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Creating A Norian Character

This is a Character Creation Guide for creating a Norian Character. You can open the Character Template and follow along.

If you landed here first for some reason, be sure to check out the New Players Guide πŸ”° too!


Norians (pronounced β€œNo-Ree-Anns”) are elf-like humanoids from another universe. In YE 44, due to devastating war and cataclysm, they fled their home universe through the use of Transuniversal Teleportation Drive technology. They came to the Kagami Galaxy in the SARPiverse to seek out assistance and refuge with their old allies, the Yamatai Star Empire. The Norians had a lasting alliance with the Yamatai Star Empire based on joint force operations to save Ayenee during the Chaos Hive War.

The Arrival of the Norians in the SARPiverse kicked off with a massive rescue and evacuation mission that saw numerous fleets and units of the Star Army of Yamatai and even some other factions come together in Operation Fireplace.1). Their future is in question, but it certainly involves becoming a part of the Yamatai Star Empire to which they are grateful and indebted to for their assistance. Eventually, the norians will have a new homeworld, and a chance to rebuild. At the same time, they are eager and willing to help repay their debt through service, being welcomed to join the Star Army of Yamatai and participate in life in the Yamatai Star Empire and Kikyo Sector.

Physical Descriptions

Norians are a humanoid elf-like species. They have their own defined physiology but, in terms of appearance they have some common attributes:

Made by [[members:wes]] in Stable Diffusion
Origin Universe Chrystalis Unvorsum
Scientific Name Chrystalexiei nira
Type Humanoid
Common Physical Attributes
Hands and Fingers Opposable thumbs Four digits 1.3x human length, four knuckles
Teeth Flat, herbivore denture
Pelage Head
Ears Slender, elongated with a rounded point, voluntary movement
Eyes Normal shape, Almond shape
Height 175.26cm (5'9β€œ) to 190.50cm(6'3”)
Weight 60kg-70kg
Common Body Pigmentation
Skin (Common) White, Rose-water (Uncommon) Tan and Dark Tan
Hair (Common) Blonde, Black, Blue, White (Uncommon) Red, Pink (Rare) Green, Purple
Eye (Common) Green, Brown, Blue, Black (Uncommon) Crystal Blue, White, Purple (Other Feature) With or without gold or silver fleck

Working Out The Details

Here are some important things to consider when making your new character.

Age and History

Norians can live approximately 1600 years with some individuals reaching even 1700 years of age. For the sake of roleplay, it is generally suggested in creating a character that was born within the time periods explained in the History of the Norian People and Nations. It is even more, preferred within the time period of the Yamataian Calendar from YE 01 until the present.


Norians are organized into family and clan units called Ysi. Choosing the right family unit depends on how well-connected you wish to be.

  • You could choose to join the Caeyara family, which is regarded as the cynosure family for the Tsenlan based roleplay.
  • You could also choose to make your own Ysi and strike out on your own path.

A Connection Home

Most Norians will have a connection to the Tsenlan state of the Yamatai Star Empire.

A bit more on Norian Culture

Some references are:


Norians come in all different personalities, here are some suggested resources:

Likes and Dislikes

In the β€œlikes” and β€œdislikes” sections you can list some of your character's most and least favorite things. Perhaps your Norians has an aversion to certain foods or a passion for a certain type of music. This is up to you.


What would your character like to accomplish in the SARPiverse. Don't be afraid to dream big, there are no wrong answers here.

Suggested Occupation - Star Army of Yamatai

The suggested course for new characters is to join the Star Army of Yamatai, it is a great way to learn the SARPiverse and can lead to other opportunities later.

New Enlisted Characters

Norians usually enter the Star Army of Yamatai under a enlistment contract, and then proceed to training and take training courses. Star Army Personnel Command will consider any previous service in pre-Arrival of the Norians and may take into account previous experiences. A great plot to get started in is the Star Army Recruiting & Personnel RP, which exists as an open roleplay run by Wes.

Other Plots can also be considered, be sure to read the plot information and reach out to the appropriate Game Master for more information.

Officer Cadets

Cadets will have trained for three years at Kyoto War College or another school such as the Norian Defense Education School that existed pre-Arrival of the Norians.

Gear and Finances

Some information on gear and finances.

Standard Issue

As a member of the Star Army of Yamatai, your character will receive a set of Standard Issue Items that they keep as long as they are in the military. A link to the standard issue page will suffice. Here's the wiki code:

  * [[stararmy:standard_issue]]
  * [[stararmy:uniforms:norian_undersuit]]

Using this may actually be better, as the standard issue can change over time as new items are added and old items fall out of use.

Personal Possessions

Any personal possessions your character has.


All characters start with 3,000 KS or the equivalent. In the roleplay, this is your character's enlistment bonus. If you want to start with additional possessions, their value should be deducted from your starting funds.

Tip: Don't get lost surfing the wiki trying to find stuff to buy! We suggest that you keep the cash and purchase items later, once your character is approved and you're already posting in the roleplay plots.

Outside of the Star Army

Feel free to check in with Andrew into some ideas about uses outside of the Star Army of Yamatai. It is preferred though that new Norians player characters start in the Yamatai Star Empire and the Star Army of Yamatai.

OOC Notes

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  • Norian art by Wes in Stable Diffusion.

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