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Abwehran Imperial Yards

Having been around since AF 49, Abwehran Imperial Yards was started as a government organization to build and create starships necessary for a more organized expansion into the solar system. In AF 93, Abwehran Imperial Yards was bought by a group of investors and has now been producing starships for Imperial Armed Forces as well as custom designs for wealthy individuals and small corporations. They are also the only corporation with Six of its own Orbital Shipyards, two which the lease out to other corporations/organizations.

General Statistics

Headquarters AIY Shipyard Cluster Prime, Jaspis
Chief Executive Officer Adele Ebersback
Approximate Employee Population ~4,700,000

Major Shipyard Locations

AIY Shipyard Cluster Prime Main manufacturing facilities.

Product List

Primary Customers

OOC Notes

This article was created by Matthew. It was approved by Wes on January 15, 2007: Approval Thread

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