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A now-rare species of humanoid reptilians that was nearly wiped from existence in YE 26 due a rebellion by their military forces against the Yamatai Star Empire. Notable for Qel'noran Shipyards. Their homeworld was Ralfaris.

The Qel'noran were created by members Sgzyr and Zack, and were primarily controlled by the latter.


In YE 23, Yamatai encountered the Qel'noran Empire for the first time in the Ralfaris star system. This spacefaring empire, whose other worlds were Darso, Koenic, Mevar and Yicuqibu, was quickly absorbed into the Empire and served as a productive part of the nation, creating extensive military technologies out of its powerful Qel'noran Industrial Sector. Qe'noran Shipyards produced the original Star Army Fourth Fleet almost entirely on its own, and the fleet was primarily staffed by Qel'noran personnel.

During the Second Draconian War in YE 24, Jaaq'tah forces invaded Yamatai Space and unleashed a large-scaled planetary bombardment on Ralfaris, which killed many Qel'noran and resulted in harsh conditions on the planet's surface. This led to instability and political unrest.

In YE 26, after the Sfrarabla Mishhuvurthyar Xhrafuklurp (SMX) attacked and caused further damage to the planet, a Qel'noran named Sijik began a rebellion that attempted to secede from the Yamatai Star Empire. This rebellion was supported by the Star Army 4th Fleet. The Yamataian response was immediate and unrestrained, and the other three fleets attacked the 4th fleet and Qel'noran worlds, and Ralfaris was thought to have been destroyed but narrowly escaped destruction, as the remaining Qel'noran forces retreated to another universe, Ayenee, where Star Army forces continued to monitor them for a couple more years. No further major hostilities have occurred since then.

In YE 36, the Empress of Yamatai declared that the war with the Qel'noran was finally over, which allowed the remaining Qel'noran people to safely emerge from hiding.

General Information

The following information was recovered from the archives and may be somewhat dated.


Qel’norans look like humanoid reptilians. All are usually well built as a result of the high gravity of their world and stand around 6 feet. Their skin color reflects what caste they belong to. The Adjute caste has red skin.


The Qel’norans are a tough people and have adapted to the desert climate of their planet, civil war, and a variety of other things. Currently the Qel’norans are divided into castes, each with its own culture.


Militarily Qel’norans are divided into three main groups. The first and largest group is the Star Army. The 4th fleet is largely Qel’noran and is based on Ralfaris. The 4th fleet also has the support of the RSDF, a Star Army force created to protect Ralfaris. The second major group is the corporate forces that belong to QIS. They handle a large part of the day to day functions of QIS as well as work with the 4th fleet as needed. The last major group is the forces that belong to the Qel’noran castes. It is not uncommon for them to organize groups of paladins that fight for religious reasons (like destroying genetically modified people plants or animals).


Politics is dominated by the Classes within Ralfaris and the massive Qelnoran Industrial Sector. During times of troubles the castes meet to decide what to do although QIS has often stepped up on its own to defend the planet. The Qelnoran Industrial Sector is almost completely independent of the entirety of the planet.


The majority of the industry of the Qel’noran is located on or around Ralfaris. The Qel’noran Industrial Sector produces everything, from ships to movies.

Additional Information

They were generally bigger than your average humanoid, reptilian with a tail and fairly scaly with differing colors. Ajute cast members were red if I remember correctly and those were the only ones that really made an appearance aside from the generally less cast oriented QIS employees that popped up from time to time.

In general they were highly religious, devoted to their emperor, and worshiped at the few oasis areas on their desert world. They don't really hold much love for the Jaaq'tah even though both races are reptilian particularly because the Jaaq'tah attack on Ralfaris put the planet into a nuclear winter, destroying many sacred areas.

Qel'norans were generally okay with the Yamatai Empire when it first conquered their world, but were later engineered into distrust of the Empire by Sijik who in turn engineered the takeover of QIS after Wazu left. He then furthered his control over the planet by having QIS declare itself an independent corporation rather than one under Yamatai law which caused Yamatai to try and explode Ralfaris.

In the mean time Sijik has been deposed of, but they still generally distrust the Yamatai Empire. QIS has been reorganized as the United Industrial Sector which included a large amount of Ayenee based population and business. They also had run ins with the Re-Hash, Machine matrix, NTS, and covenant from Ad Infinitum (which would later be known as Galaxy's Edge which Yamatai participated in for a while). The most accurate description of the Qel'norans during Ad Infinitum would be Freakin Rich as they had accumulated more wealth in resource points than all other factions combined though they generally stayed out of wars after their interference in the attempted Genocide of the Re-Hash. Though this and what happened in Ayenee is getting away from the Qel'norans and more towards the exploits of QIS/UIS.

As for Psychics, some Qel'norans did have mental abilities but not all of them. They also came in a wide variety of personalities though the Ajute cast member on the GSS Yui (played by John) was generally the strong silent type. There did seem to be a trend of the bigger they are the more aggressive they got but that isn't exactly Cannon. For the most accurate information about the species you'd have to talk to John.

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