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Character Creation Guide: Mining Guild Edition

This is a Character Creation Guide for creating a Mining Guild Character. Ready to start? Please open Character Template or simply go characters:factionname:namey and follow along.


Welcome to the Mining Guild, where the depths of space or underground places hold untold treasures and dangers. Whether you're a seasoned prospector or a newcomer looking to strike it rich, the Mining Guild offers opportunities for adventure, profit, and maybe even a little glory. Here's a guide to help you create a character fit for the rigors of mining in the far reaches of the cosmos:

Choose Your Role

Within the Mining Guild, there are various roles to fill, each with its own set of skills and responsibilities. Consider what role best suits your character:


Board Member: individuals who serve on the Mining Guild’s board of directors, in either the Main Group, or Branch Groups

Administrator: Those who oversee the logistical and administrative aspects of mining operations, managing budgets, schedules, and personnel.

Prospector: The brave souls who venture into uncharted territory in search of valuable resources.

Engineer: The technical experts who maintain and repair mining equipment, ensuring operations run smoothly.

Security: Guardians of the mining operation, responsible for protecting the crew and assets from threats both natural and man-made.

Miner: Those who operate heavy machinery, extract ores, and process raw materials.

Pilots: individuals who fly the starships the Mining Guild Control.

Your Character

If you haven’t already decided on things, I hope this part especially helps you decide on what you want for your Mining Guild Character.


The first step in crafting your character's appearance is to determine their species. The Mining Guild is made up of a diverse group of individuals from different planets and backgrounds. Your character can be humans or any alien Species that you can imagine. But there are some restrictions.

NDC Species

Primarily the species that has great representation are Anthro, primarily cat Anthro, with more recently Fox Anthros joining the Mining Guild. Other Anthro species 1) may join as well.

Synthetics Androids, Gynoids, and Robots including Operator are the most represented in the Mining Guild, as it's much easier to create a robot, furthermore, some Miners have chosen to operate a robotic body remotely, which may cause the numbers for Synthetics to grow.

Separa'Shan are known to be explorers some may choose to settle, and work in the Mining Guild. When Essia was invaded during the Kuvexian war, the Mining Guild have accepted many Separa’shan refugees and gave them work. One Separa’shan is an Overseer in a Mine2).

There are currently no restricted species in the NDC, as you can be any species.

Yamataian Species

For Yamatai, you can be any species typically found in Yamatai but there are two important species to note. I’d like the Norians to be a part of the Mining Guild, however, Andrew has asked that they remain in Yamatai, and the Star Army, I believe. With the Mining Guild now having a branch in Yamatai, it might be possible to play a Norian in the Mining Guild; however, while I may want them, it is best to ask Andrew if it is right.

The Nekovalkyrja species, has representation, in the Mining Guild, as the Kurosaki sisters3) are Nekovalkyrja, however, they aren't the military version. For the Yamataian branch, non-military Nekos will be able to join, but they must have either gone through their three-year military time, or had managed to get it paid off.


The work of a miner can be physically demanding, and your character's daily labor will inevitably shape their body. Are they tall and muscular from years of hauling heavy equipment? Or lean and wiry from squeezing through tight tunnels? Consider their height and body type when creating their appearance.

Extra Body Info

The Mining Guild is not Gender strict, so you can play a woman who works in the Mining Guild, and yes, said woman can indeed have breasts4). The only limit I feel comfortable asking is not to have her breasts be so large that they cause injuries to her back, so please don’t make them like 2,000-kilometer sized, or equivalent. Even if your character’s a Cyborg or robot (Android, or Gynoid) please don’t.


Players playing characters in the New Dusk Conclave will have the use of the Anima System allowing them to remotely control Robotic bodies. These bodies will be fitted with an ANT Power Armor allowing them to work in the mine, or Asteroid field. Of course, they don’t have to use this robotic body, it is up to the player.

Skin Color and Texture

The Mining Guild operates across different planets and environments, so your character's skin color and texture can vary greatly. Do they have green skin from working on a planet with a high concentration of copper? Or a rough, scarred complexion from mining in harsh desert conditions?

Hair and Eye Color

The color and style of your character's hair and eyes can add depth and personality to their appearance. Maybe they have vibrant blue hair to match their bright blue eyes, or perhaps their hair is shaved close to their head for practical reasons. 5)Get creative with these details.

Scars and Tattoos

Working in the Mining Guild can be dangerous, and your character may have a few battle scars to show for it. Consider adding some scars or tattoos to their appearance to show the challenges they have faced and the stories behind them.

Facial Features

The face is often the most memorable part of a character's appearance. Consider the shape of your character's face, nose, mouth, and any other defining features. Are they stern and serious, or do they have a friendly and approachable face?

Personal Grooming

In a world where mining is the top priority, personal grooming may not be at the forefront of your character's mind. However, they may have certain habits or preferences when it comes to bathing, shaving, and maintaining hygiene. Think about how your character's personal grooming choices affect their appearance.


As part of the Mining Guild, your character will have a set uniform which doubles as a control system for the ANT Power Armor. While working. However, they may have their own unique style when off-duty. Consider what type of clothing your character would wear based on their personality and job position within the guild.


Accessories can add a touch of individuality to your character's appearance. Think about what type of tools or equipment they would carry with them while working in the mines. This could include a Plasma Cutter/Torch.


The age of your character plays a crucial role in their appearance. Are they a grizzled veteran with wrinkles and scars? Or a young up-and-comer with a fresh face? The choice is yours, but make sure it fits with your character's backstory.

Clones, Robots, Operators and Nekovalkyrja

Clones, Robots, Operators, and Nekovalkyrja are species/biological or technological species that are in some cases, adults when they come into existence. Clones and Nekovalkyrja are biological, Neko’s become adults after three months, while Clones are adults when they leave their tanks. An important note, for Nekovalkyrja the youngest to join the Mining Guild would be three years old, once their three-year military time is up 6).


Personality Traits: Think about your character's personality traits and how they interact with others in the mining crew. Are they stoic and focused, or do they have a knack for making friends and diffusing tense situations? Consider how their personality affects their relationships and decision-making.

Goals and Motivations: What are your character's goals within the Mining Guild? Are they driven by a desire for wealth, adventure, or something more personal? Understanding your character's motivations will help guide their actions and decisions throughout the roleplay.

Flaws and Challenges: No character is perfect so consider what flaws and challenges your character faces. Whether it's a fear of confined spaces, a tendency to take reckless risks, or a troubled past that haunts them, these flaws add complexity and depth to your character.

Additional Help

Andrew has provided some links for his Norian CCG which I find could be useful, thus they are also linked below.

Likes and Dislikes

While the character creation templates do not have a “likes” and “dislikes” section, for some help, if you’d like to have one, Andrew has provided a link below, via his guide.


Connections: Consider your character's connections within the Mining Guild and beyond. Do they have friends or rivals among their fellow miners? Are there factions or organizations they're aligned with or opposed to? Building a network of relationships adds depth to your character's backstory and can lead to interesting plot developments.


Skills and Abilities: Determine your character's skills and abilities based on their role and background. Prospects might excel in navigation and survival skills, while engineers possess technical expertise in machinery and electronics. Security personnel might be proficient in combat and tactical strategies.


Background: Consider your character's background and how it has shaped them into who they are today. Were they born into a mining family, or did they stumble into the profession by chance? What motivates them to risk their lives in the depths of space?


Equipment What tools does your character rely on to get the job done? Miners may have specialized drills and excavation equipment, while engineers carry diagnostic devices and repair tools. Security personnel may be armed with energy weapons or kinetic firearms for protection.

Robot Bodies

The ANT Power Armor has long been lauded for its reliability and safety features, making it the go-to choice for mining operations in both terrestrial mines and hazardous asteroid fields. However, even with its impressive track record, Astrid and Aeta Kurosaki, mindful of the inherent dangers of mining work, sought to enhance safety measures for their employees.

Recognizing the potential risks involved in the direct Organic operation of heavy machinery in such environments, the Kurosaki siblings devised an ingenious solution: the integration of the Anima System with the ANT Power Armor. The Anima System, originally developed for military applications, enables remote control of robotic forms through the use of advanced neural interfaces.

By implementing the Anima System into the ANT Power Armor, Astrid, and Aeta Kurosaki provide their employees with an additional layer of protection. Rather than exposing themselves directly to the dangers of mining activities, workers can now operate the power armor remotely using the Anima System. This means that individuals can control pre-made robotic forms, via a Geist interface, or similar technology, from a safe distance, minimizing the risk of injury or harm.

The robots within the ANT Power Armor are, designed specifically for mining tasks, and are equipped with robust safety features and advanced sensors to ensure efficient operation while prioritizing the well-being of the user. These robotic forms are capable of performing a wide range of tasks, from excavation to resource extraction, with precision and reliability.

Furthermore, the Anima System allows for real-time monitoring of environmental conditions and equipment status, enabling rapid response to any potential hazards or malfunctions. In the event of an emergency, the remote operators can quickly navigate the robot bodies to safety without putting themselves in harm's way.

Overall, the integration of the Anima System with the ANT Power Armor represents a significant advancement in mining safety technology. Astrid and Aeta Kurosaki's proactive approach underscores their commitment to prioritizing the welfare of their employees while ensuring the continued efficiency and productivity of their mining operations.

ST back-ups

The Technology to use ST to back up people is currently restricted to outside New Dusk Conclave as the NDC does not have the technology.

End Note

Remember, the Mining Guild is a vast and diverse organization, filled with opportunities for adventure and discovery. Use this guide to create a character that fits seamlessly into the world of space mining, and prepare for a journey filled with excitement, danger, and maybe even a few riches along the way. Good luck!

Charaa’s Note

:-) I’m really happy that you decided to make a Mining Guild Character, while I am fine with doing RP with GPT, and other AI, I find that it’s just as enjoyable, perhaps even more so to do something with another person.

OOC Notes

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or Anthro-like species such as Hidden Sun clan Members, or Kingdom of Neshaten members who have left Neshaten
though I didn’t think about any Separa’shan board members or lower
In the NDC
Especially large ones
Many in the Pine Family, have white hair, and red eyes
unless it's paid off

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