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Star Army Infantry Training

This page provides information on the additional training that members of the Star Army Infantry receive after basic and in the field.

Survival Training

Infantry will typically receive training in one or more of the following environments:

  • Desert - covers surviving in areas where water is limited or not available
  • Jungle - covers surviving in dense forest areas located in high temp areas
  • Arctic - covers surviving in frozen environments, and extreme cold situations
  • Temperate - covers surviving in woodlands
  • Urban - covers surviving in urban settings, both populated and unpopulated
  • Space - covers surviving on airless bodies, and in space itself

Training consists of finding or making shelter, locating water, food sources. Familiarity with natural threats and hazards.

Fighting Vehicle training

Support Vehicles

Aerospace Vehicles

Demolitions training

Some members of the Infantry are trained in the use of demolitions.

Advanced Weapon Training


All members of the Infantry receive training in the installation and usage of Type 33 Prefab Outpost Modules modules.

Prefab Outpost

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