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Qel'noran Shipyards

Qel'noran Shipyards was part of the Qel'noran Industrial Sector, known for its comprehensive fleet designs from its founding in YE 23 until the destruction of Ralfaris in YE 26. Ships designed by and/or manufactured by QnS were still somewhat common for several years, especially among the Lorath Matriarchy; however, by YE 33, they had all been scrapped or destroyed.

Qel'noran Designs


  • Antaeus Battleship
  • Integrated Strike Force Battleship
  • Broadsides Cruiser
  • Kaiya Escort
  • Wazu 4-class Escort
  • Minion 3-class Escort
  • Wakizashi Escort
  • Kieru-class Special Operations Cruiser
  • Byakko-class Carrier

Starship Components

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