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BW-XA-1a E.A.S.E.

The EASE is a mechanized armored suit built as a bipedal vehicle for combat, using heavy weapons, armor, and a module system on it's back. Used to carry additional weapon systems, or support equipment when deployed. It was developed and manufactured by Black Wing Enterprises in YE 41, and onward from then.

About the EASE

The EASE was originally designed for purely militant based deployments for the operators that use them. However, it was clear from test data that they could be modified for different operation needs possibly, including non-combat uses. It is a bipedal mechanized armor frame, that is not large enough to count as a mech, but larger then a power armor to count as a vehicle still. It can be outfitted with various weapon systems and other equipment commonly employed by heavy power armor, with a few limited options to heavier equipment options. Additionally, it can swap equipment and heavy armament loads, thanks to a backpack module system.

Key Features

Being bipedal in nature, the EASE can traverse most terrains, making it an effective vehicle for combative deployments. It's pressurized and sealed to allow even safe operation in zero atmosphere, or submerged underwater. Finally, the EASE uses a system of backpack modules to provide additional storage, equipment, armament, mobility, and functional options depending on situational needs.


In late YE 41, for its first military contract with the New Dusk Conclave, the new company decided to develop a new bipedal mechanized unit for use in the local terrains of Sirris VI. Thus, through the study of all the supplied operational data of previous NDC developed units, Black Wing Enterprises created E.A.S.E., or Exo Armor System Extension. Through extensive testing, and mock battle simulations, as well as test runs in various environs. The EASE was approved for mass production and deployed by the NDC Ground Forces "Duskerian Legion" later that year.


The EASE is a tall and almost brutish sight of mechanized armor, its armor being a sloped, yet curved and boxy style plating. It is bipedal and humanoid in shape, with a reinforced design, apparent in its clear purpose of being for combat. Each shoulder is broad and studded, it's helm sloped to a point with a prominent and intimidating crimson optical visor. The hydraulic assist of the armor is visible at the joints, but still well protected against damage. On it's back is a docking hard point for backpack-style supplementary systems.

Statistical Information

Below here are the statistics on the manufacturer and vehicle.

  • Crew: 1
  • Maximum Capacity: 1
  • Passenger Capacity: none
  • Width: 5ft 2)
  • Height: 10.5ft 3)


Below here is the performance statistics on the EASE's operational speed and range.

  • Ground speed: 45 mph at full sprint.
  • Air speed: 225 mph with flight pack, can only hover without it.
  • Range: 3 weeks without replacement of power cores.
  • Lifespan: 5 years without refit, or maintenance. 15 years with refit and maintenance.

Damage Capacity

Below is the damage threshold of the EASE mechanized suit.

  • Body: Tier 6, Heavy-Armor
  • Shields: Tier 6, Heavy-Armor


The inside of the EASE is only large enough for an operator, who is in an upright position inside. The limbs are inserted into the control sections of each of the vehicle's own limbs. The vehicle is piloted by the pilot's own movements, while finer motor controls are done through simple tension-based hand controls with an electronic assist. Each of these control sections are braced and supportive to the operative, with one for each arm, and one for each leg. The operator can wear up to a Tier 4 suit of armor, but if unarmored, the interior automatically pads itself with dispensable gel. There is an optional feature that runs down where the operator's spine would rest, compatible with most physical neural implant connections, but also needle-based connection if the user does not have these, and is willing to risk slight discomfort.

The unit is enter through the front of the torso, which the front of along with that of it around the unit's head, flips up and back. This allows the operator to simply climb up and in, then triggering the hatch to close again through a control within the right arm, or a release in front of the operator's chest.

Weapons Systems

Below here is the various weapon systems generally deployed as standard on the EASE unit.

HardpointWeapon SystemTier
Left ShoulderHyper-Shift Rotary Chaingun6
Right ShoulderHyper-Shift Rotary Chaingun6
Left Arm4)BWE Rotary Chain Gun3
Right Arm5)BW-HPT "Dragon's Breath"4
Left ThighFiveR Missile Pod6
Right ThighFiveR Missile Pod6
Backpack Module Storage Module N/A
Hand weapon(s) Optional Determined by weapon chosen

Loadout Template

^Hardpoint^Weapon System^Tier^
^Left Shoulder|**Insert Link**|**Insert Value**|
^Right Shoulder|**Insert Link**|**Insert Value**|
^Left Arm((underside))|**Insert Link**|**Insert Value**|
^Right Arm((underside))|**Insert Link**|**Insert Value**|
^Left Thigh|**Insert Link**|**Insert Value**|
^Right Thigh|**Insert Link**|**Insert Value**|
^Backpack Module|**Insert Link**|**Insert Value**|
^Hand weapon(s)|  **Optional**  | Determined by weapon chosen | 

Backpack Modules

Here are options for back modules to be attached to the EASE.

  • Storage Module: Can carry up to almost a ton of additional supplies, or secondary/heavy armatures to switch between in the field.
  • TLAC XA module6): The S6-TLAC "Cavalry" modified into a back module for mounting on the back of an EASE, and other mechanized armor units.
  • SWARM XA module7): The S6-TBOM "Swarm" Rocket Pod System system adapted for mounting on the EASE's back module slot.
  • MAKO XA module8): The Mass Accelerated Kinetic Ordinance "MAKO" modified to take a loadable magazine, and coupled with a recoil bracing system as well as support bracing to allow the EASE to carry it.
  • Mobility XA module: This module adds large Helix Plasma Engines thrusters to the EASE's back, along with deployable wings for increased mobility and ease of transportation. Is powered by an additional three BW-PC-1A Plasma Core, all slotted into the central generator of the back unit, has a constant flight time of 3 days at max, and at 300 mph.

Onboard Systems Descriptions

Below are the various systems found aboard the EASE, all serving vital purposes to the operation of the vehicle and its intended purpose of use.


The unit features several small thruster clusters of Helix Plasma Engines for use to help in harder landings, as well as assisted movement in zero atmospheric environments.


The EASE comes with a full sensor package for situational and tactical use when the unit is deployed and active. IR, low-light, ultraviolet, magnetic, and optic are installed in the head unit for tactical operation. Seismic, sonar9), and Mineral Scanner are included for additional data that might be needed on situational need basis.


Given the general combat purpose of the design, and the draw of the various systems used to that end. The EASE is powered by twin BW-PC-1A Plasma Core, mounted in the main drive system that powers the whole unit. A cluster of 8 BW-PC-1B "PowerPak", provide backup power in the event both cores are drained before they could be replaced. In such a situation, they'll provide three hours of additional operation with the weapon systems offline, or 24 hours if only supplying power to the emergency life support along with the communication system onboard.


Each EASE unit comes with both a laser-based point to point-based communications system and a subspace radio. The optimal range for the subspace radio being between 160 km and 42200 kilometers, giving a minimum of near-instantaneous communications at low orbit, or about half a second latency for geosynchronous orbit on average worlds. Both of these fill most of the EASE communication needs, but the laser comm does not work underwater, within line of sight planetside, and for indefinitely in space as long as not obstructed.

Defensive Systems

In most loadout choices, in addition to the EASE's Aegium armor plating, it is supplemented by a Paladin Barrier System and flares based IR missile defense system effective up to 800 meters. Optionally, basic ERA10) can be installed on the chest, arms, and legs, along with a laser missile defense system for most other guided-missile types.

Life Support

The EASE does not carry more then what's needed to keep the operator safe in the various environs they might need it to operate in. A air filtration system is present to supply the operator clean air inside the unit, oxygen tanks integrated in the suit's design storing a week's supply. The filtration system can clean air and cycle to the tanks from outside when appropriate atmospheric conditions are present. Additionally, the interior has temperature controlling thermal and cooling systems to keep the temperature tolerable for the operator when deploying the unit to less than hospitable conditions.

Cargo Capacity

The EASE does not have any method of cargo other then what the operator can carry on their person11), or if mounted with the option storage back mounted-storage backpack module. Other than storing secondary, or heavier armaments for swapping in the field, the storage unit can also be used to carry supplies such as the essentials, equipment, or even additional munitions. It can safely store almost a ton in weight, and carry up to that with only a slight hindrance to the unit's performance.

Standard Equipment

Below here are what is found behind emergency supply storage panels to either side of the operator's spinal support/interface.

OOC Notes

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Products & Items Database
Product Categoriespower armor, vehicles
Product NameBW-XA-1a E.A.S.E.
ManufacturerBlack Wing Enterprises
Year ReleasedYE 41
Price (KS)30โ€ฏ,000.00 KS
DR v3 maxTier 6
license required for purchase and is issued by Department Of Public Education (D.O.P.E.)
~1.5 meters
3.2 meters
4) , 5)
6) , 7)
additionally takes up both shoulder slots
additionally takes up both arm and thigh slots
short distance on land, but long-range in the water where the sonic pulses carry better.
explosive reactive armor
nothing like an LMG, or full-sized sniper rifle unless mounted in an attachable protective weapon case on either hip, or back of the unit's waist.
chlorine tables, composition scanner, filtered drinking device.
comes with three additional magazines.

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