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Type 31 "Troll" Tank

The Type 31 Tank (nicknamed “Troll”) is the larger, tougher, and more heavily armed cousin of the Type 30 Tankette. It entered service with the Star Army of Yamatai in the second half of YE 31, during the Second Mishhuvurthyar War.

About the Type 31 Tank

Relatively small and easy to fit in a starship cargo bay, the Type 31 Tank features Durandium Alloy unibody construction and Yamataium armor. It has a mostly rectangular body and an angled front. The Type 31 has a maximum speed of 120 kmph (about 75 mph). Tanks are used for convoy security, fire support, safe surface transport for troops and cargo, as a mobile armory, Anti-FTL Field station, and as a short-term living space for soldiers in the field. At this time, the Type 31 is primarily produced on Yamatai rather than in the Ketsurui Military Sector. The tank has a crew of two and a passenger capacity of eight.

Key Features

  • Amphibious and operable on airless planets and moons.
  • Equipped with internal gravity and redundant anti-scalar shielding, radiation shielding
  • Operable by one Nekovalkyrja, Type 33 or two humans; 2 operators recommended.
  • Smoke launchers (50mm white phosphorous)
  • Weapons:
    • Fully stabilized 105mm Gauss/Plasma Cannon, Tier 8, Medium Anti-Mecha (50+ rounds, range of 18 km)
    • Remote-operated 35mm Machine Gun, Tier 5 Medium Anti-Armor (2500 rounds)
    • Optional missile launchers (12 missiles per launcher for a total of 24)

A common variant replaces the main cannon with a beefed-up version of the Aether Gatling Rifle (Tier 9 Heavy Anti-Mecha).


  • 5.5 meters long with standard turret (to the tip of the cannon)
  • 5 meters (main body only)
  • 3.5 meters wide
  • 2.75 meters tall (with standard turret)

Damage Capacity

See Damage Rating (Version 3) for an explanation of the damage system.

  • Body: 25 SP (Armor Scale)
  • Shields: 25 SP (Armor Scale)


An entry hatch on the top of the tank's front section leads to the cockpit area, while a rear door leads into a small passenger and cargo area. It is possible to transfer between these areas via a fireproof internal hatch. If there is no payload to carry, the crew will often put mattresses and pillows in the passenger/cargo area and sleep in there instead of in tents; this can also be used to rotate two tank crews so that the tank can operate continuously. Other frequent uses of the cargo area are for extra rations and ammunition.

The interior walls are painted in a cream color. The lights inside the tank are red. The dashboard is black with bright green and blue-green dials and readouts. Located to the front left and right corners are the vents for the Tank's atmospheric system. The vehicle is airtight and has an advanced air filtration and recycling system that keep the interior full of clean air at a comfortable temperature and can operate for months at a time. It can filter out radioactive particles and atmospheric contaminants.

Cockpit Area

The Tank features a small but comfortable cockpit area with two side-by-side seats for the driver and gunner. The left seat has the controls for driving the vehicle and the right side has remote controls for the turret. Driving controls include two-foot pedals (brake and accelerate) and two joysticks (one for each track). There is also a central steering wheel, shaped like an infinity symbol; using the wheel is easier and can be done with one hand, but the joysticks allow maximum precision and maneuverability. Both cockpit seats are equipped with the SPINE system which allows direct control. Using SPINE, it is possible for one of the two operators to fully control the tank.

Communication systems sit in the center, between the driver's dashboard and the gunner's targeting displays; the panel includes a mid-size screen for visual communications. Beneath the comm system panel, several displays and gauges face forward towards the cockpit for monitoring and adjusting the tank's compact main aether generator.


The Tank is armored with tough Yamataium. It is often painted to match whatever environment it will be working in or with active camouflage paint. When stationed on non-infantry starships, it is typically painted the standard hull light blue-gray hull color (like ships and Mindy armors). The top of the vehicle features a turret mounting system for placing a fast-moving, remotely controlled weapon turret. Typically, this is an armored turret with a 105mm rail cannon and a Machine Gun, 35mm, Type 30 on its own turret. Missile launchers can be mounted on both sides of the turret.

A shovel and pick are strapped to the rear of the vehicle. Extra blankets, backpacks, and sleeping bags are often carried along the sides as well in dedicated storage racks. The tank has headlights and tail lights like a typical car would.

Type 31B Variant

The Type 31 Variant, which arrived in late YE 32, added a tank commander station within the turret itself and repositioned the machine gun turret slightly to the right to make room. It also includes a Watchdog Detection System.

This tank is shown loaded up with a ladder, water cooler, duffel bags, and other supplies.


Here are some typical items carried in or on Type 31 Tanks:

Standard Cargo

Other Common Items

OOC Notes

Authored and approved by Wes on August 1, 20091)

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