads

Throughout the city are places for cars to land on, what some might describe as parking areas, and there are smaller landing pads, for those with the ability to fly that aren’t vehicles. Those with wings, whether organic or synthetic, have a special area for them to land on. This is close to doors to the buildings, as well as the stations, including those on the higher levels.


DracoTown as a place within the NDC as such, its civilian populations have access to NDC standard Communication Systems including the Comm Buoys as well as the radio towers. The Inhabitants of DracoTown can communicate with their friends and family both on their own neighborhood, or even outside the system. The Comm buoys also allow them to communicate with the inhabitants in the Sanctuary system, Vale and Nephis systems, as well as


Waste is one of the infrastructures in the society. This is partly found within the sewage system, which transports biological waste through to a location. For things like garbage, this is picked up via garbage trucks, and the biological waste is transported.

Waste Disposal

Waste is transferred to a large 40-foot tank. Here, a huge magnet slides over the ceiling; metal items are picked up by this and are transported to a new tank. It is there where an advanced sorting system sorts the pieces into proper holes. The metal is smelted, and merges into what would normally be a giant ingot, had it all not been separated again before it entered the molds. The metal is sent to the various factories of the New Dusk Conclave to be made into new items. Broken electronics are taken apart, the metal joins the other metal, and the other materials follow suit in their respective compartments. Nonmetals like plastics and paper-based materials are also captured via technology that can attract them due to their molecular makeup, and broken plastics are made into something new. Wood is simply broken up and used as fodder for nanotech machines programmed to replicate via consumption of matter.

Waste for Agriculture

Manure is dropped into large barrels that are transferred to farms or factories that can turn it into fertilizer.


On Station Omacron, there was a place for farming as part of the industrial section of the station but currently they will use Yugumo Corp’s Agriculture ships for their farming needs.

places to eat also have its own Menu Food list.

Water infrastructure

general gets its water from the ice drifts as well as from steam, created from the engineering section, and those in the city. The last source is from the Mining Guild’s Undersuits, the leftover water that was captured. All water is quadrupled filtered so that nothing, not even microbes, can contaminate water making it the purest water. Much like on the planets, it also it uses aqueducts that transfer the water through the sewers and feeds, pipes, as well as flushing toilets and working sinks. It has running water for both showering and drinking.

Emergency Systems

Fire Emergency Systems

When smoke is detected at a location the system detects this. If the smoke is in a small area like a room, then it immediately hermetically seals the area with steel doors. Then the system begins siphoning oxygen, and it blocks oxygen, so that the Flames will die down before the area is sprayed with Fire extinguishing foam. For large areas like houses and buildings than the dedicated Secundan Anti Fire department will deal with it. Any damages will be dealt with by the Strazci and the repair drones

Electronic systems

As a high-tech society, Electronic and electrical systems are a part of the infrastructure.

Network Equipment and Servers

They use a network of radio towers to communicate with each other, and they have computers that also use a network. The computers also have servers that are localized to each district, and the main one which the entire Station uses is connected via the Quantum Network to the other systems in the NDC. Each business also has critical networking and Servers to serve the critical functions they will provide.

Electrical Grid

The Electrical grid provides power through the cities and settlements. The Station, like the planets uses a Plasma Power Core for its power needs, so the electricity is plasma-based.

Physical Cabling and Components

Similarly, the physical cabling and components making up the data network of a company operating within a specific location are also the infrastructure for the businesses in question, as they are necessary to support business operations.


Some of the Institutions that are a part of the planet’s infrastructure are.

  • Healthcare System 1)
  • Financial Institutions,2)
  • Governmental Systems,
  • Law Enforcement 3)
  • Education System 4)


The Medical infrastructure deals with anything and everything dealing with Public health such as Hospitals, or clinics where patients could go to get the medical aid that they need. Dracotownian Hospitals are modeled off of Guardian's Sanctuary Hospital in the capital of the New Dusk Conclave. Much like anywhere in the NDC, it is controlled by the Department of Medical Services. They have facilities containing the Auto-Doc which helps to relieve Doctors so that the aren’t overworked.

Governmental Infrastructure

As a City in the New Dusk Conclave it uses some of the same governmental institutions


Draco Eridanus’s government has a new initiative that prevents homelessness as well as gives adequate heating for cold-blooded Species requirements. It also has Institutions for education from Preschool to the University level.


Education is an important part of society. It is how a civilization can advance itself from a tribe to something great and powerful. Within the sections below are the Schools and are named at the specific levels.

Pre School

  • Northside Preschool
  • Southside preschool
  • Skyview Kindergarten

Elementary School

  • Northside Elementary
  • West Elementary
  • Skyview Elementary
  • Southside Elementary
  • Cyber Elementary

High School

  • Westside High School
  • Southside Academy
  • Skyview Academy
  • Cyber Academy


City College

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Pre-Elementary-High School-College

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